FBA Aggregators

FBA Aggregators

E-commerce business is booming. Investors are turning their heads to the Amazon space and new venture capital firms are springing up to get a piece of the pie. The new game is to get as many quality brands as possible and present them under one name. This practice has come to be called the Amazon Aggregator business.

Investors are taking advantage of the high potential of growth in online businesses by offering software platforms, distribution relationships, expertise in navigating the market, and options to scale up from a small business to a global brand name. For entrepreneurs, this means options for investment opportunities or the chance to cash out on a big idea are abundant and growing.

What Are Amazon Aggregators Looking for?

FBA Aggregators

Most Aggregators specialize their criteria for selecting brands or businesses that fit into their overall scheme of things. While you will need to investigate each capital firms specific details, here is a quick list to break down the factors that are included when Amazon Aggregators purchase e-commerce and entrepreneurial endeavors:

  • Registered Brands: Aggregators look for brands. The more unique brand ownership a seller has, the strongest the desire for Aggregators to acquire it. No investor wants to dump money into resellers. They want to acquire businesses with their own unique brand offerings.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon: Partnership with Amazon is a highly desired feature of any e-commerce business by aggregators. Amazon handling the fulfillment logistics helps aggregators to easily close the purchase of a business without interrupting operations. Also, the easier access to qualify for Prime status is a valuable feature.
  • Profits and Margins: Aggregators are making an investment when they purchase a business. Most businesses will look for an annual profit of at least $200,000 and 15% net margins.
  • Amount of SKUS: Brand strength is determined by product quality. If you are making a good amount of revenue but have to offer hundreds of SKUs to do it, your business may be seen as less valuable than a business making the same revenue with only a handful of products.
  • Sales through Amazon: Amazon has been one of the largest catalysts for the growth in e-commerce. For this reason, aggregators prefer to look for businesses that operate primarily through Amazon. Typically, they want 80% of a business’s sales to be through Amazon purchases.
  • Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty is a sign of a great product offering. This shows your product or business’s potential for long-term stability and growth.
  • Niche: Different aggregators focus on different business categories. Finding the right aggregator involves making sure your brand fits with their overall theme.
  • Ethics: Criminal behavior or devious activity used to boost your business’s value might result in a future deactivation of your account and is too high a risk for aggregators to accept with a new acquisition.
  • Sustainability of Product Sales Performance: Stability and long-term results are important. Your brand can not gain its’ success as part of a trend or fad.

Why Sell Your Amazon FBA Business?

FBA Aggregators

Running a seller’s business on Amazon is a time-consuming and tiring endeavor. While you may have had the excitement and rush of creating a new product and bringing it to market in the beginning, the everyday hustle to keep it going may not be what you started your business for.

Not to mention the difficulty of scaling your business up on your own. You’ve already done the exciting part. It may be time to cash in your business and turn a personal profit. You’ve earned the opportunity to relax with the fruits of your labor.

Selling your business to an aggregator keeps your brand alive and gives you the chance to relax. Your skills may be better put to use starting a new brand and doing it all over again.

The Big Buyers of Amazon FBA E-Commerce Business

The list of Amazon FBA business buyers, Amazon Aggregators, is constantly growing due to its profitable nature. Here’s a list of Amazon Aggregators with large bank accounts that are aggressively consolidating brands across the online marketplace:

🛒 Accel Club, Inc

Accel Club, Inc

Sell your FBA business and close the deal in less than five weeks. Transparent and fair transaction process that favors the business seller. Get the best price through a quick, smooth negotiation and handoff.

🛒 Acorn Street Capital

Acorn Street Capital

ASC is an alternative lending company that typically invests in first-lien. However, ASC is flexible in its investments and includes equity buyout.

🛒 Acquco


Acquco is pathing a new path to quick and easy exits for e-commerce entrepreneurs. This New York City acquisition company focuses on third-party FBA sellers on Amazon. With experienced veteran operations and ex-Amazonians, they have navigated the pitfalls of exiting Amazon businesses and offer flexible terms that get you out in 30 days without being banned from selling on Amazon again.

🛒 AIM Group

AIM Group

Aim group specializes in acquiring family businesses. With the promise to build on to what has already been achieved and to keep it going into the future, selling your family business to aim.group puts it in good hands.

🛒 American Pacific Group

American Pacific Group

A team of seasoned investors and operators make up the American Pacific Group. This private equity firm targets lower-middle market investments in North America with a consistent software strategy centered around complex transactions.

🛒 Benitago


Started by a couple of computer science majors, Benitago made its success by the use of automated systems that make use of the lessons learned in running an e-commerce business. The algorithm's success has lead Benitgao to launching five unique brands with an 8-figure value.

🛒 Benitago Group

Benitago Group

Benitago Group is an investment arm of Benitago with over $50 million of capital ready to deploy.

🛒 Boopos


Boopos works to acquire Fulfilled by Amazon brands. They focus on buying, managing, and growing quality brands and products. Boopos works closely with Amazon and maintains a successful relationship to deliver e-commerce products efficiently.

🛒 Boosted Commerce

Boosted Commerce

A growing team of brand managers, business operators, and e-commerce experts with $137 million in funding and over 30 brands under their belt, Boost Commerce looks to buy, build, and grow high-quality e-commerce brands.

🛒 Cap Hill Brands

Cap Hill Brands

Former executives at Zulily, a $1 billion e-commerce giant, created Cap Hill Brands to fulfill the investment needs of quality, enduring e-commerce consumer product brands to grow and meet their full potential. They look for long-term strategies and strong competitive advantages.

