Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

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Many people are interested in placing part of their retirement funds into precious metals, especially with the volatility of the economy. The past few decades have seen so many ups and downs and stock market crashes that the average investor wants protection against both inflation and economic downturn.

But the regulations to put gold into an IRA are extensive. You need to open the right kind of account, assign a custodian, roll over your funds, and make a purchase of extremely specific IRA-approved precious metals. Many individuals simply don't have the time to research all the paperwork and red tape.

Companies like Noble Gold handle that part for you. They'll have an expert walk you through the IRA setup process and funds transfer. Then you'll choose from the selection of precious metals that they offer for retirement. Noble Gold also has some products available to purchase in cash for emergency supplies.

But not all gold IRA firms are the same. Some have outdated policies, some have hidden fees, and some are straight-up scams. Is Noble Gold one of the companies that you can trust? Or should you move far, far in the other direction instead?

  • Product: Precious metals
  • Owner: Collin Plume
  • Overall Rating: 4.1/5

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Is Noble Gold a Legit Company?

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

Noble Gold is a legit company. In addition to operating honestly and transparently, they have some of the best practices in the precious metals industry.

There are several factors to take into consideration when you're determining the legitimacy of a company.

For example, you want to look at their documentation. Are they transparent about who runs the business? Are there easy ways to get in contact if you have questions or need to resolve grievances? Is there a legitimate business address that checks out?

You also want to look at the reviews that past customers have left. If a business has unsavory practices or unhelpful policies, the customer reviews tend to be the first clue. Customers will discuss the finer details of their experiences, so you can determine whether there are any patterns of negativity.

You'll also want to see what kind of awards and accreditations they have. They may be members of organizations like the National Ethics Committee or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. They may have been written up in finance publications, spoken about on talk shows, or endorsed by celebrities.

Celebrity endorsements and advertisements don't always mean that a company is good. But they often boost credibility, especially for a company that consistently shows good customer reviews.

Company Reviews

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

When you look up reviews of Noble Gold, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. No matter what third party website you use, you can typically find dozens or even hundreds of good reviews from past customers. People have high praise for the policies and the customer service.

The BBB website shows 4.97 out of 5 stars with almost 40 reviews. Consumer Affairs has a perfect 5 star rating with over 150 reviews. Similarly, Trustlink has a perfect 5 star rating with over 120 reviews.

Scam Risk has done an assessment of the company and given them an A+ rating, indicating the highest level of trustworthiness in the business. The Better Business Bureau also gives an A+ rating, which means that the company makes an effort to respond to all customer complaints and resolve them.

The Business Consumer Alliance scores Noble Gold with an AA, which is the second-highest rating available. Their algorithm takes into account many different factors, and the reasoning behind a rating is not always clear. Though it isn't the top mark, an AA rating is still excellent.

There have apparently been three complaints filed with the BBB in the past three years, but none are available to view on the website. The business response rate is listed as 100%. This means that the business was able to resolve the concerns, and the customer may have requested that the complaint be taken down afterward.

Compared to the hundreds of 5 star reviews online, three resolved complaints are nothing. It's clear that Noble Gold consistently does the work to make sure that their customers are taken care of. There are no patterns of complaint or indications of mismanagement on any of the trusted sites we've used for research.

Company President

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

With some less reputable companies, it's difficult to find out who's in charge or who is the manager. In the worst case scenario, it's hard to contact anybody who can help if you have issues. But Noble Gold doesn't have that problem. In fact, the CEO is a big part of the company's branding.

Collin Plume founded the company and remains the CEO to this day. He started Noble Gold after a career in finance, in which he specialized in real estate, property insurance, and buying precious metals.

When he was working as an insurance salesman for commercial real estate properties, the man came to the conclusion that monetary protection is essential. During the recession, he became involved in precious metals as a way to help his real estate clients safeguard their wealth while the market was so volatile.

He joined a precious metals firm partway into the recession, as he believed that precious metals were more important than real estate. With his passion driving him, it wasn't long before he was selling more precious metals than almost anyone else in the country. In fact, he managed to sell $28 million worth of precious metals in a single year.

Nowadays, Collin Plume runs Noble Gold to help people invest in precious metals for retirement and for emergencies. He and his wife live in California in the San Fernando Valley. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing board games, playing basketball, and hiking and exploring.

Other Experts

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

Noble Gold is not an investment advisory firm or a financial planner. They sell IRA precious metals, and they sell survival packs that can be bought in cash. Their experts are able to provide guidance about the way different products perform, but they can't necessarily act as financial advisors.

But Noble Gold partners with other finance professionals for customers who need these services. They have a vast network of accountants, estate planning lawyers, and financial strategists to consult. If you need help with wealth planning through your precious metals investments, these resources can help you.

You can talk to your Noble Gold representative about exactly what you need. For example, you can discuss your retirement goals and diversification. You can talk about safeguarding your wealth when the economy struggles to self-regulate. You can talk about planning for disasters using the survival packs.

