International Bullion Exchange Review

International Bullion Exchange Review

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Investing in coins and bars is a way to diversify your investment portfolio and protect your wealth. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are popular choices for precious metal investing, but there are many other options as well.

Precious metal investing has many benefits. It can provide a hedge against inflation, diversification of your investment portfolio, and the potential for capital gains. Gold and silver have been used as money and store of value for thousands of years. Precious metals are a finite resource, and their supply is limited. This makes them an excellent long-term investment.

The International Bullion Exchange (IBX) is a leading precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of products and services for investors worldwide. IBX offers a variety of coins and bars for sale, as well as storage and shipping services.

The company believes gold, diamond, and silver are excellent long-term investments. They offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of investors. If you want a significant way to purchase and control your own physical precious metals, IBX is the company for you.

They have an extensive product line, and they are always looking for new and innovative ways to serve their customers. Read this International Bullion Exchange review to see what they have to offer.

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  • Overall Rating: 3.9/5

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About International Bullion Exchange

International Bullion Exchange Review

International Bullion Exchange is a company that deals in bullion and Gold IRA investments. They are one of the largest companies in the United States that offer these services. IBX was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Malibu, California.

Besides being a precious metal broker, IBX helps its customers set up Precious Metals IRAs. IBX works with some of the most reputable Custodians in the industry to ensure that your assets are safe and sound.

The company offers the best selection of IRA-eligible bullion, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars from the most trusted mints in the world. IBX also offers a wide variety of numismatic coins, which are rare or collectible coins that are often worth more than their precious metal content.

Whether you are looking to invest in bullion for its intrinsic value or numismatic value, IBX can help you find the right asset to meet your goals. And thanks to their attentive customer service personnel, finding your way around this company will not be a problem.

International Bullion Exchange Products

IBX offers a wide variety of products for investors looking to purchase bullion or numismatic coins. These products include:

❑ Gold Coins and Gold Bars

International Bullion Exchange Review

IBX offers a wide variety of gold coins from the most trusted mints in the world, including the American Gold Buffalo Coins, American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, French Roosters, and more. IBX also provides gold bars in a variety of sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilo. They include cast bars, minted ingots and hand-poured bars from the most respected private refiners.

❑ Silver Coins and Silver Bars

In addition to gold, IBX offers silver coins, including Silver Panda, Morgan Silver Dollars, American Silver Eagles and U.S Peace Silver Dollars. Their silver bars include 1000 oz. Bar and 100 oz. Silver Bars.

❑ Platinum Coins and Platinum Bars

IBX offers a variety of platinum coins and bars from the world’s top mints, including the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and 10 oz Johnson and Matthey Bars.

❑ Palladium Coins and Bars

These include the Canadian Maple Leaf and 10 oz Johnson Matthey Bars.

International Bullions Exchange Storage and Custodians

The IBX Storage Program offers a cost-effective and convenient way to purchase, store and sell precious metals. The custodian services and storage options include:

❑ IRAs

International Bullion Exchange Review

IBX offers a self-directed precious metals IRA that allows investors to hold physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in their retirement portfolios. With an IRA account, you can turn your paper assets such as bonds or stocks into silver or gold.

The IBX Special Metals IRA rolls over part or all of your retirement, so you receive your preferred tax benefits into stocks or bonds.

❑ The Orion Account

The IBX Orion program was created to fulfill the market need for a safer and more secure way to purchase, hold and store precious metals outside the banking system. The program also allows investors to increase profits in this ever-growing precious metals environment.

❑ Investment Grade Diamonds

International Bullions Exchange now allows our clients to diversify into investment-grade diamonds with their retirement funds. IBX now enables high liquidity and transferability with the new and improved diamond storage and holding facilities. This way, diamonds can now retain their intrinsic value and increase in value over time like other precious metals.

Pros & Cons of International Bullion Exchange

Like other companies, IBX also has its high points as well as downsides. Here are the pros and cons you must consider before investing.


  • IBX offers a lot of products and services that can fit the needs of different types of investors.
  • The company has a lot of experience in the industry.
  • The company is financially stable.
  • It offers IRA services.
  • It works with the most renowned IRA custodians.
  • Collectors have access to numismatic coins.


  • The company doesn't have a strong online presence.
  • It has very few online reviews.
  • The company has no transparency in regards to leadership.
  • There’s no pricing information on the website.

Is International Bullions Exchange a Scam?

International Bullion Exchange Review

No, International Bullions Exchange is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that offers a variety of products and services for investors. The company prides itself on serving its customers with integrity and providing a high level of customer service.

But like any other company, IBX also has downsides that you must consider before investing with them. These include lack of leadership transparency, lack of online presence, and few online reviews. Overall, we believe that IBX is a reputable company worth considering for your investment needs.

Review Summary

Precious metals like gold and silver have always been popular investment choices. In recent years, the popularity of these metals has grown even more as investors look for ways to protect their wealth from economic turmoil.

But to succeed in this kind of investment, you need to partner with a reputable and reliable company like the International Bullion Exchange. And with all the benefits that IBX offers its clients, we can confidently say it is a company worth considering.

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