Certified Gold Exchange Review

Certified Gold Exchange Review

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Investing in precious metals is a smart way of diversifying your investment portfolio. As gold remains an attractive investment defying the market fluctuations, many people are considering adding it to their lineup. However, before investing in precious metals like gold and silver, you must research the investment extensively to avoid being scammed.

The first important thing you must do is select a dealer you will work with. The fact that there are many precious metals dealers today has two sides of the same coin. The advantage is that you can easily find a company to partner with and have a wide array of alternatives to choose from.

The disadvantage is that some of these dealers may not be legit, so you may end up being scammed. To help you avoid this, we prepare reviews about different companies that you can use to decide whether it is legit. In this Certified Gold Exchange honest review, you will learn much about the supplier before choosing to partner with them.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: John Hollaron
  • Overall Rating: 5.0/5 (Trustlink)

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About Certified Gold Exchange

Certified Gold Exchange Review


Certified Gold Exchange is a gold and silver dealer founded in 1992. Since its establishment, the company has become one of the United States' most trusted and leading suppliers in the physical gold market. The company is also known for educating clients about the value of gold and providing resources for gold and silver investment.

The company offers gold sales and gold IRA services in the United States. It advertises itself as the leading name in the world of gold with a significant impact in the industry that cannot be overstated. When it comes to gold trading, a few suppliers stand out, and Certified Gold Exchange is one of them.

CGE takes pride in its exceptional achievement as there has never been a single complaint from the clients. The company remains unwavering in its commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. Other than primarily trading in precious metals and related instruments, the company is also at the top of the curve regarding the market's health.

The Exchange has been cited in major news stories about gold, and whenever gold is discussed, the company tends to direct the flow of the conversation. The company also supplies households, corporations, and banks with gold investments.


Certified Gold Exchange Review

Gold Coinage

Certified Gold IRA is a prominent volume discount seller of widely traded gold products. They supply physical gold and silver and other related instruments at reasonable prices. With gold coin orders of $ 50,000, you can pay close to wholesale prices. Before you purchase, search all other U.S discount gold dealers to find the day's lowest prevailing price and beat it.

CGE gold coinage catalog includes:

  • American eagle gold coin
  • American eagle gold proof coin
  • American buffalo gold coin
  • Australian dragon gold coin
  • Australian kangaroo gold coin
  • Australian lunar snake gold coin
  • Austrian 100 Corona gold coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic gold coin
  • British sovereign gold coin
  • Canadian maple leaf gold coin
  • Chinese panda gold coin
  • French gold rooster
  • Mexican peso gold coin
  • South African krugerrand gold coin
  • Swiss Franc gold coin
  • Indian gold coin
  • Liberty gold coin
Certified Gold Exchange Review

Silver Coinage

Like in the case of gold, CGE first searches for the lowest prevailing price for that day from all other discount silver coin sellers and beats those quotes. The company sells silver coins in quantities of $50,000 and more. However, you can also buy silver coins in smaller amounts, in which case they will use their pricing algorithm, search for the lowest price, and then offer a referral.

The company deals in a wide variety of coins, including:

  • American eagle silver proof
  • Morgan silver dollar
  • Peace silver dollar
  • American eagle silver coin
  • Silver Canadian maple leaf
  • Sunshine minting silver round

Pros & Cons of Certified Gold Exchange

Like any other company, Certified Gold Exchange has advantages and disadvantages.


👍 The Company has an Excellent Rating

CGE not only has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, but you will also notice its complete lack of customer complaints on the platform. This combination is not common in the gold market and therefore proves the authenticity of the Exchange.

👍 Leading Name in the United States Gold Market

The fact that it is often quoted in significant gold news completes the country's image as an expert in what they do.

👍 Excellent Customers Advice

Even though its customer service has limitations, the employees are committed to offering top-notch services. These services are often appreciated by new investors who are given information in simple terms to help them make the best investment decisions. Certified Gold Exchange also sells its products at friendly prices than other precious metals discount dealers.

👍 Numerous Resources Dedicated to Customer Education

Most of the company's clients are satisfied with what the company offers, and this is an excellent sign to trust the company.

👍 Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency IRA

This is not very common with other precious metals dealers and is, therefore, an advantage for an investor wishing to invest in crypto.


There is no company that is perfect, and Certified Gold Exchange is no exception. While the company has a remarkably clean and high record, it is not any close to being perfect. It would be best if you looked at the company's faults before deciding whether or not to partner with them. However, this does not mean that the company cannot be trusted or is unsafe, or failing in the gold market. It simply means it is not perfect.

👎 Customer Service Department

While the employees in the department are dedicated and committed to helping clients, the truth is the total size of the department means most interactions are somehow impersonal and can take a bit of time to complete.

This means slower choices, investing, and profits for those who are just beginning. For customers experienced in gold investment, the department can be lacking when you need information. This is because you will require that information quicker than the company can provide.

👎 Limited Product Offerings

Their precious metals are limited to only gold and silver, especially if you want to invest in other products like platinum and palladium.

Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

Certified Gold Exchange Review

The company has some good reviews on various customer review platforms with no customer complaints, and these prove its legitimacy and authenticity.

On Trustlink, Certified Gold Exchange has a 5-star rating based on 36 reviews. Most customers rate the company five stars and share their satisfaction with the company. Customers appreciate the following about the company.

  • Genuine hospitality that appeals to customers
  • Efficient and trustworthy
  • Trouble-free transfer to gold
  • 10/10 products, services, and satisfaction
  • Overflowing knowledge

Visit Trustlink to learn more about the customer reviews.

CGE has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB), with many customers praising the company's services and products. One customer who has worked with the company since 2005 shared that the company is professional, helpful, and with the best prices hence an excellent place for purchasing and selling gold.

How To Buy Gold

Certified Gold Exchange Review

Buying your precious metals at Certified Gold Exchange is pretty straightforward. Customers have three investment options depending on how they want to buy their gold.

Free Home Delivery

Once you buy your gold, your holding will be confidentially delivered to your doorstep insured.

Personal Storage Account

Certified Gold Exchange works with the Delaware depository and Brinks. Once you purchase your precious metals holdings, you can have them stored in either of the two.

Transfer or Rollover

The company supports transfer or rollover options from various retirement accounts if you already have an account. A rollover is when you move your retirement account to a self-directed IRA holding your precious metals at a depository approved by the IRS. The company supports rolling over/transferring your precious metals from the following accounts.

A transfer refers to moving funds from your current IRA to a new self-directed account. The transfer process is as simple as completing a transfer request form with your unique application. It is a straightforward process that takes between 10 to 14 days.

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA

A rollover refers to moving funds from other retirement accounts to a new self-directed precious metals IRA. Once you change jobs or retire, you can consider a rollover. A rollover can be direct or indirect, and you can roll over from the following accounts.

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • TSPs

Final Verdict

If you are worried about whether or not Certified Gold Exchange is a scam, worry no more. CGE is a legit gold and silver supplier that has been operating for nearly 30 years hence experienced in what they do. Since its founding, the company has made a good image and name for itself, featured in major news stories concerning gold.

The good reviews and ratings on different customer review platforms like Trustlink and Better Business Bureau prove that the company is to be trusted. Certified Gold Exchange is a legitimate gold and silver supplier that you can trust. See if they are among our top gold IRA companies that we recommend this year.

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