Golddealer Review

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Authentic, reliable and fast services, excellent prices, top-notch products, friendly and helpful sales folks –what else would you want from this tremendous Golddealer company? Nobody can beat this America’s most prominent precious metal dealers and skilled gold bullion, silver bullion, and platinum bullion.

Established in 1981, Golddealer is the most legit and fastest developing company in the United States. If you are looking for a profitable approach to growing your wealth and retirements savings or seeking to add valuable metals such as gold into your individual retirement account (IRA), Golddealer is the perfect place for you.

Golddealer is an extensive online shop dealing with bullion. It also has a physical structure located in Los Angeles. It is the leading online dealer for domestic and international bullion products, numismatic coins and other forms of investment-grade metals.

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How Does Golddealer Work

Golddealer Review

Golddealer carried out its operations by working as a broker for rare and valuable metals, buying and selling a broad category of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rare metals such as rhodium and mintage bars. Investors can also get access to comprehensive IRA-approved metals at the company.

Transacting with Golddealer gives you an opportunity to enjoy exceptional benefits such as national pricing, bullion products delivery at free insured shipping, and zero commission on sales. Offering live bullion quotes, you get an excellent opportunity to select the best value with every transaction allowing you to submit the shipping address details.

Investors who want to sell back to the company can get complete satisfaction on any professional coin graded service and graded rare coin and return that guarantee with no questions asked 7-day return policy and full refund. For bullet-related coins, prices keep on changing daily, allowing investors to purchase coins on the existing bid price. This can be a disadvantage to the sellers as they can make a loss in the process.

Golddealer offers IRA services in association with New Direction IRA, thus working more as a facilitator of these services rather than the real conservator. As for the IRA fees, Golddealer fees incorporates a preliminary set up fee of $ 150, a yearly administration fee ranging between $ 75 and $ 295 and an annual storage fee of $ 225.

California Numismatic Investments Products and Storage

Golddealer Review

Unlike most precious metals companies specializing in gold and silver only, Golddealer has a competitive advantage due to its numerous products and rare metals, including rhodium and bullion bars. It is the only company that offers a maximum range of different valuable metal options for your investment and retirement savings.

Golddealer sells various gold bullion products that come in different sizes ranging from 1 Oz to 1 kilogram. These bars have recommended weight and purity from private manufacturers. The company also buy and sell different bullion gold coins produced by independent countries.

Golddealer also stocks a broad assembling of silver bullion bars and coins such as the 1 oz American Silver Eagle, the American Silver Eagle Monster Box of 500 coins, 1 Oz silver round, the Australian Silver Kangaroo 1 Oz and others.

The company transacts a range of platinum bars and coins such as American Platinum Eagle, the Australian Platinum Kangaroo, Australian Platinum Platypus and others. Apart from the renowned precious metals, Golddealer also deals with some other bullion products, which includes palladium bullion coins and bars, Rhodium bullion bars, Peace and Morgan Dollar Rolls and Mintage bullion.

Although Golddealer is a highly-esteemed exquisite metal broker that provides various coins and bullions, it cannot be regarded as a legit IRA custodian as it lacks its storage facility. However, the company works in association with CNT, an autonomous storage depository, thus providing a storage alternative. CNT provides fully insured storage by Lloyd’s of London and is certified by the COMEX and Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Group.

Apart from being a product offering company, Golddealer offers additional services to the customers, including market insight, free appraisals, competitive buying and expert rare coin council. Golddealer owns an audio gold news channel that broadcast expert exposition of the products and services to

Pros and Cons of Golddealer Company


Below is a list of some of the pros of using to buy bullion and rare coin products:

  • Reasonable pricing: Compared to all other metal companies in the United States, Golddealer has the best pricing of their products and services. As an investor, you can purchase precious metals at a fair price and sell them at highly competitive prices. As an investor, you will definitely fall in love with this company.
  • Educational Website: As a beginner, you don’t have to worry as the company has an official educational website that offers valuable information about buying gold and silver bullion or collecting rare certified coins. The resources are beneficial to new investors only and to veteran investors aspiring to develop their investment knowledge. The resources range from metal pie charts, information on categorizing of rare coins, the advantages of IRA, ways of rolling over your retirement funds, risks linked with precious metal investments and others.
  • Easy and Hassle-Free transactions: Golddealer company offers smooth transactions of buying and selling valuable metals. All that is needed is to liaise with the sales folks, and they will fill out the order according to your preference. There is zero tax or paperwork for coins exceeding $ 1500.
  • High-Quality Coins: Nobody beats Golddealer when it comes to quality. Their coins have been verified and approved by the Professional Coin Grading Service.
  • Fast Shipping: If you want to receive your order in less than three weeks, Golddealer is a great company to work with. The company offers fast and dependable free shipping services and insurance for all online orders.
  • Versatility: Customers have the opportunity to make an online purchase or make walk-ins at their physical store in California.
  • Unique: Golddealer provides rare metals such as rhodium, palladium and platinum, which are not available with other dealers.
  • Exceptional ratings on Trustpilot, the BBB and the BCA.
  • Customers have access to free appraisals.


Some of the disadvantages of choosing the company include:

  • Low-Tech Website: Although the company’s website provides exceptional information to the users, it is not user friendly. The website’s menu is always overcrowded posing challenges for users who want to access information of their interest. Also, there are plenty of technical hitches regarding metal prices updates, which is quite disappointing for investors who want to make price decisions.
  • Poor Customer Service : Although Golddealer customer representatives provide incredible services when taking you through the buying process, they always ignore customers once their checks are cleared. They don’t give any information relating to funding receipts or the shipping process, which leaves most customers extremely upset. In most scenarios, customers assume the responsibility of reaching the company to find out the status of their transactions.
  • Lack of Custodian Facilities: Golddealer lacks personal custodian facilities, which deny customers the privilege of buying and storing their bullion at the same place. Customers who want to store bullion towards their IRA have to look for a storage facility.
  • Inadequate Reviews: Even though the company has exceptional online reviews and ratings from BBB and BCA, the reviews are established from a few customer feedbacks, which may not mirror the appropriate customer satisfaction. This sounds weird for a company that has been operational for more than 40 years.
  • Unreliable Delivery: Some Customers have disregarded the company’s delivery services as some orders take long before they are shipped. Also, some products get delivered in horrible conditions.

Is it Worth Investing with Golddealer Company

Golddealer Review

Some of the factors considered while examining the authenticity and credibility of a company includes the website design, customer care, price mechanisms and customer reviews. With reference to the well-searched information about Golddealer review, it is undeniable that this company is worth investing in as it has more perks than shortcomings.

Is Golddealer Company a Scam

So, is Golddealer company a scam? Well, the answer is NO. No fraudulent company can survive in the market for over three years. Existing in the market for more than 40 years, the company is a renowned member of numerous professional organizations in the global investment such as the Professional Numismatic Guild, California coin, Bullion Merchants Associations and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. These organizations promote ethical business standards in coin and bullion trading and provide lawful updates governing the valuable metal industry.

Golddealer has also got outstanding reputations with exceptional ratings from well-recognized review sites. For Instance, it has a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau and a rating of AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance. The company has been top-rated on CNN, CNBC, and PBS. It has been a charter member of Business Consumer Alliance for more than 30 years which is a clear indication of its professionalism. No negative practice has been linked to the company. However, even though the company is legit, it has several negative reviews which cannot be ignored.

Although we do think that Golddealer is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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