Camex Metals Review

Camex Metals Review

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Are you looking for a gold company to buy from, or are you interested in silver for your portfolio? Do you want to know about the different types of coins on the market? Are you wondering how these coins differ from bullion bars or rounds in quality and price?

If any of these questions sound familiar, then read this article! Here we will cover everything important regarding investing in precious metals.

One of the most important decisions you will have when investing in precious metals is whether you want your investment to be in a physical form or not. When it comes to gold and silver, you have the option of investing in both coins and bullion bars.

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About Camex Metals

Camex Metals Review

Camex Metals is an online retailer of gold and silver bullion, coins, and collectibles. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and sells products to residents of the United States and international customers. Camex Metals also uses its website to educate customers by providing financial advice and information about important news in the precious metals industry.

Camex Metals is committed to helping customers make the appropriate investment decisions. They do this by providing customers with the best price for their precious metals. They also sell gold and silver coins from trusted vendors and offer customers free bullion checkups and certification.

The company is committed to making its customers' experiences safe and comfortable to protect the integrity of the items they purchase.

Exclusive Products

After gaining considerable popularity, Camex Metals reshuffled its lineup of bullion products. This was a move widely praised by the online market and resulted in many customers buying the new bullion products.

While the older items were packed in boxes and are still readily available on Camex Metals' website, they only come bundled with a certificate of authenticity. They are priced higher than the rest of their offerings.

For this reason, the remainder of the products in their catalog are comprised exclusively of new items. The company also recently started carrying a variety of "irradiated" or "contaminated" coins. This means that the coins have been treated with radiation to achieve a higher grade, which is ideal for investors looking to invest in precious metals without having to pay a premium for their bullion.

Storage and Delivery

Camex Metals Review

Camex Metals offers both an online store and a live store located in the greater Dallas area. The website is expansive and features customer product reviews, making it easy for the customer to make an informed decision about what products to purchase. At Camex Metals, you can learn about each coin before buying it and read some of the customer reviews.

All the gold, silver, and platinum products offered by Camex Metals come in bullion bars and coins. The company also provides bulk orders for customers doing assayed ingots or other similar items for other investment firms. These customers can order them from the website and have them shipped quickly to their doorsteps.

Camex Metals also offers free shipping on all orders placed through the website.

Resources for Investors

As an online precious metals retailer, Camex Metals offers its customers a few resources that they can use to make an informed decision about their brand of choice. These resources include a list of the mints they work with and a detailed description of the differences between assayed ingots, cast bars, coins, and rounds.

Is Camex Metals a Scam?

Camex Metals has been online since early 2012 and has a large following. They offer competitive pricing, free shipping, and investing in bullion bars and coins. They have one of the largest varieties of coins available on their website and an informative blog for new investors.

If you are interested in investing in precious metals, then Camex Metals is a company that you should consider looking into before investing.


  • Gold and Silver Bullion.
  • Certified & Assayed Metals.
  • Free Shipping on All Orders.
  • Largest Variety of Products and Lowest Price in the Industry.
  • Easy to Navigate Website & Multiple Payment Options.
  • Live Customer Service Team Available 24/7/365 by Phone, Email, and Live Chat.


  • The website is large and easy to navigate.
  • Their live store is located in Dallas, Texas.
  • The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is accredited.
  • They offer free shipping on all orders.


  • There have been some complaints about how Camex Metals packs their product.
  • It is not clearly stated whether it is bullion or coins from the start.
  • At times, prices look too good to be true.

Final Verdict

On the website, several customer reviews can help you decide whether to use Camex Metals as your gold or silver supplier. Or you can checkout our list of best gold IRA companies.

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