Goldco vs Regal Assets

Goldco vs Regal Assets

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EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Since writing this review, Regal Assets has had a TON of negative feed. Over the second half of 2022 there have been many extremely negative and disturbing reviews about the Regal Assets company. We will be stripping ALL links to Regal Assets and we DO NOT recommend them at all. It's very obvious that something big changed with this company (the owner has disappeared). IGNORE all information about Regal Assets in this review until we are able to change it. Again, do NOT do business with Regal Assets.

Precious metals IRAs are one of the top ways to diversify a retirement account against economic turbulence. But there are other alternative assets that you can invest in as well, like real estate and cryptocurrency. Some companies allow you to invest in a combination of these assets, all in the same IRA.

Goldco is a top company offering gold and silver to hold in a retirement account. Regal Assets offers both precious metals and a variety of cryptocurrency. But what do you need to know about these companies? What do past customers have to say? And is one better to invest with than the other?

About Goldco

Goldco vs Regal Assets

Goldco is headquartered in California and has been part of the precious metals industry since 2006. While the company's main focus is on retirement accounts, they also sell collectible precious metals products for people's cash portfolios.

Goldco has a strict focus on educating clients, with free resources available on their website. When you work with them, you'll be given a dedicated representative who will take the time to get to know you. From there, that representative can answer your questions and help guide you toward the investments that are right for your needs.

Goldco has been sponsored by conservative personalities like Glenn Beck. In addition to advertisements, much of the company's clientele comes from referrals. The business has grown quickly in part because so many prior clients have recommended the company to family and friends.

When you work with Goldco on your retirement account, your company representative takes care of everything. They handle the paperwork, communication, and all of the minutiae. All you need is the information about your existing retirement account.

About Regal Assets

Goldco vs Regal Assets

Regal Assets is designed similarly to Goldco, but there's a major difference. While Goldco focuses exclusively on precious metals, Regal Assets focuses on both precious metals and cryptocurrency. When you invest in a Regal IRA, you can purchase a variety of different gold and silver products, as well as nine different types of cryptocurrency.

This setup is convenient for people who are interested in investing in digital assets alongside precious metals.

Regal Assets also has several investment packages available. Once you pick a tier, you will receive a combination of cryptocurrency and gold or silver that is specifically tailored to your needs. Higher investments can be curated personally by those in charge of the company.

Company Services

Both Goldco and Regal Assets provide precious metals IRA services to people all over the United States. Both also have certain avenues available for investing your retirement money in cryptocurrency. However, the setups of the companies differ slightly.

Here are the most important things to know before you start.


Goldco vs Regal Assets

Goldco's main focus is on providing precious metals retirement products. There is a sister company that offers cryptocurrency retirement accounts as well. However, unlike Regal Assets, the two types of asset aren't streamlined into one big IRA bundle. So if you want to invest in both crypto and gold, you might find Regal a better fit.

For those exclusively interested in gold and silver, though, Goldco has a huge number of advantages. They communicate fully with your custodian for you. Your representative will personally become familiar with your situation and your needs. As time goes on, you'll be able to talk to them whenever you want to get updates on your account or place further orders.

Goldco has one of the fastest turnaround times for setting up and funding an IRA. This is partly because of how streamlined their process is, and partly because of their vast network of partners. They work with several different depository companies, and they have a special relationship with the custodian Equity Trust.

There's often a turnaround time of just a week before an account is funded. Most other gold IRA options have a turnaround time of anywhere from two to six weeks.

Not all of the products in Goldco's inventory are eligible to hold in an IRA, though. That's because they also have some rare and collectible coins. The IRS has prohibited people from holding rare or speculative numismatics in their retirement accounts. But you can invest in these products with cash for your personal portfolio.

Cash purchases aren't Goldco's main focus, but they are an available service. You can call to ask about the items available, as well as the prices. Since pricing isn't published on the website, you will need to get an estimate over the phone. It's also possible to reach out to the Goldco team through email.