🛒 Centro Brands

Centro Brands

A for sellers by sellers group of former top tier Amazon Executives, experts, and thought leaders who have made the move to find, buy, and build incredible businesses into category dominating brands.

🛒 Centurion Ventures Capital LLC

Centurion Ventures Capital LLC

Centurion Ventures Capital operates intending to buy and personally manage business long-term. While the revenue available to CVC is median compared to other aggregators, they offer a personal touch to taking care of your business.

🛒 D1 Brands

D1 Brands

Founded by Native Amazon third-party sellers, D1 is a team of experienced operators that have built multiple private label brands over the last decade.

🛒 Dragonfly Commerce

Dragonfly Commerce

Dragonfly Commerce is a venture-backed business run by professionals who’ve founded and managed global operations, startups, and over $60 million FBA businesses.

🛒 Dragonfly Group

Dragonfly Group

Dragonfly Group is a China-focused Executive Search and HR consulting firm. Specializing in talent acquisition and development in greater China, they purchase FBA businesses to increase their supply pool of positions and talent.

🛒 Dwarfs.io


Founded by a self-proclaimed genius, dwarfs is the number one European marketplace buyer. They purchase e-commerce businesses from an array of online marketplaces. They specialize in finding valuable e-commerce businesses and helping them to scale upward.

🛒 Forum Brands

Forum Brands

Forum Brands, named after the Roman Forum, seeks to be the center of commerce of the digital marketplace. They help provide exit options for FBA businesses and entrepreneurs as well as help small businesses to scale up.

🛒 Goja


They buy Amazon businesses. With twelve years of experience in the field, Goja utilizes proprietary third-party seller software and professional expertise to optimize e-commerce business. Goja proudly boasts investment backing from JP Morgan, Next Coast Ventures, and 3L Capital.

🛒 Greenhaus


Greenhaus has its’ sights on acquiring, funding, and supporting the long-term growth of already strong performing Amazon private label businesses.

🛒 Group 206

Group 206

Group 206 uses its expertise not only to generate consistent, superior results for business but also in real estate acquisitions.

🛒 Growve


Growve works with more than 25 brands with access to $350 million in annual revenue. They specialize in branding, packaging, marketing, and creating digital campaigns to promote e-commerce business. They are willing to partner with you or buy your business.

🛒 HeyDay


Backed by the world’s move visionary financial investors, HeyDay offers a software platform that can help to evaluate your businesses and even appraise their value. They offer financing options as well as to buy great businesses.

🛒 Highfive Brands

Highfive Brands

Highfive buys digitally native businesses from founders who are looking to sell to a trusted partner with visions to maintain the integrity of their brand. Highfive promises to close the sale quickly to ensure minimal business disruption.

🛒 Inflection Brands

Inflection Brands

The Inflection team puts the entrepreneur first. They promise full transparency, a low-stress environment, and cash up-front. They are an ideal buyer for home-based businesses.

🛒 Intrinsic


Intrinsic is led by consumer health operators and focuses on acquiring brands that make a difference in the health and wellness of people’s lives. Owners of FBA businesses that center around health and well-being can find a new home for their business with Intrinsic.

🛒 Join Branded

Join Branded

Join Branded has extensive experience in using proprietary technology to bring FBA businesses to the global market. With overwhelming success already, Join Branded wants to buy great brands and increase their success across the world.

🛒 Katalyst Partners

Katalyst Partners

This Colorado-based venture capital group has firm expertise in business strategy and operations. Katalyst Partners seeks businesses generating revenue between $5 and $50 million.

🛒 Merx


Merx is a leading e-commerce business. They offer a platform that drives operational excellence and next-level growth. They seek high-quality businesses and are passionate about making them grow.

🛒 Moonshot Capital

Moonshot Capital

Moonshot Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that supports extraordinary leadership. They prefer military-trained or trial-by-fire entrepreneurs who possess inspiring leadership abilities.

🛒 Monolith Brands Group

Monolith Brands Group

Monolith offers both full buyouts and equity partnerships to businesses that operate primarily through Amazon. Monolith offers analytical tools that can help to bring your business to the next level of growth.

🛒 Olsam Group

Oslam Group

Olsam offers a friendly down to earth experience with veteran Amazon sellers and operators that can help to buy out or partner up with your business in an easy six-step process they call Olsam’s 6 x 6.

🛒 One Retail Group

One Retail Group

One Retail Group is an award-winning consumer goods brand ownder and among Europe’s fastest-growing companies. This group is self-funded and experienced in Amazon e-commerce with a portfolio of home appliances, personal care, and lifestyle consumer goods brands.

🛒 Perch


As one of the most trusted Amazon FBA Aggregators, Perch offers a technology platform that seamlessly integrates and operates brands at scale. They close deals quickly and have a high rate of referral.

🛒 Primer Holdings LLC

Primer Holdings LLC

Seasoned investors and operators looking to acquire and actively grow unique, quality products with a stellar reputation among customers.

🛒 Rainforest


Rainforest serially acquires direct-to-customer e-commerce and Amazon FBA brands. They improve the brands’ longevity, financial returns, and sustainability outcomes. They are willing to buy your e-commerce brand or just valuate it. They specialize in geographical expansion and omnichannel distribution.

🛒 Stryze


This aggregator housed in Berlin has raised over $100 million in capital for investment and focuses on the European and North American markets. It develops direct-to-customer brands for both “push” and “pull” e-commerce.

🛒 Thrasio


Thrasio is the fastest profitable U.S. company to ever reach $1 billion valuations. With so much success, they are ready to take over your brand and grow it beyond what you thought was possible.



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