IRA Financial Group Reviews

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Most people have been asking questions about IRA Financial Group. Potential investors who desire to invest in the company have been looking for more information about the company before deciding whether to have the company as an investment alternative or look away. Due to this demand, I saw the need to conduct research about the company and find out more to avail the information needed.

There have been so many cases of clients being scammed, and that is why we recommend doing in-depth research about any company before investing. This is to avoid cases of being coned by online scammers. This is a research-based review that is honest and genuine about IRA Financial Group. During my research, I was guided by the following questions, which appear to have frequently been asked by investors.

  • What is IRA Financial Group? (Background information)
  • What does the company do?
  • What investment options does IRA Financial Group offer?
  • How is the quality of IRA Financial Group's customer care services?
  • Does the company offer a buyback guarantee?
  • What are the company’s charges?
  • What are some of the company’s financial features?
  • What are the company’s reviews and complaints?
  • Are there any red flags?
  • What are the pros and cons of the company?
  • Is IRA Financial Group genuine?

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What is IRA Financial Group? (Background Information)

IRA Financial Group Reviews

IRA Financial Group is a small firm founded by tax attorneys in 2010. Despite being a small firm and having been in business for only a few years (around ten years), the company has grown to be among the largest companies in the industry, with over $4.9 billion worth of retirement funds under the company's management. The company specializes in offering IRA services and allowing customers to invest in gold and real estate assets. With that being said, you now have a little clue about the company. Read on to find out more about the company.

Company Summary:

  • Company Name: IRA Financial Group
  • Phone Number: 1-800-472-0646
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Owners: It is a partnership owned by a team of tax law specialists
  • Address: 1691 Michigan Avenue, #415; Miami Beach, FL 33139

What Does the Company Do?

The main objective of IRA Financial Group is to unlock the world of investments; this is the company's strive. With this in mind, I am sure you can understand a little bit of what the company primarily does. IRA Financial Group is an investment company providing investment opportunities for its customers. Besides offering investors an opportunity to invest in gold and real estate, the company also provides conventional and unconventional investment options like cryptocurrency, private business stock, and p2p lending.

It also provides investors with maximum investments flexibility through checkbook writing. If you are an investor seeking to partner with a small firm but with a wide range of investment options via checkbook writing, then IRA Financial Group is your best-suited alternative. The firm also offers cryptocurrency investment which other investments firms do not allow. This service, of course, depends on your view about cryptocurrency.

IRA Financial Group Investment Options

IRA Financial Group Reviews

Despite being a small company and having been in business for a short time, the company boasts of the large selection of investment options it offers to its clients. The following is a list of investments that can be held in the company's self-directed IRAs.

Real Estate

Under this investment, the company allows you to choose among mobile homes, newly developed projects or even parcels of land.

Peer to Peer Lending and Mortgages

Under this investment option, the company allows promissory notes and other forms of private loans.

Physical Precious Metals

The investment options under this category include any combination of precious metals that you desire.

  • Stock options
  • Private placement

The company deals with three types of IRAs, including:

  • Self-directed Roth IRA
  • Solo 401(k)
  • Self-directed IRAs - The account provides more investment options than financial institutions self-directed IRA. Custodial consent is required for this IRA.
  • Self-directed IRA LLC -This is where a limited liability company is formed for a special purpose, and you as the manager have the discretion of making the investment decision. Custodial consent is not required for this option.

IRAs are typically the company’s main service offering. For more detailed information about these investment options, you can visit their website or contact the company’s representatives.

Customer Care Services

IRA Financial Group Reviews

Most people will consider the quality of services rendered, and more especially, customers support services. The company offers excellent customer care services to all its clients, whether new or existing. Customers can access such services through their mobile or online platforms. Investors can also access customer support services through the many company blogs, podcasts, and investments guide available on the company's website in the resource section. Since a tax professional founded the company, the company has a unique IRS audit protection.

However, the company lacks live chat customer support on its website, and this to some investors is a point lost; well, I don't know about you. Even so, you can still email the company or contact them for all the services you require and trust me, and all your needs will be met.

Buyback Guarantee

The company does not provide any information about the buyback commitment on its online platforms. There is also no specific information about the intention to introduce such a service. Some investors will be discouraged by this. It may be because the company is still young in the industry but given time, the buyback guarantee will be introduced.

IRA Financial Group Fees

The company does not provide such information on its website. Most investors are always interested in this section before making an investment decision; heck, I will consider this. This seems a little bit strange, mainly because it makes investors question the company's transparency. We believe that with time the company will update such information on their public domain as it is very crucial for decision making by investors. We can only advise you to check their website from time to time for such updates. If you require this information, you also have the option of directly contacting the company's representatives to get your questions answered.

