Treasury Direct Program

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TreasuryDirect PROGRAM:    A program for individual investors to buy treasury securities.

TreasuryDirect allows individual investors to participate in the Federal Reserve’s regularly scheduled auctions of three-, six-month Treasury bills; two-, five- and 10-year notes.  The minimum investment is $1,000, or multiples thereof. Interest is a paid into the investor’s TreasuryDirect account, as is a security’s par value at maturity.
TreasuryDirect SystemUnder the TreasuryDirect System, you establish an investor account when you submit your first tender form. You may review your individual account by calling 800 722-2678 or request that a Statement of Account be mailed to you.  It consists of name, address, phone number, TreasuryDirect Account number, tax information and payment instructions. It also provides detailed information and payment instructions and  provides detailed information on all your Treasury securities maintained in the TreasuryDirect System.  You may also review your account information on the website,  Whenever a change is made to the account information, you will receive a copy of the updated record.Whenever you purchase a new treasury security, a Statement of Account is sent to you listing the description and price associated with each security, and the amount and date of the next interest payment. The Statement of Account simplifies your record keeping and offers flexibility since changes can be made quickly.

The TreasuryDirect System uses the Direct Deposit payment method whereby interest, discount and principal payments are electronically deposited into your account at the financial institution you designate.  Direct Deposit reduces the risk of late payments due to lost or stolen checks, ensures that scheduled interest or principal payments will be made to the designated financial institution on the payment date and allows your funds to earn interest from the payment date if the bank account is interest-bearing. NOTE: If you are a first time buyer, your first payment will be made by check. Subsequent payments will be automatically sent to your designated financial institution.

Where Treasury Securities are Sold

You may purchase new issues of Treasury securities over the toll-free line or on the website  Exisiting customers may purchase securities by mail.  Forms are available on the web site, as are the addresses to which forms should be mailed.

You also may purchase new securities through commercial banks and securities dealers, which usually charge a service fee. Previously issued securities must be purchased through commercial banks, securities dealers or from the owner, but not from the New York Reserve Bank.

The main attraction of TreasuryDirect: no brokerage fees or other transaction charges.

Call the Federal Reserve branch near you for additional information:

Federal Reserve Bank and  Branch Phone Numbers


Boston 800 722-2678
Dallas 800 722-2678
Minneapolis 800 722-2678

Source: Federal Reserve Board