Abacus Coins and Bullion

Abacus Coins and Bullion

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Not sure how to invest your money? You could try many different options, but Abacus Coins and Bullion may be the perfect place. We will review some of the significant benefits of investing in gold and silver, and what types of bullion coins are available later in this article.

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Products and Bullion Coins

Abacus Coins and Bullion

There are many different types of bullion coins available. Some of them have the same design on both sides of the coin. Others have unique designs only found on one side of the coin. There's also a wide variety in size, weight, and thickness. It can be challenging to choose a single coin, so we'll review a few of the most popular bullion coins available now.

Now that you have a better idea of gold and silver coins, you may be interested in knowing what types are available. We'll review three of the most popular bullion coins you can buy now, so stay tuned.

❑ Eagle Coin

One of the most common types of bullion coins is the Eagle coin. An Eagle coin features an image of an eagle flying above a group of mountains. It also has thirteen stars in the middle of the coin, representing the original colonies. In addition, the flip side has a design exclusive to this particular coin. You'll want to know what you're buying regarding these coins.

❑ Maple Leaf

Another bullion coin we need to mention is a Maple Leaf. A Maple Leaf coin features an image of a maple leaf on one side and a stylized depiction of a phoenix on the other. It is the only Maple Leaf coin we'll go over, though.

❑ Sovereign Silver Coin

The third type of bullion coin that we need to talk about is the popular Sovereign silver coin. A Sovereign silver coin features the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front side and a rendition of Benjamin Franklin's face on the backside.

Although these are the three most popular types of silver bullion coins, there are a lot more that you could invest in. You'll want to visit the official Abacus Coins and Bullion Review website to find out more. You can also use our search engine at the top of this page to see if there's anything else that we might have missed.

Pros and Cons of Abacus Coins and Bullion


  • You first need to know that bullion coins are available. There are a wide variety of coins that you could buy when it comes to gold and silver, but some stand out above the rest.
  • Another benefit we need to discuss is that they're easily recognizable. Knowing what you're buying may be challenging with other types of investments. It isn't true with bullion coins, though. Even though you may not be able to see a picture of the coin, you can be pretty sure what it will look like.


  • You could get many benefits from investing in a bullion coin, but there are also a few downsides. The one thing that we need to mention is that these coins may not be as common as other types of investments.
  • One of the most significant issues you'll have with investing in these coins is paying a high premium. The government will take a sizable cut when you bring your coins in for exchange.
  • One of the benefits of investing in gold is that it's easy to store. It isn't true if you invest in silver. Silver is heavy, so you'll have to find a secure place for your bullion coins before investing in them.
  • We need to mention that these coins may be subject to market fluctuations. There are times when the price of the coin goes up and other times when it goes down.

Final Verdict

Investing in bullion coins is a great way to make some extra money. You can purchase them quickly, which means you'll be able to profit from them in the shortest amount of time. You also have complete control over your actions so that you won't have anyone else making decisions for you.

You can also invest in these coins without fear of losing money. The odds are good that you'll get your money back, but it's not always guaranteed.

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