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BGASC is a fully-fledged precious metals dealer in the United States and touted as one of the largest online suppliers in the industry. The precious metals include gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company is headquartered in California, United States, and has been in the market for about two decades. Since its inception, the company has grown tremendously to become one of the most trusted gold and silver dealers in the market.

The company boasts immense trust from its customers and is accredited by BBB with an A+ rating. It is also a member of Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) and an authorized PCGS dealer. It has a dedicated team that provides excellent customer service and helps in propelling the company to great heights. Its leaders have also been very instrumental in shaping the company into a world-class organization.

BGASC employs good shipping policies which ensure the protection of goods while in transit. When shipping, the items are put in protective materials and well sealed to protect against damage. More importantly, the company insures the items while in transit, covering your items from loss or damage. You are also able to track the shipment as you will be issued with a tracking number, which you can use to follow the progress of the shipment online.

BGASC offers seamless payment processes which are not only secure but also fast. Customers have a number of payment methods to choose including PayPal, Bank Wire, Paper Check, Bank Wire, and credit/debit cards. As a customer, you are at liberty to choose any method that suits you among the ones provided by the company.

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What Do Customers Say About BGASC?

BGASC Reviews

When it comes to choosing the company you want to buy the precious metals, it is highly advisable that you do the due diligence so as you thoroughly understand the company. Most often than not, online customers reviews are a reflection of the company in question. Here are some of the customers’ reviews about BGASC.

Many customers say that the company offers competitive prices. This is a view that many customers have echoed, meaning that there are high chances that BGASC offers the items at reasonable prices. There have been cases of some companies in the industry selling similar items at exorbitant prices. If you are a customer looking for well-priced items, then this may be the place to shop.

A lot of customers hailed their website as user-friendly and easy to use. The platform is simple, intuitive, and secure. Many customers are able to navigate the website, place orders, or even pay without any difficulty. This is a big plus for the company because it means it has simplified its online process to the advantage of the customers.

Their customer service is outstanding, which is depicted by their responsiveness and politeness. Many customers say that they have not been inordinate delays in handling their complaints. Whenever a customer experiences a problem, they deal with it speedily and keep you posted about it.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the products and the process of shipping the items. The shipped items arrive in good time without undue delays and are always insured while in transit. This is an important point to note because there have been cases with other companies where items get lost or damaged while in transit. BGASC insures your items, meaning that you can be refunded your money in the event of damage or loss when in transit. In most cases, the items involved are of high value, and hence it is advisable to look for a company that fully insures your items.

Is the BGASC Great Company to Work for?

BGASC Reviews

The company is undoubtedly a good place to work. Here you will meet highly talented professionals from different backgrounds. The company employs sales representatives, accountants, finance officers, IT professionals, and marketers. If you are looking for a challenging environment with growth opportunities, BGASC may be a good place.

IRA Precious Metals and Rollover

The company sells IRA-approved precious metals. If you want to open a self-directed IRA account, you need to first choose your preferred self-regulated IRA custodian from the ones BGASC has a partnership with. These include GoldStar, New Direction, and STRATA. After opening the self-regulated IRA account, you will need to fund your IRA account. After this, BGASC will then ship your items to your preferred depository for safe storage.

Pros and Cons of BGASC

Before committing to buying expensive items, it pays to gather information about their strengths and weaknesses. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of BGASC that will help you make informed decisions.


  • Reasonable Prices: The company prices are reasonable compared to other players in the industry. Prices are a key factor in this industry because sometimes customers complain of a mismatch between the value of the item and their corresponding prices. BGASC does not exploit its customers with unreasonably high prices and its products commensurate with the actual value of the underlying items.
  • Insurance of items while on transit: BGASC insures most of the items against damage or loss while in transit. As a customer, you don’t fear that your items may be damaged or get lost, as insurance covers that. The company can thus manage safety issues of the items, which makes many customers prefer it.
  • Free Shipment: The company offers free shipment for items worth $ 5,000 and above. This serves as a great incentive to customers to purchase large orders, and it returns saves them money.
  • Shipment Tracking: When you purchase items from them, you will be issued with a tracking number which you can use to follow the shipment of your order. This is a good method employed by the company to let the customer track their items while on transit and facilitate the collection process.
  • Highly Rated: The company boasts high ratings, which lends credence to its greatness. It is A+ rated by BBB and 4.8 stars by Trustpilot. The rating system mostly captures the sentiments of the customers regarding the underlying product and customer service. This does not come as a surprise to many customers because the company has proved itself to them.
  • Variety of Payment Options: The company affords its customers many payment options that are fast and secure, including paper checks, PayPal, and Bank Wire. Customers can choose the ones they are comfortable with.


  • Ships Within the United States: It does not ship items beyond the United States. This means that you will have problems shipping them to your place if you are not within the U.S. The company does not ship the goods to Minnesota due to the regulation of bullion coins in the state.
  • Three-day Return Policy: A three-day return policy is, by any standard, a short period. The period is too tight and does not work for many customers. The policy does not provide ample time for customers wishing to return goods to make the necessary arrangement.
  • Does not offer Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): BGASC does not offer IRAs. It only connects self-regulated IRA account holders with custodians and facilitates the transfer of customers’ IRA products to their preferred depository.

Is BGASC a Scam?

BGASC Reviews

BGASC is not a scam. It is a legitimate company accredited by BBB. It is a BBB A+ rated company and 4.8 stars by Trustpilot. There is a torrent of good reviews from its customers. These are an indication that the company is legit.

While there could be some negative reviews from customers or rating companies, it is not a reason to think of it as a scam. Virtually all the companies have their good and bad sides, so is the BGASC. If you are a customer who wants to buy precious metals from the company, I would advise you to go through as many online customers’ views as possible to gauge whether you are dealing with a rogue or a legit company.

I am not ruling out that there are con companies out there but emphasizing the need to do your due diligence critically. Undeniably, some people have been conned their hard-earned money.

One thing that can suggest to you that a company is a scam is if you notice many customer complaints that go unattended. Customers come with the same old problems there do not seem to be goodwill in resolving them. As for BGASC, there is no reason why you would think it to be a scam because there it has been forthright with its customers and has maintained a good reputation in the industry.

Although we do think that BGASC is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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