Ericson Mint

Ericson Mint

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Ericson Mint is a precious metals company that has been in business since 1977 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Ericson Mint buys and sells precious metals for investors who want an investment that will hold its value better than paper investments like stocks or bonds.

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Ericson Mint Review


Ericson Mint

Ericson Mint has a range of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. In addition, Ericson Mint has precious metal coins as well. The products are sold as raw bullion, meaning they are not made into jewelry or other finished products.


Prices for precious metals are based on the spot price. Ericson Mint does not set its prices. Instead, they purchase and resell precious metals based on what the spot price is at a given time. Customers buy from Ericson Mint because they want to make an investment in precious metals, not jewelry or finished products. The product can be stored as a physical asset or an investment with no immediate plan to sell it later.


Ericson Mint is a company whose products will continue to gain popularity among investors. With the increasing likelihood of a recession and a stock market crash, people need ways to protect their assets which will continue to lose value. The supply of gold, silver, and especially platinum is limited so prices will go up in the future.


Ericson Mint

Ericson Mint is privately held, and the owner is currently anonymous. An individual named Mr. Ericson founded the company in 1977, but he has since passed away. Ericson Mint sells a variety of precious metals as well as coins that are imported from other mints.

Rating Out of Five Stars

Most reviews on Ericson Mint received four or five stars. Reviewers used the information from Ericson Mint to make their investment decisions, stating that this is a great way to invest in precious metals.

Reason to Use Product

Many reviewers choose Ericson Mint as an investment because they have limited funds and know they should be investing in precious metals. They found it to be easy to buy and purchase as needed.

Pross & Cons of Ericson Mint


  • Customer service is excellent, especially with the phone support line, where one can speak with a representative in person or by phone if they want to do it that way rather than leaving a message on the company's website phone system or email address.
  • Ericson Mint is a safe and secure way to invest in precious metals because they do not charge commissions or sell any of their products.
  • Ericson Mint offers competitive product pricing, including shipping costs for larger orders. Free shipping is available for orders over $4,000 shipped within the United States; however, higher shipping costs are charged for international orders.
  • Ericson Mint also sells precious metal coins as well as bars. This is an added benefit to some customers who want to invest in precious metals but also like the collectible aspect of precious metal coins and their potential resale value.


  • As with any investment, customers should be aware of the risk in investing in the market, and Ericson Mint products are no exception. All precious metals come with the risk of being confiscated by governments, much like any other financial asset.
  • Reviewers state that Ericson Mint can confuse new customers because they don't always include detailed product information or what to expect from their website.

Final Verdict

Ericson Mint is a trusted, reliable precious metals company that offers competitive pricing and convenient delivery. The downside of buying precious metals has always been the risk of confiscation by governments. Ericson Mint protects customers from this risk by selling bullion in individual bars or coins instead of providing a certificate that the bullion was legally purchased from them.

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