Gillio Rare Coins

Gillio Rare Coins

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Many people are interested in investing in precious metals but don't know how to get started. Purchasing gold coins can be a great way to start investing in precious metals, and Gillio Rare Coins has some great options for beginners. It offers 200 different coins with various pricing levels and weight sizes.

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About Gillio Rare Coins

Gillio Rare Coins

Gillio Rare Coins is an online company specializing exclusively in selling gold coins at competitive prices coupled with unparalleled customer service. It sells coins from its secure website, and it provides instant delivery. Although it has a large selection of coins, Gillio Rare Coins does not sell counterfeits.

The company also provides coin grading and authentication services, which many investors highly recommend. Most of its customers are learning how to buy gold and investing in gold certificates. However, those who want to invest in gold coins for the first time can start with the coins from its 200 collections.

The 200 collections allow you to begin your journey into investing in gold at a fraction of the cost of purchasing gold bullion. The collections are sold in a variety of coin sizes and weights. The starter collection is about $10, and all other collections range from $25-35 each.

Pros & Cons of Gillio Rare Coins


  • Choice, variety, and price: Gillio offers more than 200 different coins. The starter collection carries ten coins at the lowest prices, while other collections carry up to 40 coins at their highest prices. The company also has 20 other memorial collections, which carry another 70 different commemorative gold coins with a wide range of pricing.
  • Expected delivery: The company provides instant delivery of its products with the option to order in the US dollar and European pound. The site also offers its customers access to a team of APM employees that provide appraisals, grading, and authentication services to help ensure that the customer receives the product they expect.
  • Security: The company's main website is, which means that clients are protected from fake websites and scammers by a dedicated team of experts in IT security. It is a certified member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.
  • Grading and authentication services: The company offers coin grading and authentication services at an extra cost, which many investors highly recommend. The company has been in business for over a decade, offering quality products and top-notch customer service.
  • Commemorative gold coins: Gillio has 20 other collections with different commemorative coins, which allows clients to get various products even if they are investing on a budget.


  • Price range and value investment: The company's website does not specify any price ranges for the coins offered in each collection. It can be unclear for those new to investing who want to buy the right product.
  • Extra cost for grading and authentication services: The company offers coin grading and authentication services at an extra cost. However, these services may be worth it to customers who don't want to buy counterfeits or damaged gold coins. Depending on their preferences and budget, customers can choose from a wide range of coins in the company's 200 collections or smaller collections.
  • Not available internationally: Though the company does not charge extra for shipping, it does not currently ship internationally. International customers may want to look for other gold coin dealers offering a more comprehensive product or service selection.
  • Coins are heavy: Gold coins weigh at least 3 ounces each, so they may be difficult to ship by mail. However, they are precious and worth the extra effort to ship such a valuable piece. Customers can have them packed and shipped by their local post office if they wish.

Final Verdict

Gillio has a large selection of coins and excellent customer service. The company offers a wide variety of coins for the starting investor in gold and those who want to invest their hard-earned money in gold certificates. The prices are reasonable, and the products are precious. As such, they are well worth investing in. Customers should note that the company does not currently sell internationally, which might affect its international customers' decision to invest in gold coins from Gillio Rare Coins. It is an excellent company for those who are learning how to buy gold and those who want to put their money in gold certificates.

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