Fisher Precious Metals Review

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Fisher Precious Metals is a small precious metals dealership that offers a variety of products online. The company aims to compete with industry leaders by giving you the kind of dedicated, small-town service that you'd expect from a local business. That's something that's missing in a lot of today's online transactions.

The question is, is the company everything it claims to be? Is it legitimate, and if so, is it actually worth investing? We've broken down what you need to know about the products, services, and people's past experiences with this company.

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About Fisher Precious Metals

Fisher Precious Metals Review

Fisher Precious Metals is owned by a married couple, John and Lynn Fisher. These people began investing in silver and gold in 1993, working as individual investors rather than using a large corporate backing. Their investment adventures involved a lot of trial and error, and it took a long time to figure out which marketing strategies were true.

The company owners are open about being people just like their clients. They aren't high powered Wall Street brokers or financial services gurus with decades of experience. But they are two people who have learned everything there is to know about precious metals... by making all the mistakes themselves.

More than 25 years after they first started investing, they bring this experience to the table. The company owners and their team of experts offer one-on-one counsel regarding your investments, your concerns, and your goals. They can explain the different risks and benefits of certain precious metals, plus answer questions you've been struggling with.

Precious metals investment doesn't have the same regulatory governance as other types of investment. That's good for consumer privacy, but it makes it easy for people to be taken advantage of. John and Lynn want to educate their potential clients to keep them from making the same mistakes they did in their early years, whether or not you decide to buy from their dealership.

The company does have a solid reputation with third parties for doing good work. Consumers have voted them one of the best bullion dealers in the US.

John Fisher

Fisher Precious Metals Review

John Fisher also acts as Vice Chair to the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Not only is this a huge honor, but it means that he is one of the most important leaders in the precious metals industry. His insights and opinions have a direct impact on how the market is shaped.

John works with Kingdom Advisors, which is a group of Christian-identifying financial advisors. These advisors send their clients to him when it's time to invest in precious metals.

On top of all of this, John is approved for teaching Continuing Education seminars to financial planners, investment advisors, and CPAs. That's because he has some of the most nuanced and insightful knowledge in the industry, and he's not shy about sharing it.

Those qualifications aren't where the resume ends. The company is part of multiple national organizations like PCGS, GIA, ANA, NGC, and PNG. They know everything there is to know about coins, bullion, rounds, and other metals-related topics.

Company Values

Fisher Precious Metals Review

The company has a variety of firm values that are reflected in its policies. Judging by the positive customer feedback, they do seem to be implementing these things in their daily business.

John and Lynn want to make sure that their company never uses fear-based or greedy sales tactics. They work to give every client the same advice and information that they'd give a family member. In fact, they sometimes refer clients to other dealers and decline sales because it's in the client's best interest.

The company owners are extremely involved in day to day operations. There's no such thing as taking a backseat. They guarantee that if you call, you can speak directly with them within 48 hours. Oftentimes, they're available to talk to potential new clients right away.

In addition, they only hire team members who are personally invested in precious metals. They want to make sure that the team is both educated and enthusiastic about their work. No member of the team works on commission, so you don't have to worry about pushy sales pitches or dishonest markups.

This is because the owners are staunchly opposed to offering any compensation that might reward a sale that's not in the client's best interests. They only want their clients to make the best decisions for them.

The company relies upon these values to stay a cut above the rest. Precious metals are a difficult industry to work in. The value of gold and silver is available with a simple Google search. Dealerships have to offer extremely competitive pricing options, and the margin of profit is very slim.

So Fisher Precious Metals tries to offer more than just competitive pricing. They offer expertise and peace of mind. Instead of investing with a robotic call center, you're talking to real people who really care about the decisions you make.

If you're just purchasing for the first time, you might not be too concerned with finding an expert dealer. But if you intend to hold any portion of your assets in precious metals, eventually you'll need someone who understands the industry well enough to tell you if you're on the right track.

Types of Products

Fisher Precious Metals Review

There are several different types of products available through the company's website. But they state that in the vast majority of cases, your best bet is to purchase inexpensive bars and bullion coins from sovereign mints like the Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and US Mint.

Sovereign coins are some of the most liquid precious metals. If you ever need to liquidate the holdings in a pinch, you're more likely to find a buyer and a fair price with an official sovereign coin. Collectible coins are much more difficult to sell, and you'll often sell at a loss if there's no market for them.

In the case that you never need to liquidate your assets due to an emergency, the company owners will give you an "exit strategy." This will let you make the ideal choices to maximize your investment profitability over time. Depending on the product, that might involve short term gains or long term growth over decades.

Every investment and purchase is completely confidential.

