Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

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Gold is a rare precious metal that many investors are adding to their portfolio. Investing in gold can help to hedge against inflation, protect you against stock market volatility, and so much more. Plus, when you're ready to liquidate your investments, finding a buyer for gold is simple.

The Canadian Gold Snowy Owl coin is a highly pure gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. Do you think this is the right gold coin to add to your portfolio? Continue reading to learn more about it!

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Gold Snowy Owl Coin at a Glance

  • Composition: ΒΌ-ounce .9999 fine gold (99.99% pure gold)
  • Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Minting Location: Canada
  • Obverse Design: Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II facing the right
  • Reverse Design: A snowy owl flying with his wings fully extended
  • Face Value: $10 (CAD)
  • IRA-Eligibility: Eligible to be held in an IRA

About the Gold Snowy Owl Coin

Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

The Canadian Gold Snowy Owl coin was created to honor the beautiful and graceful Snowy Owl. This bird, which can be found in Canada and Eurasia, is different from other owls in that they are non-nocturnal. They adapt exceptionally well to different circumstances and have been known to build nests or hunt on the ground, rather than in a tree, when there aren't any available trees.

Gold Snowy Owl Coin Design

The Canadian Gold Snow Owl Coin is an impressive and attractive piece. Here is some more information about its obverse and reverse designs.


Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as is common with other Canadian currency, is featured on the front of this coin. In this portrait, which was designed by Susanna Blunt, the Queen is facing the right wearing a necklace and earrings, but no crown. A radial pattern surrounds her image to add security and protection against counterfeits.


Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

The graceful snowy owl is the star of the reverse of the coin. In the image, the owl is shown against a blank background with its wings fully extended to make it appear that it is flying. The coin's purity level, weight, and date of issue are also included on the reverse design.

Gold Snowy Owl Coin Value

The face value of this coin is just $10 (CAD). However, it is actually worth much more than this. The spot price of gold will impact the exact value of this coin, though its unique design and limited quantities may make it even more valuable.

We can't write the specific value of the Gold Snowy Owl coin here because as the price of gold moves, the value of the coin will also change. We'd recommend reaching out to your precious metals dealer for the most accurate pricing information.

Adding Gold Snowy Owl Coins to a Precious Metals IRA

Canadian Gold Snowy Owl Coin Review

Did you know that in addition to purchasing Gold Snowy Owl coins that you can add them to a Gold IRA? Gold IRAs, also called Precious Metals IRAs, allow individuals to add precious metals to a retirement account. Rather than investing all of your money in the stock market and hoping for the best, you can diversify your investments to provide you with greater protection against market swings.

The Gold Snowy Owl coin is 99.99% pure, which exceeds the 99.5% purity minimum set by the IRS. So, if you'd like to add it to your account, reach out to your preferred precious metals provider, and they'll walk you through what you need to do.

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