Burton’s Rare Coins

Burton's Rare Coins

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Burton's Rare Coins is a private family-run business operating since 1988. It's owned and operated by Mark and Sandy Burton, who take pride in customer service with an honest and straightforward approach to transactions.

The company is known for buying and selling coins and precious metals from various sources, including estate sales. Find coins from their collections or some that have slipped into storage. Another specialty is to purchase gold and silver Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels from a previous owner.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Willard burton
  • Overall Rating: 5.0/5

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Burton's Rare Coins

Pros & Cons of Burton's Rare Coins


👍 Honest and Ethical

Since the business has been around for many years, it has built an excellent reputation. They are known for fair prices, honesty, and integrity. The Burtons personally know each customer who comes to them for help.

Their customers come from all over the world and include coin collectors, investors, and other dealers who want to deal with an honest seller. When you sell to them, you will be paid promptly without any sneaky tactics or last-minute changes, as seen in many transactions at E-bay.

👍 Fast Payment

When deals are made, they are usually paid right away. They have always paid in the agreed-upon timeframe and done so quickly and efficiently. They will reimburse the shipping cost if you wish to return any of the coins that do not fit your criteria.

👍 Wide Range of Coins and Precious Metals

Burton's Rare Coins sells gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. They buy from various sources, including eBay, estate sales, and even some that have slipped into storage. They can help purchase jewelry such as diamond rings, watches, or stones. They can estimate a piece's value and provide a fair price quote.

👍 Experience

They have been in the precious metal business for about two decades now, which means they have accumulated plenty of experience. They know how to handle any situation, be it buying or selling, and so can help you resolve any problem you might encounter. Their services include appraisals, and their reputation is impeccable when establishing fair prices for precious metals.

👍 Buying and Selling Online

Burton's Rare Coins makes buying and selling online easy because they have proven that you can trust them to handle these matters with integrity. They have a very easy-to-use website with many features to help the buyer find what he is looking for, whether it's a gold bar, coin, or precious metal. Their message boards are another great way to meet other interested buyers who might need similar services as you.

👍 Unique Items

Their one-of-a-kind jewelry is stuff you would find at an antique store or a flea market. It's worth what you pay for it, and that's the price they charge, which is fair considering their quality. They buy coins, jewelry, and rings for cash only. If you need to sell them coins and precious metals, you must send them a check or money order. Otherwise, they take cash or PayPal.

👍 Friendly Service

They are a small family business that puts the customer first. They don't have much to carry, so the deal is usually done right in the store, and you do not have to worry about any complications during the transaction. You will find them friendly and willing to help you with any questions you might have.

👍 Reputation

The Burton's Rare Coins Company has an A+ rating on Numismatic News, one of the most respected online coins sites. If you buy gold or silver, you don't want to deal with a shady dealer out to scam you. The Burtons have an excellent reputation for honesty, integrity, and fair prices.


👎 Location

Since they are a small family-run business, they cannot be everywhere at once, so you will send your items to them by mail. Some of the coins sold here might have a slip in storage requiring a membership. The membership fee is $5, giving you the right to get your coin collection appraised via their online service, buy Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels, buy gold and silver, etc.

👎 Website

The Burton's Rare Coins website can be a little confusing at times, and you might spend more time trying to figure out what they are selling or what they are offering than you would be thinking about buying from them. The only option available is to browse and search through the different types of coins or precious metals, although it will take a lot of time to get through everything they have on display.

👎 Membership

You have to pay a meager membership fee for their online service of theirs because it's only $5.00 per year. Considering that you are paying them this sum, they could have added many more features or decided to be more customer-oriented. There is no way of knowing what you will get in your package until you decide to purchase something.

Final Verdict

Burton's Rare Coins Company offers some of the lowest prices for gold, silver, and rare coins online. However, their inventory changes frequently, so you must keep a close eye on it. They have one of the best customer service reputations in the coin business and will do their best to help you find what you are looking for. They seem like a good place to deal with, but if you can't pass up a fantastic bargain, other online dealers will offer you better deals than they do.

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