Best Places To Buy Gold Bars

Best Places To Buy Gold Bars

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If you've been searching for the perfect solution to diversify your portfolio, investing in gold bars is a great option to consider. When you don't rely so heavily on the stock market, you will be less impacted by market volatility. The price of gold isn't tied to the stock market. So, should the market crash, your gold bars will still retain their value, or even increase in value.

Deciding to buy gold bars is the first step. The next step is to decide where you'd like to purchase them from. With so many dealers selling gold bars, it can be challenging to make this decision. We've put together reviews of the five best places where you can purchase gold bars to help you narrow down your options.

BEST: Gold Bar Dealer Reviews

Regal Assets



Goldco is a well-known name in the precious metals industry. Since Trevor Gerszt founded the company in 2006, they have grown and gained the respect of individuals and financial experts alike. Goldco strives to put the needs of each individual investor first. They want to work with you to discuss your financial goals and then recommend the right solutions to help you achieve those goals.

Once of the top ways to learn what it is actually like to work with a company is to consult their reviews from past customers. Doing this with Goldco should make it even more clear that they are the top gold bar dealer. Hundreds, or even thousands, of individuals have given Goldco 5-star reviews on trusted websites such as Google and Trustpilot. Additionally, if you check with the Better Business Bureau or Business Consumer Alliance, you'll see that Goldco has earned A+ and AAA ratings, the highest possible.

Goldco offers a wide selection of gold bars for investors to choose from. While their website doesn't go into specifics about which bars are available, it does let you know that you'll be able to choose from bars from different world mints and with varying weights. The gold bars offered by Goldco are .9999 fine, which means they are also eligible to be held in a Gold IRA.

Adding some of the gold bars you purchase to a Gold IRA can help you save and prepare for retirement. IRA holders receive various tax breaks that you won't receive when simply purchasing gold bars for a personal investment. If you think a Gold IRA may be right for you, or have some more questions about setting up one, a member for the Goldco team can help you out.


  • You can purchase gold bars of various weights from different world mints.
  • Goldco can help you add gold bars to your retirement account.
  • Reviews from past customers for Goldco are overwhelmingly positive.


  • Goldco's website doesn't list the specific gold bars that are available for purchase; you'll need to talk with a representative to learn more.
Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is another top contender when you're looking for the best place to buy gold bars. Found in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals prides themselves in their customer-first philosophy. They want to help each individual make the best financial and investment decisions to match their specific needs and goals. This philosophy is evident when you visit Augusta Precious Metal's website and look at the priorities and values listed by the company. These include knowledge, respect, transparency, accessibility, selection, and more.

Augusta Precious Metals holds an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. You'll also find positive reviews from past and current Augusta Precious Metals customers when you check websites such Google, TrustLink, and Consumer Affairs.

With Augusta precious Metals you can purchase 1- or 10-ounce gold bars. These bar sizes are the easiest to trade or resell, which is one of the main reasons they are offered by Augusta Precious Metals. While Augusta Precious Metals doesn't allow investors to select which mints their gold bars come from, some of the different mints listed on their website include Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, and PAMP.


  • Augusta Precious Metals offer .9999 fine 1- and 10-ounce gold bars.
  • The company is highly rated by past customers and review organizations.
  • Augusta Precious Metals strives to work with each investor to help them accomplish their personal goals.


  • You won't be able to select which mint your gold bar comes from; the 1- and 10-ounce gold bars listed on Augusta Precious Metals' website are labeled as "our choice."
Birch Gold Group

We think you may also want to take a look at Birch Gold Group when you're looking for the best place to buy gold bars. With almost two decades of experience, the company offers another trusted source for those who wish to invest in precious metals. During the nearly two decades they've been in business, Birch Gold Group has helped numerous clients diversify their portfolios by investing in precious metals, either through a Gold IRA or by making a direction purchase of coins and bars.

Each client is important to the team at Birch Gold Group. Should you decide to work with them, you can expect to be treated well, following the key standards outlined by the company. These standards include ethics, empathy, efficiency, and transparency.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, Birch Gold Group is another company that is worthy of your trust. Past customers also have overwhelmingly positive things to say about Birch Gold Group.

Do you think you want to add gold bars to a Gold IRA? If so, a member of the Birch Gold Group team can help you through the process. They'll work with you and an IRA custodian to make sure your new account is set up and that the funds are properly transferred.

Then, they can help you with adding the IRA-approved silver bars to your account and with getting them shipped to an IRS-approved depository. Birch Gold Group works with both the Delaware Depository and Brinks Global Services, two of the most trusted names in the industry.

Birch Gold Group offers different gold bars, but their selection rotates. To find out what they have available, you'll need to contact the company. However, the website does list that they have Valcambi Combi Bars available, so that seems to be a staple.

Despite not being able to see everything that is currently available, you should feel confident that they'll have gold bars of different weights from different mints available at any given time.


  • In addition to gold bars, you also have the option to purchase silver, platinum, and palladium bars from Birch Gold Group.
  • Birch Gold Group offers gold bars of different sizes from different mints.
  • Some of Birch Gold Group's key values include empathy, ethics, and transparency.


  • The selection of gold bars available through Birch Gold Group rotates, so you will need to call to check on what is currently available.
Noble Gold

Noble Gold shouldn't be overlooked when you're trying to find the best place to buy Gold Bars. They are a newer company than the others on our list, but still have over five years of experience. Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren started Noble Gold in 2016 to help each individual be able to grow their wealth by harnessing the power of investing in precious metals. The team at Noble Gold is knowledgeable and available to help you answer any questions you may have.

