Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

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Gold and silver are some of the oldest trading currencies available. They have been used as a signal of value for thousands of years. The practice of exchanging gold and silver dates back to before the US was founded, before the Industrial Revolution, and far before most of the trappings of today's fast-paced economy.

It hasn't always been legal for Americans to own gold and silver. It was only in the 1970's that President Nixon signed laws into being that would allow individuals to buy bullion. Then in 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act created new legislation that allows people to buy gold and silver using their retirement funds.

As with many things related to retirement, though, there's a lot of red tape. If you want to use your retirement funds to buy precious metals, you have to adhere to certain rules. For example, you need a depository and a custodian. The items that you buy need to be pure bullion, and you can't use rounds or numismatic collectible coins.

That's without even getting started on the paperwork necessary to set up and fund your account. So an entire industry has formed around this precious metals legislation. There are dozens of companies that claim they can help you with the retirement account setup process, in exchange for you buying precious metals from them.

Some of these companies are legitimate and extremely helpful. Others are a bit of a struggle. Augusta Precious Metals is one of the most popular national firms offering these services. But are they one of the legitimate ones? Or are they simply trying to sell you overpriced junk in exchange for their "help"?

  • Product: Precious metals
  • Owner: Isaac Nuriani
  • Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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Is Augusta Precious Metals a Legit Company?

Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

Augusta Precious Metals is definitely a legit company. They have been in business for about a decade, with their reach growing significantly over time. Nowadays, they're one of the most commonly recommended gold IRA companies.

But size isn't everything. There have been situations in the past in which national and international gold companies ended up in legal hot water for fraud. So the question remains: are Augusta's practices all legitimate?

Yes. From our research, we can conclude that the answer is a resounding yes. In addition to having an excellent overall reputation, Augusta has a stunning zero complaints with the BBB. That's almost unheard-of for corporations of this size. It shows that even if customers are dissatisfied, Augusta is able to make the situation right before they ever turn toward third party mediation.

The BBB and the BCA both give Augusta a perfect score. These are two of the top organizations that rate businesses based on their consumer interactions and ethics. In order to be rated that highly, the business must have strong policies, strong ethics, good communication, and policies that they follow through on.

Customer reviews are just as positive. As mentioned, there have been no official complaints filed through the BBB. And yet hundreds of people have left 5 star reviews with detailed descriptions of their experiences. On Trustlink, Trustpilot, the BBB website, and Consumer Affairs, Augusta Precious Metals has stellar ratings.

Customers have also praised every aspect of the account process. They're happy with the help offered by their representatives, with the ongoing relationship with the team, and with the buyback program. Whether the customer has recently liquidated their retirement holdings to enjoy their old age, or they've only just invested for the first time, they generally have good things to say.

Specific Ratings and Reviews

Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

There are 100 customer reviews on the BBB page with 4.97 stars, a nearly perfect score. The Trustlink score actually is perfect, with 5 stars based on 278 reviews. That means that hundreds of people wrote reviews saying that they were as satisfied as it's possible to be. Consumer Affairs also has a perfect score of 5 stars with 53 reviews.

Google Business shows 4.9 stars with 221 reviews, while Facebook shows 4.8 stars based on 79 reviews. The Google reviews tend to be from customers who offer a detailed and professional view of their experience. Meanwhile, Facebook reviews are much simpler and easier to create, so they confirm that people have had general positive experiences.

Augusta Precious Metals is affiliated with, holding a membership with the ethics committee. They work with this committee to make sure that they're adhering to the highest ethical standards when working with their customers. Because so much of the business is built around lifelong partnerships, it's extremely important for customers to be satisfied.

Augusta has also been the recipient of multiple Stevie Awards. Stevie Awards are extremely competitive and difficult to acquire, making them among the most sought-after accolades in the industry. The awards were for:

  • Sales Distinction
  • Customer Service Success

In receiving these awards, Augusta is acknowledged to have beaten the competition. The judges of the Stevie Awards are people from a diverse range of backgrounds including educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and powerful financial executives.

IRA Gold Advisor is a website that examines gold IRA companies. They named Augusta as the top most trustworthy gold IRA dealer inside the US. Part of their reasoning for this was because of how consistently Augusta receives positive feedback, while also not being given much negative feedback.

Money Magazine chose Augusta as their top precious metals IRA dealer in 2022. Meanwhile, the respected company Investopedia gave Augusta an award for being the most transparent company in the industry. This tracks well with Augusta's openness and available educational information.

Joe Montana

Joe Montana

Joe Montana is one of the most famous NFL players in the game. He decided to invest part of his savings and retirement by using Augusta's services, after his financial advisers recommended the company. He was so pleased with his experience that he decided to become the company's celebrity ambassador.

Joe Montana says that Augusta really blew him away with their educational tools. The people behind the company were able to answer all of his questions and make special time for him one-on-one. They taught him a lot through their webinars and helped him feel more confident about the precious metals purchases that he was making.