Goldco offers some bonuses for signing up, too. The available bonuses change from month to month, so you should check with your representative to see what promotions are in effect. One common promotion is an offer to send back 10% of your purchase in silver, as long as you meet a qualifying threshold. This threshold is generally an investment of $50,000 or $100,000. Certain investments may also be eligible to have their setup fees waived as well.

Regal Assets

Goldco vs Regal Assets

There are three main things that make up the Regal Assets business model. Two are related to IRAs, while the third is related to personal investment portfolios.

Regal Assets has combined traditional precious metals IRAs and cryptocurrency IRAs into one product, called the Regal IRA. With this service, you can use one company to invest in both cryptocurrency and gold. This makes it much easier to diversify your portfolio, especially if you're interested in digital currency.

While Goldco's sister company offers crypto IRAs, they don't have as much streamlining between the assets. You can have your Goldco representative take care of everything, but it's easier with Regal Assets. A Regal IRA is built to have a combination of cryptocurrency and gold or silver right from the getgo. You have control over how much you invest into what, and you can talk to a company representative about what kind of account distribution is most ideal for you.

You can also open a Regal IRA and only invest in cryptocurrency or precious metals. But most people use the service because of how it combines the two. Under current law, both cryptocurrency and gold can be held in a self-directed IRA, as long as the regulations are followed. But many people don't know how to remain compliant with these regulations.

To open an IRA with Regal Assets, you'll follow just four steps:

  • Fill out and submit the form found on the website.
  • Talk to a Regal specialist when contacted to discuss your IRA needs and budget.
  • Transfer funds to the new self-directed IRA, either from your savings or by using a rollover.
  • Order products from the Regal Assets inventory, once you've settled on a setup that satisfies you.

That's really all there is to it. As mentioned, the big appeal of this is that you can buy both precious metals and crypto in the same place. It's a matter of convenience.

The other thing that Regal Assets offers is "packages" to help you create a personal portfolio outside of your retirement account. These packages range from $5,000 to $250,000 in scope. The first two packages are made with assets that can be liquidated in times of emergency. The next ones are built to diversify your portfolio so you can grow your assets for retirement.

The more you invest in these packages, the more stability and the higher your chance of returns over time. You can talk to one of the Regal specialists about what your individual package would look like. Some people have different balances of cryptocurrency, silver, and gold, depending on their plans for long-term growth and overall risk tolerance.

Company Fees and Minimums

Depending on what services you use, you can expect certain costs. Neither Goldco nor Regal Assets publish the prices of their products online. You have to call to get an estimate. There are published numbers regarding IRA fees and minimums, however.


Goldco vs Regal Assets

To use Goldco's IRA services, you must have at least $25,000 to invest in precious metals. Unlike Regal Assets, this sum must go toward gold and silver exclusively, rather than a combination of metals and cryptocurrency. That might be pricier than some people can afford, but the reputation makes the investment worthwhile.

The setup fee for getting started is $50, which is paid once. You'll need to pay custodian and storage fees as well. Goldco can work with any custodian, so the custodial fee might vary depending on who you choose. However, if you go with their usual partner of Equity Trust, then you can expect to pay about $80 annually.

The cost of storage will depend on the size of your account, as well as whether you use segregated or non-segregated storage. It can range from $150 to $225. People with account balances of over $100,000 will have higher storage rates. Segregated storage is available in the Texas depository, while the other options have both non-segregated and segregated choices.

You can talk to your account representative about the available choices for storage. Your preferred depository might depend on your location, tax liability, and other financial concerns. Your representative should be able to explain the different factors that influence a person's choice of depository.

Regal Assets

Goldco vs Regal Assets

Regal Assets has a slightly lower threshold to get started than Goldco. You must be willing to invest at least $15,000 in your Regal IRA if you want to use the company's retirement services. However, that can be spread across both cryptocurrency and gold. It's up to you how you divide between the two, or whether you just choose one or the other.

There are no prices listed for the individual products in the Regal Assets inventory. If you want to know how much they cost, you'll need to call a representative in order to obtain a price quote. However, the lowest "package" investment is the Merchant Package, which costs $5,000.

