Hauser & Miller

Hauser & Miller

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Hauser & Miller is a firm providing refining services and quality fabricated precious metal products. It has a good market share in the international markets. The firm is also a manufacturer of precious metal products.

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Hauser & Miller

The firm was started by Mr. A Hauser, who had acquired his experience refining precious metals in South Africa during the 1930s. Upon returning to India, he worked as an assayer at a private minting company in Calcutta. Later, he established his assay laboratory and became an independent assayer. He used to visit jewelry shops to test gold and silver items for purity. He also offered his services to the local jewelers for making gold jewelry from scrap gold brought by them from abroad or from other parts of India.

Products and Services

Hauser & Miller is a supplier of refining services to the international jewelry and bullion industries. It is also a manufacturer of precious metal products such as gold, silver, platinum bars, coins, and medallions. The firm has a well-equipped laboratory to test gold purity. It also has an in-house manufacturing facility for making gold jewelry from scrap or broken pieces of jewelry, which customers supply.

Customer Service

Hauser & Miller is a customer-oriented firm. It has a well-trained and efficient staff who can give prompt service to customers. The firm has an efficient system of maintaining records of all transactions, which helps get orders on time and in the correct quantity. The firm also offers its customers credit facilities, which allow it to maintain good relations with its clients.


Hauser & Miller

Hauser & Miller uses a variety of marketing strategies to promote its products in the market. It advertises in newspapers and magazines to inform people about the quality of gold jewelry made from scrap gold or broken jewelry pieces supplied by customers. The firm also organizes exhibitions at regular intervals to promote its products among jewelers and bullion dealers.

Location and Facilities

The main office of Hauser & Miller is located in Mumbai, Bombay. The firm operates through its branches in New Delhi and Kolkata and through its representatives in Gujarat, Madras, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Pune. Hauser & Miller also maintains overseas offices in London, Singapore, and Dubai. The firm has two manufacturing units: one in Bandra for manufacturing gold items from scrap gold and the other in Kolkata for manufacturing gold jewelry.

Marketing and Sales

Hauser & Miller markets its products through its sales force and representatives. The firm has also appointed agents to sell its products in the international markets. The firm also exports its products to several countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The firm has a well-established network of branches and representatives, which helps it capture a significant market share in the domestic and international markets. Hauser & Miller has created a strong brand image for itself.


The strong brand image of Hauser & Miller has helped it to capture a significant market share in the international markets. The firm is a pioneer in the precious metal refining industry and has maintained its reputation for quality products and services. It also has an excellent reputation for integrity and honesty in customer dealings.

Final Verdict

The precious metal refining industry is growing quickly and is expected to grow further in the coming years. Hauser & Miller has been a pioneer in the industry since its inception and has maintained its reputation for quality products and services. It is also one of the most significant players in the industry. The firm is also committed to investing in new technology and modern equipment to expand its operations and increase its capacity.

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