The key points for data entry that apply to all queries are:

  • You only need to enter the criteria you would like to search- you do not have to complete the entire form.

  • Maturity should be entered as a whole year  - i.e. 2010

  • Quantity should be entered in 000 i.e 10,000 equals 10

  • Coupon should be entered as xx.xx i.e. 4.25.  No % symbol

  • Yield should be entered as xx.xx i.e. 10.55.  No % symbol

  • Price should be entered as $ per $100 i.e. 97.55.  No $ symbol

  • Express Search:  Enter the name of the Issue i.e. Ford, or CUSIP # - i.e.  478718UW7

For examples of the bond search data entry, see below:

Corporate Bond Query     |      Municipal Bond Query         |     Zero Coupon Query