When you do operate an IRA through Regal Assets, there is a flat fee that covers both custodial maintenance and storage. That fee is $250 regardless of how much of your account is held in crypto or metals. It will never increase, no matter how much your account grows. This covers the cost of insuring your holdings as well.

Regal Assets only offers segregated storage for gold and silver. This is pricier than non-segregated storage, but it also offers additional security. Nobody will be able to access your items except you. That said, non-segregated vaults are subject to strict audits and security as well, so they're not exactly a super risky option.

Company Reputation

It's easy to find testimonials from past customers on basically any company's website. But how much truth is there to the words? Even if the sentiments all come from past customers, they're chosen as a way to market the company.

Online reputation means more than that. It encompasses the way that people talk about the company on third party websites. It encompasses any negative feedback that has been left, as well as how the company has responded to that. It encompasses the way that organizations like the Business Consumer Alliance rate the company based on their policies and customer interactions.


Goldco vs Regal Assets

Goldco has one of the top reputations in the industry. While some customers are attracted through national advertising campaigns, even more are referred by word of mouth. The company has received thousands of five star reviews from past customers on websites like Trustpilot, Trustlink, and Consumer Affairs.

In fact, Goldco has received almost universal praise across all of these platforms. As with any company of this size, there have been the occasional complaints. But every complaint has been responded to and handled by Goldco's team. They work hard to understand the issue and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the eventual solution.

The Better Business Bureau gives Goldco an A+ rating and accreditation, meaning that Goldco is considered a trustworthy business to deal with. The Business Consumer Alliance gives Goldco the top marks of AAA, indicating that they operate with stellar integrity, ethics, and overall policies.

There are some precious metals dealers of Goldco's size with far less favorable reviews. The number of satisfied customers does seem to indicate that Goldco is doing something right. Many of the past reviews mention specific employees and specialists by name. The use of dedicated representatives seems to serve the company well, judging by how many customers are pleased with the level of service.

Regal Assets

Goldco vs Regal Assets

Regal Assets has a largely good online reputation, but their image has slipped slightly over the past few years. There have been a few issues that have arisen that contribute to the problem.

On BirdEye, there is a truly massive number of customer ratings. With over 1,750 reviews, Regal Assets has 4.9 stars. That would ordinarily indicate that the company has received near-universal praise from past customers. But on Trustpilot, even though there are only 8 reviews, the feedback is much more mixed. The company has 2.6 stars on average.

The company's BBB page tosses even more concerning factors into the mix. With 13 reviews, the average customer rating is just 3.23 stars, indicating seriously mixed feedback. There have been nine complaints filed over the past twelve months, some of which have gotten vicious.

In addition, Regal Assets is not accredited with the BBB, and they have a B+ rating overall. The imperfect rating is because of government action being taken. Regal Assets was accused of selling bullion to customers with Minnesota addresses without filling out the proper paperwork with the state. They needed special licensing to sell bullion in Minnesota.

Regal Assets never responded to the charges, and they did not have anyone represent them in court. As a result, they were ordered to pay a maximum civil penalty of $15,000, which is much more than most companies that end up in this kind of hot water. Judging by the slew of recent complaints, it seems like the management is struggling to keep up with the company's needs.

Who Is the Winner?

When looking at the differences between Regal Assets and Goldco, both companies have merit. They both offer self-directed IRA services that are valuable, and they both have streamlined operations. Both companies are experienced and run by people with long careers in finance.

But there's a clear winner, which is Goldco.

Goldco's reputation far outcompetes that of Regal Assets, considering the negative feedback that Regal Assets has received over the past several years. They have a perfect BBB rating and accreditation, plus they approach all negative feedback with the intent to solve the problem.

Goldco also has a sister company that offers cryptocurrency IRAs. Though the cryptocurrency offerings aren't as streamlined as those you get with Regal Assets, the increased reputation is worth it. Similarly, the minimum investment levels are close enough that using Goldco's $25,000 minimum is worthwhile if you can.

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