Fort Knox Of Almeda

Fort Knox Of Almeda

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Are you looking to expand your investment portfolio? You can invest in precious metals and watch your money grow. Gold, silver, rare coins, and so many others can help you meet your financial goals. One of the precious metals companies that you will come across is Fort Knox of Alameda.

It offers you a chance to explore different investment options. But how good is the Fort Knox of Alameda gold investment company? Is Fort Knox of Alameda the ideal company to put your money in? In this article, we explore how the company works and what makes it successful.

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About Fort Knox of Alameda Precious Metals

Fort Knox Of Almeda

The Fort Knox of Alameda was founded more than 30 years ago. It is a family business that buys and sells precious coins and jewelry, such as gold, silver, watches, diamonds, estate jewelry, bullion, rare coins, and sterling flatware. The company has offices in Alameda, California. Here, investors have a safe and secure space where they can transact and grow their investments.

The company offers a range of services and products, which include:

  • Buying and selling gold and silver items: If you have any gold, silver, or any other precious metal items, you can sell them to the company. Regardless of the condition, the company will buy the items. The items can be rings dental gold, wedding bands, school rings, and any sterling silver item in any condition.
  • Buying and selling rare coins and rare paper money: Do you have U.S. paper money that you would like to dispose of? Bring the money to the Fort Knox of Alameda and you will get a good offer. The company also buys coins from other countries. Coins with gold or silver are more expensive, so if you have any, bring them to the company, and you will have some good money.
  • Trading diamonds: Fort Knox of Alameda gives you the best prices for diamonds. The company is always looking for diamond rings and gemstones. You can also shop for these precious stones from the company to place on your rings or necklaces.
  • Invest in coins and precious metals: If you are looking for quality coins to grow your investment portfolio, Fort Knox of Alameda will help you pick the right ones. Before buying the coins, however, you need to call and make an appointment. Because the company is a family business, you will have the best customer service to meet your investment needs. Start by discussing your needs, and your budget, and then our expert will help you pick an option that meets your needs. The company uses certified coin graders to ensure that every coin is original and will meet your needs.

Other Services Offered by Fort Knox of Alameda

The Fort Knox of Alameda promises that they have everything you are looking for. If they do not have the item, they will check from their network of dealers. There is a network of more than 1,500 precious metals dealers who will supply everything you need to make an investment. Whatever you want, visit the store and fill out a Want List. You can also send the want list in the email.

You can also earn from finding a numismatic coin collection or precious metals for Fort Knox of Alameda. If the company verifies and buys the coins or precious metals, you will earn a three percent finder’s fee.

Further, you can buy publications, such as Coin World, Numismatic News, The Blue Book for U.S. coins, and The Red Book, which also guides you on the U.S. coins. There are also Whitman coin folders with several other supplies to make your investment a success.

The Fort Knox of Alameda Inventory

Fort Knox Of Almeda

You can sample several precious metals from the company. Check out the inventory and ask any questions about gold, diamond, or any other precious metals. Here are some of the products you can buy:

Canada Gold Maple Leaf

  • 1/10 ounce
  • 1 ounce pure
  • 1/2 ounce
  • 1/4 ounce

American Gold Eagle

  • 1/10 ounce
  • 1 ounce
  • 1/2 ounce
  • 1/4 ounce

South African Gold Krugerrand

  • 1/10 ounce
  • 1 ounce
  • 1/2 ounce
  • 1/4 ounce

Other Gold Products

  • Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Monkey
  • Gold Bar
  • Pamp Bars Pack
  • Valcambi Gold Pack
  • Canadian Maplegrams Pack


  • American Silver Eagle
  • 1 ounce of pure Silver
  • Canada Silver Maple Leaf
  • 1 ounce of pure Silver
  • 1 oz Silver Rounds
  • 10 oz Silver Bars
  • 100 oz Silver Bars
  • Circulated Silver Dollars
  • Certified Silver Dollars
  • 90% Junk Silver


  • 50 Cent Confederate
  • 1 Dollar Confederate
  • 5 Dollar Confederate
  • 100 Dollar Confederate
  • 2 Dollar Silver
  • 1899 5 Dollar
  • 1901 10 Dollar Bison
  • 1880 $20 Bill
  • 1922 $10 Gold
  • 10 Dollar Confederate
  • 50 Dollar Confederate
  • 1922 20 Gold Certificate
  • 50 Dollar Gold
  • 100 Dollar Gold
  • 10,000 Bill

Storage of Metals and Delivery

Fort Knox of Alameda is a family business. To date, the company is still family-run, which makes the management efficient and the customer service great. The company offers several storage options for your precious metals and several delivery options to meet your needs succinctly.

You can enjoy their direct shipping services to your home or opt to have the metals delivered to a secure storage facility near you. Visit the offices today and explore the range of investment options and the storage facilities that will meet your needs.

Pros & Cons of Fort Knox Of Almeda


  • Offers a range of investment options from rare coins, gold, diamond, silver, jewelry, watches, and many more.
  • The company has a great rating on Better Business Bureau with most reviewers citing their wide range of products and their stellar customer service.
  • The storage and delivery options offered by the company are convenient and safe for the investors who choose to use this company for their investment.
  • The company allows you to sell your coins and precious metal items and get good money for them. They take these items regardless of their condition.
  • You will meet several experts to help you with your investment or with your trade.
  • The company offers several precious metals to help you grow your portfolio from rare coins, gold, silver, jewelry and watches, and currency.


  • The company does not allow investing in gold IRAs even though they have some of the best storage facilities.
  • There are limited platforms to reach the company customer service – the website lacks a live chat feature.

Final Verdict

If you have coins that you would like to dispose of and make money from, or you want to invest in rare coins, or you need to diversify your portfolio with gold and silver and other precious metals, the Fort Knox of Alameda has you covered. Talk to the company today and see what they have to offer.

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