Not only will your expert be able to give you insights about the best precious metals to buy, but they may be able to connect you to the exact finance professional that you need.

Gold IRA Services

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

Noble Gold has a strong focus on both gold and silver IRA services. The paperwork process for both of these is the same. They sell a variety of pure gold and silver bullion coins that can be stored in an IRA. In addition, they help connect customers to accredited storage facilities with competitive pricing.

One of the biggest selling points of the company's services is the convenience. You can get started with the application in just five minutes. Once you initiate the process, an expert will walk you through any of the more complicated steps. You don't have to worry about anything.

Noble Gold will help you contact your custodian for a rollover. This involves transferring some of your existing retirement funds into your new self-directed IRA. You can do this without a penalty in the first 60 days after you create the self-directed IRA. Then you can use those new funds to buy precious metals.

Noble Gold works with International Depository Services, a storage company with multiple global locations. Perhaps most interestingly, IDS has a depository option in Texas. Until just a few years ago, Texans had no state option to store their gold, so they needed to stash it across the state border.

All accounts with IDS have a full insurance policy. The facilities are secured and patrolled 24/7, and even if your items were to be stolen or damaged, the insurance policy means that you can get them replaced.

Noble Gold typically uses Equity Institutional as a custodial partner. This is one of the most highly rated self-directed IRA providers in the country. They are known for having excellent customer service, extremely transparent policies, and billions of dollars being managed in client assets.

You will have an online account through Equity Institutional. This will display information about the value of your holdings, as well as data about the value over time. The vault will be regularly audited to make sure that the items match the paper statements. If you make an appointment at the depository, you can even go view your retirement holdings in person.

Royal Survival Packs

Is Noble Gold A Legit Company?

You might be wondering whether you can have your retirement gold shipped to your house. After all, some people feel more secure knowing that the gold is immediately accessible in case of emergency.

Unfortunately, if you buy the gold with your retirement savings, you are required to use an approved depository. This is for the best, as the depositories have insurance and much better security. But if you do want gold accessible for emergencies, Noble Gold offers their Royal Survival Packs.

These must be purchased in cash. But then you can use the Noble Express service to have the pack shipped directly to your doorstep. Every package will be fully insured, so you'll need to sign for it.

Gold and silver are considered extremely valuable in times of emergency. They have retained their value for thousands of years, since before the stock market or the digital age. When you're dealing with an emergency, gold and silver can be liquidated for goods, services, and other currencies. These items are also more difficult to trace than cards tied to a centralized banking system.

The idea behind a Royal Survival Pack is to help with disaster planning. You want to have gold and silver to liquidate, but it's not easy to pawn old jewelry or scrap metal. Instead, these kits come with hand-picked coins that are all extremely recognizable and easy to liquidate. The coins are bullion rather than collectibles, whose price is based more on speculation.

❑ The Noble Knight pack costs $10,000 and has a wide range of coins that will be accepted all around the globe. But it is a survival pack for the short term. It should be able to carry a small family through a few weeks of disaster.

The Noble Baron pack costs $25,000 and is meant for more in-depth emergency planning. You'll use this pack if you're planning for a long term emergency, or you need more money to pay costs and maintain your lifestyle.

The Noble Viscount investment is $50,000. Like the previous pack, it is meant for long term planning for a family. People typically use this pack if they are planning to survive a war or major natural disaster.

The $100,000 Noble Earl investment is meant to carry you for months, with large amounts of coins that can be saved instead of liquidating everything at once.

The $250,000 Noble Marquess is designed for people who require high levels of protection during a disaster. For example, if you're a politically vulnerable family who needs private security and an escape route during governmental instability, you might want this pack.

The $500,000 Noble Duke functions as the most extensive survival pack. With this purchase, you will talk with the company about your specific concerns to make sure that you get the package that's diversified for your needs.

There's also the Noble Ambassador program. If you live outside of the US, you can use this program to store gold in a US depository. Then if you leave your country for the US, you already have wealth stashed on shore to access. This is an ideal setup for people whose governments or personal lives might have precarious ties with the US federal government.

Final Thoughts

Noble Gold is an impressive company that boasts a lot of good policies. They have extensive positive reviews from consumers, along with top marks in analysis done by organizations like the BBB. Customers nearly always give five stars, and the very few online complaints have all been resolved to the consumer's satisfaction.

If you want to invest in a gold or silver IRA, then this company is a good choice. They have a streamlined approach that's super helpful, and you can fill out the online application in five minutes. In addition, they have a sprawling network of financial professionals who can help you figure out your future.

Their Royal Survival Packs are available to purchase with cash as well. These packs give you access to easily-liquidated and very valuable bullion. Depending on how much you invest, you could have enough to survive for a few weeks, to support a family, or even to flee a politically unstable country with your loved ones.

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