2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

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Many financial experts view silver as a wonderful investment opportunity by many financial experts. In addition to all of the ways it is used for making jewelry and housewares, more and more technological and manufacturing uses are being discovered for silver too.

If you're looking to add some silver coins to your portfolio, you may be considering the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea. Read on to learn more about this coin—including its design, value, and IRA-eligibility—to determine if it is the right investment opportunity for you.

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2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin at a Glance

  • Composition: 1/10-ounce .999 fine silver (99.9% pure silver)
  • Manufacturer: East India Company
  • Obverse Design: A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown and facing the right
  • Reverse Design: Spade Guinea Design from King George III's reign
  • Face Value: 10 Pence (St. Helena)

About the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin

2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

The East India Company released the Silver Spade Guinea to pay homage to the original Spade Guinea from the United Kingdom. The original 1787 design was released when the country was at its peak levels of power and control across the globe.

This replication of the original design was released in 2017 and continues to be a popular choice by those looking to add precious metals to their investment portfolios, as well as those who find the coin's historical roots appealing. The coin is made using 99.9% pure silver and weights 1/10 ounce.

Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Design

In the next two sections, we'll take a closer look at the obverse and reverse designs of this 1/10-ounce silver coin.


2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

The obverse of this coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait, which was designed by Raphael Maklouf in 1985, was specifically created for the Royal Mint of England. The Queen is facing the right and is shown wearing the Royal Diadem, that she would wear when attending the State Opening of Parliament. In addition to the Diadem, she is also wearing earrings and a necklace.

The Queen's image is centered on the obverse of the coin, with a circular border surrounding it. Written along the border are "The East India Company," "£10," "St. Helena," "Queen Elizabeth II," and the coin's issue date.


2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

The 1787 Guinea Spade design is replicated on the obverse of this Silver Spade Guinea. The design depicts the Royal Arms of England from the reign of George III. In the Royal Arms, the large shield is broken into four different sections—one for each of the UK's individual jurisdictions. The Three Lions of England, the French fleur de lis, the coat of arms of the House of Hanover, and the Harp of Ireland are shown in the four different sections.

Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Value

2020 Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coin Review

Despite its face value of just 10 pence (in St. Helena), the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea is actually worth a good deal more. Silver is quite valuable, and based on the spot price of silver, a 1/10-ounce coin is worth a lot more than 10 pence.

Silver's spot price can change on a daily basis, so it is impossible to write an exact value for this coin in this article. You can check with the spot price of silver and do some math to get an estimate of the value (start with 1/10 of the spot price). However, keep in mind that silver coins can be worth more than just their weight in gold depending on the design, supply, and demand.

Due to the fluctuations in the spot price of silver, you should contact a precious metals provider if you would like to find out the current value of the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea coin.

Investing in Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea Coins

Now that you've learned more about the Silver Great Britain Spade Guinea, and have, hopefully, found the answers to all of your questions, you should be ready to decide whether you'd like to add this coin to your investment portfolio or coin collection.

Do you think it is the right coin for you? If so, reach out to a trusted precious metals provider and work with them to add it to your portfolio. If you don't think that this silver coin is the right fit for you, you can still reach out to a precious metals provider. Speak with one of their customer service representatives to receive one-on-one support and advice about which gold or silver coins best match your preferences and your financial goals.

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