Noble Gold has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and an AA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. They are also very highly rated on Google, TrustLink, and Consumer Affairs.

One of the things we really like about Noble Gold, especially for those looking to buy gold bars, is that their website lists the different bars that they currently have available. This means that you don't need to make a phone call to see what you can choose from.

Here are the different gold bars available through Noble Gold:

  • 2.5-gram PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 5-gram PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 20-gram PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 50-gram PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 5-oz PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 10-oz PAMP Suisse Lady Forturna Gold Bar
  • 100-gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar
  • 10-oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 1-kilo Johnson Matthey Gold Bar


  • The website lists the different gold bars that are currently available for purchase.
  • Noble Gold offers various sizes of gold bars from different respected mints.
  • The customer service team at Noble Gold works to help each customer make the best decisions to grow their wealth.


  • Noble Gold hasn't been in business for as long as the other companies on our list.


Regal Assets

Last, but not least, you may also want to consider working with Regal Assets to purchase your gold bars. You may have even read about Regal Assets or seen their name listed on the INC 500. They have been ranked as #20 in the financial services category, which should help you feel confident that they are a respected and reputable company.

Regal Assets was founded in 2009 by Tyler Gallagher. While the company started with only a $5,000 investment, it quickly grew and has since become a well-known name in the industry. One of Regal Assets' goals is to offer what each investor is looking for, allowing the company to serve as a one-stop-shop for individuals wishing to invest in precious metals.

Regal Assets currently offers nine different gold bars of varying weights. Each bar has a .9999 fineness rating and is also eligible to be held in a Gold IRA. The available gold bars include:

  • 1-gram Gold Bar
  • 2.5-gram Gold Bar
  • 5-gram Gold Bar
  • 10-gram Gold Bar
  • 20-gram Gold Bar
  • 50-gram Gold Bar
  • 1-oz Gold Bar
  • 10-oz Gold Bar
  • 1-kilo Gold Bar


  • They offer nine different gold bars of various weights to choose from.
  • The company has over a decade of experience and has been listed on the INC 500 in the financial services category.
  • If you'd like, you can also invest in silver, platinum, and palladium metals, as well as cryptocurrencies, with Regal Assets.


  • The images on the site only show Credit Suisse gold bars; it is unclear whether these are the only options that are available.

How to Select the Best Place to Buy Gold Bars

Continue reading to identify some of the key factors to consider when deciding where to buy gold bars. Keeping these considerations in mind will help ensure that you are happy with the gold bar dealer that you ultimately select.

❑ Reputation and Experience

One of the most important things to look at before giving any company your business is their reputation. You want to make sure that are experienced and respected in the gold investment industry. Consulting reviews on sites such as Google, TrustLink or Trustpilot can tell you a lot about what past customers have to say about their interactions with a given company.

You can also learn a lot by checking out the Better Business Bureau's website. Here you will find the company's rating (with A+ being the highest possible) and whether there have been any complaints filed against the company by past customers.

❑ Selection

The selection of gold bars available is also important to look at before making a final decision. Think about what you are looking for. Do you want any specific gold bars? Do you want to own a variety of bars produced by different world mints? If so, be sure to choose a gold bar dealer that offers the selection to match your desires.

❑ Customer Service

Finally, you should also look to give your business to a company that offers exceptional customer service. You want to feel supported if you have questions before placing your order and if any issues present themselves once your order is shipped or delivered.

Our Top Pick


After compiling all of the reviews and comparing the different places to buy gold bars, we selected Goldco as our top pick. There really is a lot to like about Goldco. The company has been in business for over 15 years and has come to be known as one of the leaders in the industry. Goldco holds the highest ratings possible from the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, along with overwhelming positive reviews from past customers.

We also really like how responsive and helpful Goldco's customer service team is. If you have any questions or need assistance, they are just a call away.

Whether you are looking to add gold bars to a Gold IRA or are just looking to purchase some bars as a personal investment, we think you'll be happy with your decision to work with Goldco. Are you ready to contact them today?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is buying gold online safe?

Buying gold online can be very safe. However, you will want to take a few precautions to ensure this. First, check reviews for the company you're looking to purchase from. Make sure that the majority of past customers are happy with their experiences and look for any red flags.

You can also check review sites, such as the Better Business Bureau, to confirm that the company has a solid rating and hasn't had a lot of complaints filed by customers.

Another important thing to check before purchasing gold online is the company's shipping policy. Confirm that gold bars are shipped in unmarked packages and that the company provides full transit insurance to protect your investment against loss or theft.

Are gold bars a better investment than gold coins?

Gold bars and coins can both make a good investment. The right fit for you depends on your priorities and needs. If you plan to invest in a large quantity of gold, you may decide that gold bars are the better choice. They stack well, which will make them easier to store.

Gold coins, on the other hand, may be the right choice for those looking to hold a piece of the country's history in their hand. Older gold coins, in particular, can tell a story. Additionally, due to the rarity of some coins, they may be worth more per ounce than gold bars.

If you're torn between gold bars and gold coins, you can also consider splitting your investment between both of them. This will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of each investment option.

Is the price of gold more expensive online?

Shopping online for gold doesn't necessarily mean that you'll end up paying more. In fact, gold is often less expensive when you shop online. Sometimes local dealers add premiums to the cost of their gold bars or coins, which can make them more expensive than shopping online.

Many online dealers offer free shipping once your order reaches a certain point. This can help reduce the cost of shopping online. An additional benefit of buying gold online is that you can compare the prices between different dealers to make sure that you're getting the best deal. This is much more challenging to do when shopping in person without spending all day driving around town.

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