Atlantis Mint Review

Atlantis Mint Review

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Atlantis Mint is a family-owned and operated business that makes silver bullion products such as coins, rounds, and bars of various weights. The coins are primarily collected for long-term value, although some coins are also produced as currency or commemorative items.

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About Atlantis Mint

Product Offering

Atlantis Mint Review

The primary focus of Atlantis' products is silver bullion coins. These coins have the word "MINT" stamped on the edge, encircled by a series of stars. The coins are designed to remain in circulation for at least one to two years, and the belief is that extended longevity will help deter counterfeiting.

The company offers proof and uncirculated issues in both one-ounce and half-ounce weights. Specific product offerings include one-ounce, three-ounce, quarter-ounce, and one-tenth-ounce sizes with various colors to fit any budget.

Qualities Of Products

All coins are made from .999 fine silver with a similar design for all products. Some coins have a colorized finish, although the standard designs are also available in this style. The coins are 2mm thick and have satin or proof finishes.

Other popular products are bars ranging from 1 ounce to 10 ounces in size and rounds, which come in weights of 1 ounce to five ounces per piece. These rounds all have similar designs as well.

Minting Process

The process of minting Atlantis products depends on what product is made, but the process is generally very complex. First, or "base metal," is melted. This base metal is made into a sand mold, which resembles the final product with its ridged texture.

This sand mold is then used to make a positive image of the product from a metal disk. The positives are molds for the bullion coins, bars, and rounds. Once these products are ready, they are placed in presses to be struck by machines. After this step, the coins and bars are graded and packaged for distribution.

Specialty Hand-Poured Bars

A fun product produced by Atlantis Mint is a hand-poured bar. These bars are made in tiny quantities and are very exclusive.

The company makes "junk silver" bars of the same quality as their more oversized bullion products. The one-ounce and half-ounce bars have the same weight and look like their regular bullion counterparts. They contain .999 fine silver, although each bar weighs 1/10 troy ounce, or 24 grams - a tenth of an ounce.

These bars are fun to own but are also easy to collect because their value is based on the current silver spot price.

Silver content remains constant with these bars, but the shape and weight are different. Each bar is hand-poured with polished gold trim and has a serial number in the same style as their standard products.

Unique Bar Designs

Atlantis Mint Review

The bars made by Atlantis can be of the same design as the coins, or they can be completely different. Some bars are colored and have designs on them with their silver content stamped on the back.

Many people purchase these bars for their unique value, fine craftsmanship, and affordable price. They include:

❑ The Bullion Rounds Of Atlantis Mint

Atlantis Mint also produces bullion rounds in many designs, shapes, and compositions. The company offers rounds in weights as small as one ounce to kilo-sized rounds. These rounds are offered in one-ounce, half-ounce, and quarter-ounce sizes.

These rounds are made from .999 fine silver and are decorated with a glitter finish on the front, surrounded by a rim that features their name and logo. They have their weight stamped on the back of each coin. The bullion rounds all have the same design but have different amounts of silver in each round.

❑ American Eagle Bullion Rounds

The rounds from Atlantis Mint produced for the American Eagle series come in weights of one ounce and half an ounce. The proof and uncirculated versions are also produced in these weights and one-tenth ounce.

The issues are similar to the coins, with a matte finish on the front, a proof or uncirculated look, and a shiny back. They have their weight stamped on the front with their silver content stamped around the edge of the coin encircled by stars.

❑ Aquamarine Bullion Round

The Aquamarine Rounds have marks of their identity and silver content on the front side, with a ring encircling the edge. They are produced in one-ounce and half-ounce sizes.

These coins have a smooth forging finish, with a proof look on the front and back. The larger size has a matte finish. They also have their weight stamped on the reverse of each coin, with stars surrounding the edge, encircling its weight.

Pros & Cons of Atlantis Mint


  • Customer service is a benefit that many silver buyers like. Atlantis Mint is proud of its product and ensures the customer is kept informed of any problems with the order. They want their customers to be happy and often provide a tracking number for small orders so that they can see where their product traveled. It helps to increase customer loyalty.
  • Since they are a private mint, they can offer unique products not offered elsewhere at the same quality or price. The silver content is the same for all products, so customers pay the same.


  • Many people think Atlantis Mint is an online scam, and customer service can be challenging. On many occasions, email correspondence has gone unanswered. Also, they do not give refunds on orders shipped before they were paid for. They also do not offer a money-back guarantee.
  • The company also has an in-house grading and authentication service that can be expensive. Prices depend on the product but can run up to $200 per coin. Many people feel that this service can be pricey and would instead take their product elsewhere to get it graded.
  • The option to add a "second party" to the order has also been considered a drawback by customers, who think they are being nickeled and dimed after placing an order. There have been comments that they do not give the option of not paying extra for this service.

Final Verdict

Overall, the company is considered reliable and offers a wide range of products. They also work with large bullion distributors to help offer their products to other sellers. They are also good at filling custom orders on larger orders, which helps larger dealers and customers looking for large quantities of these bullion pieces.

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