Montana highly recommends Augusta Precious Metals not just to his fans, but also to his friends and family. He has a real passion for the company and truly seems to believe that they're the best option for those who want to invest.

Company Executives

Isaac Nuriani

The executives at a company make a big difference. No matter what policies are in place, the company will suffer if the higher-ups don't adhere to the rules. On the other hand, if the company is run by passionate people who care about their customers, then the business is more likely to find success.

Augusta's leadership is made up of experts in finances and precious metals alike. They have had long careers in the industry, with time to learn how to analyze the ebb and flow of the economy. Many of them have been studying economic theory for decades.

Three of the main executives in charge are named Howard Smith, Devlyn Steele, and Isaac Nuriani.

Isaac Nuriani has the most power, as he is the CEO and founder of the company. He has a degree in economics from the University of California. Currently, he works as a member of the ICTA and as a member of the committee.

Nuriani's original mission was to teach the public about problems facing them in retirement. He wanted to explain that there are existing policies that tend to favor profit over the individual. Big banks make money, but retirement accounts don't grow enough. He created this mission after spending multiple years studying retirement account laws and helping seniors meet their goals.

His plan with Augusta Precious Metals is to help people add another layer of diversification to their savings. He has a strong sense of professionalism and ensures that the company is run properly. Under his guidance, Augusta has a customer service department that handles customer complaints before they ever need to be filed with a third party.

In addition to running Augusta, Nuriani has also been a mentor to a variety of young professionals. As Augusta Precious Metals grows, so does his ability to help people reach their retirement goals.

Company Commitments

Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

When you go to the Augusta Precious Metals website, you will discover the three commitments that the company has. Every policy is tailored with these commitments in mind. The goal is to take a customer-based approach and to treat every individual with respect.


Augusta has a commitment to transparency. Honesty is a big deal in the precious metals industry. There are tons of con artists out there who want to confuse and mislead people. Augusta is different. They want to make sure that their customers are educated and confident in their decisions.

The transparency can be found in a variety of different places. For example, the company website is extremely transparent about the setup of the business and how it runs.

They are also transparent about their fees, without any "hidden costs" or calculations. They're transparent about how they calculate both their regular prices and buyback prices, even though they don't post their regular pricing online.


Another big company commitment is to simplicity. Simplicity is one of the most vital traits when you're choosing a dealership to do IRA business with. Most investors don't have a strong background in specific tax codes or financial needs. A self-directed IRA can seem overwhelming to maintain in light of this.

So Augusta tries to make things easy for the customers. Once you've created your account, there are products that are pre-selected for you. You can get expertly tailored recommendations from your personal representative. The buying process is simple and can be completed over the phone, with an email confirmation sent out to you.

There's also help during the actual setup process. They'll help you apply for your self-directed IRA with one of their partnered custodians. By demystifying the process, they'll cut down on the time it takes to fill out and file the paperwork. In fact, they'll even help you with the paperwork and application for an IRA rollover.


Customer service is the final commitment. Now, every company in the world wants to serve its customers. But Augusta does go a few steps beyond. In fact, they have one of the best customer service setups in the entire industry.

There are five main departments at Augusta, each focusing on a separate aspect of the IRA process. For example, one department focuses exclusively on products, while another focuses exclusively on application paperwork. Since everyone focuses on one niche, there's always an expert available on whatever odd questions you might have.

You'll also have a dedicated agent to answer your questions or connect you to someone who can. When you make your first purchase, you'll receive an account where you can view your holdings in real time. You can also get ongoing updates about the market and industry. There are even webinars that you can attend for free, where you'll talk to professional analysts about your concerns for the future.

Ultimately, customer service is where Augusta Precious Metals shines the most heavily. They have a unique setup that can't be replicated by the competition.

Gold and Silver IRAs

Is Augusta Precious Metals A Legit Company?

When you work with Augusta Precious Metals, they streamline the account setup and the purchase processes. Once you've decided what to buy, they will send your funds to your depository of choice. Unlike many other companies, Augusta has a huge range of depositories available in nearly every region of the US.

If you don't have any certain depository in mind, you can use the Delaware Depository. This is Augusta's default and strongest partner. Delaware doesn't have taxes on precious metals, so you're able to acquire more gold for a much lower price. You can talk to your representative about any of the tax implications if you want to know more about your personal liability.

No matter what depository you choose, you will be able to visit and take a look at your holdings. But keep in mind that many facilities will require that you give advance notice and book an appointment. Regardless, you are the sole owner of your metals, and they cannot be seized if the depository itself ends up in financial trouble.

Final Thoughts

Augusta Precious Metals is a legitimate company with a great reputation. Over the past ten years, they've evolved to serve people in all 50 states. They have hundreds of great reviews online while also having zero complaints with the BBB. Nearly every customer gives a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Augusta has also been praised by various third party organizations like, the BBB, the BCA, and Consumer Affairs. They have been given awards by financial publications like Money Magazine and Investopedia. Their webinars and general services are endorsed by the NFL icon Joe Montana.

All in all, this is one of the top companies to use if you want to buy gold with your retirement money.

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