Colonial Valley Coins

Colonial Valley Coins

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Colonial Valley Coins, LLC is a retail store that sells numismatics. It has been in business for five years and growing every year. This review is about the company itself and what it does best. They are a popular seller of silver coins on eBay and have also recently expanded into other parts of their business.

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About Colonial Valley Coins

Product Type

Colonial Valley Coins

Colonial Valley Coins sell legal-tender silver coins. This can be a large variety of US, foreign and private mints. There is no restriction on what silver content a coin can have. They are also different than other businesses that only sell certificates at this time.

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The founder of Colonial Valley Coins, LLC is Charles Morgan. He has been an avid coin collector since he was a youngster. His experience with these coins and his knowledge of them can be seen on the site.


This business has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. The overall rating for most people comes from a combination of products, services, and company support. The aspects that affect each are given a separate star rating, but this is the overall rating for the business.

Contact Information

You can contact Colonial Valley Coins via telephone, email, or online. They are only reachable during the week at certain times. The company is closed on weekends and holidays. As you can see, this company does not have a 24/7 support team available to answer your questions as you might expect. However, Charles actively answers every question about his products quickly and with care.

Payment Options

Colonial Valley Coins

Colonial Valley Coins accepts a variety of different payment methods. You can pay with Paypal, Credit Cards, or Money Order/Bank Draft (in order of popularity). This is a great way to get more risk-averse people to feel safe having their purchases.

They are also willing to accept Bitcoin for making payments on the site if you prefer this payment method (and if you do not mind paying the conversion fee when purchasing the coins and receiving them).

Shipping Options

As you can see from the chart above, the shipping costs from Colonial Valley Coins are very reasonable. Most customers who have used their services say they were shocked at how inexpensive it was for them to send out their coins.

These prices fluctuate based on the weight and cost of each coin and where in the world you are located. Looking at this table, you can quickly determine what a shipment would cost for your location.

Pros & Cons of Colonial Valley Coins


👍 They Are an eBay Seller

This is not to say that they only service eBay customers, but they have a significant presence on this site. This tells you right away that they have a relationship with the company. It also means that they can use the experience of their past sales to help them guide them in the present and future.

👍 They Have Good Reviews on Multiple Sites

It is always lovely to see that a business has good ratings and reviews despite losing some customers. You can certainly see that they are working hard to ensure each person is satisfied with their purchases and customer support experience (based on the reviews).

👍 They Have a Lot of Products

I was surprised to see Colonial Valley Coins has over 5,000 products online. This also tells you that they have many products to choose from. If you do not find one that you like, there are probably many more in stock for sale on the site.

👍 They Have an Excellent Purchasing Process

Charles has experience dealing with customers who regularly have questions about the company or its products. The system in place uses order stills, which is a great way to explain your purchase to the customer.


👎 Their Online Sales Methods Are Not as User-friendly as They Could Be

This is always a tricky thing to do, but Colonial Valley Coins could do a better job of explaining how their products work to customers. This is especially important during sales because it often takes several steps to complete an order. In addition, their product descriptions could use some work as well.

👎 Their Shipping Methods Leave Some Customers Satisfied but Others Dissatisfied

The option of using low flat rates and even smaller shipping costs seems like it might disappoint people at first. However, this is just an option they give customers as they do not have a single shipping cost for the entire country. This makes it easy for some people to get the cheapest shipping option and pay more for other locations.

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