Selling Precious Metals

Fisher Precious Metals Review

If you're interested in selling your existing precious metals, Fisher Precious Metals states that they'll give you the best price. They also have a policy of buying back anything they've ever sold you at the fair market value price.

The company purchases any kind of authentic palladium, platinum, silver, or gold. Unlike companies that only take coins and bars, this company will give you a quote for your flatware, broken jewelry, rings, and watches. You can even liquidate industrial metals like gold and platinum tubes.

In addition to offering liquid cash for these assets, the company has a trade service. If you want to sell your existing jewelry and scrap metal, you can trade it in for more easily liquidated coins and bullion. You'll need to give the team a call to find out about how this process works.

If you're interested in selling, the first step is to call the company. You'll talk to a precious metals expert who will give you a transparent quote for buying back your existing precious metals. If you agree to the offer, you'll be sent shipping instructions and a confirmation. People who live near the store can do the trade in person.

For those who aren't local, you'll need to ship the metals to the provided address. Make sure you get the tracking number and email it to the company as soon as you can.

Is Fisher Precious Metals a Scam?

Fisher Precious Metals Review

Fisher Precious Metals is not a scam. They have an A+ rating and an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, there are glowing customer reviews of the company on the BBB website, Gold Dealer Reviews, and Yelp. Very few people seem to have any complaints about the service.

There are 25 customer reviews on the BBB website, with a total average of 5 out of 5 stars. That means everyone who reviewed reported a perfect experience. There are also zero complaints filed through the site.

The only drawback of the lack of negative reviews is that that makes it difficult to see whether the company has any weaknesses. But since the flip side is that everyone's happy with their purchases, that's not a bad thing.

Customer Praise

Fisher Precious Metals Review

Let's take a look at some of the specific things that past customers have to say about their experience with Fisher Precious Metals.

One customer said that she sold her home recently and was trying to decide how to use the money. With the economy being so unstable, she didn't want to invest in an IRA or the stock market. She wanted to buy precious metals so that her assets would be more secure.

This woman called a few of the highly known dealerships in the country. But she was always asked screening questions about her investment, and she came to the conclusion that she didn't meet anyone's minimum investment size. In addition, she felt that several sales representatives pressured her and were condescending.

She was irritated by the poor customer service of several of these companies. Apparently the sales representatives kept telling her to read articles and watch seminars to have her questions answered. But she just wanted them to explain the answers over the phone.

That was when she turned to Fisher. The company's website made her feel hopeful because it had a lot of educational information, but it was easy to navigate. She said that when she met Mr. Fisher in person, he was patient and didn't pressure her at all. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything she'd wanted the other sales reps to tell her.

She said that she got an enormous sense of comfort from working with Mr. Fisher, and that she'd recommend the company to anyone. She detailed her experiences with the other companies to make it clear that she's judged the competition and found them wanting. This company was much better for her.

Another reviewer also praised Mr. Fisher for his knowledge and patience. He said that the man was accommodating and offered clear, concise answers for all of the questions.

One reviewer detailed his positive experience with calling the company after receiving a recommendation from a friend. Their phone call was transferred straight to the company owner, Mr. Fisher. He explained everything about the buying process to make it simple and easy.

When the customer explained that they were interested in buying silver, Mr. Fisher told them about the coins, rounds, and bars available through the marketplace. He explained the pricing of each and the factors affecting the price. The customer says that the prices were excellent compared to the competition.

After the customer settled on a package of silver rounds, Mr. Fisher hand picked them. There was consistent communication between the parties until the arrival of the order. The customer said that a single conversation with Mr. Fisher is enough to show you that he really cares about his business.

Pros and Cons of Fisher Precious Metals


  • Overwhelmingly positive customer feedback across multiple third party websites.
  • Hands-on, comfortable approach from the company owner.
  • People report feeling respected, cared for, and empowered by their new investment knowledge.


  • As a relatively small company, they may not always have the capacity to take on new clients.

Final Thoughts

Fisher Precious Metals is a small business that takes a hands-on approach to customer service. The owner of the company, John Fisher, is involved in client transactions throughout every step of the process. He personally works with each client both in person and over the phone to answer questions and help them choose their investments.

All in all, the excellent customer reviews put this company above a lot of others. One potential drawback is that it's a relatively small business, having just a few dozen reviews scattered across the internet. While clients from all walks of life have been satisfied, there's no guarantee that the company will be taking on new customers.

But if you're looking for a place to start investing, Fisher Precious Metals is a good recommendation. You'll get enough information to make a decision without being overwhelmed, and there's no investment minimum. No matter how much or how little you're investing, you'll be treated with the same client care.

Although we do think that Fisher Precious Metals is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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