Commercial Rare Coins

Commercial Rare Coins

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Many people have a misconception about what it means to keep track of coins and collect them. The public, for example, may feel that if you are collecting rare coins, the only way to do so is through attending coin conventions or similar events.

While this is true in some ways, there are many other ways to get involved with rare coins without having to be by a table at one of these conventions while they buy and sell your collection away instantly. Commercial Rare Coins offers a rare opportunity to get involved with rare coins in a very unique manner.

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About Commercial Rare Coins

Commercial Rare Coins

Commercial Rare Coins is a company that makes it easy for people to collect coins and other rare items without having to attend countless coin conventions. This company sells many types of coins through their website, and you can purchase them easily. The company has served South Florida since 1977 and is a local favorite, and you will be able to buy coins that are sure to change the way you think about collecting.

Brian Kuszmar is the owner of Commercial Rare Coins and is an accomplished numismatist who has been collecting for more than forty years. Kuszmar started his coin business after buying rare coins from people moving away. After the initial purchase, he realized that he could make money by selling these coins, and thus he opened up a store and started selling coins. In the past few years, Kuszmar has expanded his collection of rare coins to include more modern pieces.

Storage and Delivery

Another way to collect rare coins is through storage and delivery services. If you buy rare coins and want to be sure they are kept in a safe place, then you will find that the storage and delivery services offered by Commercial Rare Coins are precisely what you are looking for. In addition, the company also provides insurance on all valuables kept with them. This makes for a great place to keep your coins, especially if you want to be sure they are kept safe.

Resources for Investors

Along with offering a great collection of coins, it is also essential for people to be aware of the resources that are out there for investors. This is especially true when finding experts in numismatics, otherwise known as coin collectors. Commercial Rare Coins offers a blog that is updated daily and contains valuable information about coins and many other topics related to numismatics. The blog features many different types of articles, so you will always find new things regularly.

Brian Kuszmar's experience in numismatics gives him a great understanding of what it takes to be a collector. He passes this information to other people looking to sell their collections and those just starting. For collectors, this means they will have a knowledgeable source to help them purchase or sell the coins they already have.

Is Commercial Rare Coins a Scam?

Commercial Rare Coins

Collecting rare coins has become more popular in the past few years, primarily because of the rise in collectibles. People have seen their value rise in real estate, and other types of investments, so more people are collecting coins with the belief that they will be able to make money on them. However, these people may also be concerned about whether they can trust Commercial Rare Coins.

For any business, knowing that you can trust them if you are involved with them is essential. If a business is selling things they do not have, or if they are selling products with no intention of delivering them, this is a problem. With Commercial Rare Coins, you will find that these problems do not exist. The company is passionate about coins and other collectibles and is well respected throughout the community.


  • Rare Coins.
  • Coin Storage and Delivery.
  • Coin Insurance.
  • Coin Blog.
  • Coin Expertise.

Pros & Cons of Commercial Rare Coins


  • People who collect coins know they can trust Commercial Rare Coins to provide them with high-quality coins.
  • The company has been selling rare coins for years, so they understand what it takes to be a good coin dealer.
  • The company will help you purchase or sell your collection and store and deliver your coins.


  • There are not many cons associated with the company since they have a great reputation for selling quality rare coins.
  • There are not many cons associated with the company since they have a great reputation for selling quality rare coins.

Final Verdict

Commercial Rare Coins is a great place to get exceptional rare coins in a setting that is very friendly and easy to work with. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for someone to buy their collections from them, especially if this person has promised to look after the items. The company sells many different types of coins, so you can be confident that they will have the coin you are looking for.

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