Financial Features

IRA Financial Group Reviews

However, the company has some information regarding the financial implication of other services publicly published. Even though there are no IRA-related fees on its website, investors can use some of these service costs to make their investment decisions. Since the company offers to check writing, it is one of the best custodians investors can have. The company offers clients several investment options at reasonable prices.

The company does not charge clients to open an IRA account. There are also no storage costs with the company. However, the company charges annual custodian fees, which of course, are very reasonable. With checkbook control, the annual custodial fees are cheaper, within the range of $180-$360 deducted every quarter. Each time an investor trades on the assets, the company charges transaction costs which are also not expensive between the range of $35-$45. The transaction costs are not stagnant as they vary depending on the asset being traded.

Company Reviews and Complaints

IRA Financial Group Reviews

Customers have had different opinions about the company and its service according to the online customer reviews. Some have shown a positive and satisfied with the company's quality of service, while some have shown utter dissatisfaction.

The following are some of the company's reviews.

  • Based on 34 people's reviews about the company on their Facebook account, the company ranks 4.6 stars out of the possible five stars. Customers who had negative reviews about the company complained of its disorganization, terrible client onboarding, different answers to the same question depending on the client asking and slow service delivery. The company positively took the complaint and promised to do better in the future, so I am sure something has changed.

Other reviews on some of the most trusted customer reviews and rating sites include the following:

  • The company has an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an overall score of 5 stars.
  • It has a 4.2 stars overall score on Glassdoor out of 6 reviews
  • There are no ratings about the company on Trust Pilot, Yelp and Trust link
  •  According to Ripoff Report, the company has an overall score of 3 reviews and one complaint

Even though most reviews on online sites about the company have been positive, one customer had a very disturbing negative complaint about the company, which caught my attention.

Let Me Paraphrase It for You

IRA Financial Group Reviews

A potential client researching self-directed IRA companies came across this company during the research and decided to call the company for more information. The call was picked by Fred H, and even before he could go far, he was interrupted. The customer asked Fred a few questions about the company, including how many years they have been in business.

Fred did not fully respond to the questions, and even worse, he hanged up the phone on the client. This review has ended up tainting the company's image to other potential clients. You can read the entire review on the rip-off website.

The company has had different complaints from past clients who had a dissatisfying experience with the company. Most have complained about:

  • Lack of commitment to clients’ questions and receiving different responses for the same question
  • Lack of organization in the company
  • Terrible customer service
  • Poor customer onboarding

Red Flags

People have also asked about some of the red flags with the company. Apart from the negative reviews and complaints that reveal dissatisfaction by past customers, there is one thing that seems a red flag to me; it may not be a red flag to you, though.

From the reviews, it is clear that the company has positive comments about the company that translated to a pretty high rating on most rating sites (a big tick for the company). Even with this, the company has very few customer reviews, yet it has been in operation for more than ten years; what does this mean? It is confusing me. The company has only 30 reviews; to me, this is somehow strange.

Maybe the company can explain to us what is going on.

Pros and Cons of the Company


  • Excellent ratings on Facebook and BBB, which translates to an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Flexibility-The company offers investment flexibility in the sense that you do not only have to invest in precious metals but other sectors like real estate and cryptocurrency.
  • Good customer support-Even though some clients have been dissatisfied with the company, most have had wonderful customer support experiences.
  • Checkbook writing.
  • Reasonable fees.
  • Unique services of customer educational services and IRS audit protection.
  • The company has over 15,500 clients with over $4,9billion under the company’s administration.


  • Outdated technology makes it even hard for customer onboarding as more time is taken to open an account.
  • The company has limited information on its website.
  • There have been a few complaints about the company.
  • Few customer reviews despite having been in business for over ten years, This raises a red flag about the company.
  • Questionable transparency, especially when it comes to fees.

Is the Company Genuine?

To be honest, the company is genuine. The fact that it has some hitches here and there does not mean the company is a scam. What I love about the company is how they respond to negative reviews. With this attitude, the company may improve in its services. However, for a company that has been in business for all those years, this is not impressive; I mean 30 reviews (at least not for me). Most of its competitors with the same age in business have been more transparent about their charges and have had many customer reviews. But let's hope for a better future. The bottom line is the company is genuine and trustworthy and not a scam.

Final Remarks (Conclusion)

I want to commend you for reading this review, as it is always a smart move to research companies before investing. I am sure this review has shed some light on this company; the rest is up to you.


Most people want to know if we recommend this company. Well, since it is legit and trustworthy, you can consider it, but I don't mean it's a big deal in the market. The fact that it has an excellent rating does not mean it is the best. What I can say is, do your research, and if you find another best alternative, do not hesitate to go for it.

Although we do think that IRA Financial Group is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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