Atlas Numismatics Review

Atlas Numismatics Review

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Atlas Numismatics is a company that deals with rare coins found around the world. The company was founded in 2013 in New York and specializes in coins of exceptional quality. The company also deals with United States coins and ancient coins from all over the world.

The main objective of the company is to provide a professional setting for clients who want to sell or buy rare coins. The company is run by a well-experienced president, James Ricks. He has had a long career of eighteen years working with Northeast Numismatics in Massachusetts and worked as the director of the world coin department for fourteen years.

The company makes trips all over the world to ensure they maintain their high standard of material for their coins. Below are some of the coins they have in their expansive inventory.

  • Product: Rare Coins
  • Owner: James Ricks
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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About Atlas Numismatics


Atlas Numismatics Review

To understand the worth of an ancient coin, you first have to know exactly which coin it is, how rare the coin is and the condition of the coin. Some of these coins were used by the common people but others became rare and important pieces of history.

The worth of the coin also varies on its design, quality and importance of the coin. Coins became important due to various reasons such as;

  • If the coins are commemorating a major historical moment in the history of western civilization.
  • The coins show the best technical achievements in numismatics and high levels of artistry that have not been seen again in more than 200 years.
  • Some coins are very rare such that only a few of them are remaining today.
Atlas Numismatics Review

The company deals with the rarest coins with a high standard of material. Before buying any coin from a client they make due diligence to make sure the coins are of high quality. The company offers a detailed description of the coins and their prices on their website. Some of these rare coins include;

  • 2nd -1st Centuries BC ATTICA ATHENS AR Tetradrachm.
  • c.205-190 BC CARIA, ISL. OF RHODES AR Tetradrachm.
  • Ptolemy VI, 180-145 BC PTOLEMAIC KINGDOM AR Tetradrachm.
  • Tiberius, AD 14-37 ROMAN EMPIRE AV Aureus.
  • Caracalla, AD 198-217 ROMAN EMPIRE AV Aureus.
  • BAHAMAS. 1807 CU PCGS PR63BN (Brown).
  • BULGARIA. Ferdinand I. (King, 1887-1918) 1908(1912) AV Restrike 100 Leva. PCGS PR68 Cameo.
Atlas Numismatics Review

These are just but a few rare coins that are in their inventory which you can view on their website. 

To sell your coins to Atlas, there are some requirements you have to meet. First, you should send them an email containing the following details.

  • NGC and/or PCGs certification numbers are available for the coins.
  • Images for both sides of each coin are required for any uncertified coins.
  • The amount of money you are requesting for the coin being offered.
  • A signed letter showing proof of full legal title to the items you are selling.

The company instructs the sellers not to send any coins until the company has requested for a shipment. When sending any item to the company, the item must be accompanied by a title letter that is provided by the company itself.


Atlas Numismatics Review

The company uses different shipping companies when selling or buying coins from clients. The company uses UPS or FedEx 2-Day shipping service while dealing with orders within the United States that are above $2,000 and including insurance.

The company uses FedEx, Ups or USPS International Express mail when dealing with international orders that are above $2,000. A flat fee of $35 is incurred by all international orders to cover shipping and handling.

When shipping these orders, the company ensures that the insurance is included, the shipment tracking number and a Signature Required service to sign when you get your order.


Atlas Numismatics Review

For every single item that fits the company’s purchase criteria, they offer free evaluation. The purchase criteria include both whole collections and individual items that are rare or exceptional. They can either be ancient, from the united states or from anywhere in the world. However, the company does not buy the following items;

  • Jewelry
  • Stamps
  • Precious metal
  • Coins dated after 1945
  • Any coin pulled from the foreign exchange coinage or pulled from circulation.

Pros & Cons of Atlas Numismatics


  • The company has listed the coins in its inventory with their prices on the website, making it easy for clients to find what they are looking for.
  • The company has a very expansive inventory containing all of its coins.
  • The company ships the orders to anywhere a client is located.
  • The company offers multiple paying options for the clients to pay for their orders.


  • The company has no reviews available making it hard for clients to make a judgement.
  • The company only offer fixed prices on their website thus leaving no room for negotiations.

Final Verdict

Ancient coins come in many wonderful options, each having a unique history. Atlas Numismatics to buy rare coins from clients all over the world and also sells the rarest coins in the world. The expansive inventory of rare coins on their website lets you choose a coin based on your preferences.

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