Laguna Coins

Laguna Coins

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Laguna Coins is a website that provides reviews of coins and other collectibles. Laguna Coins was founded in April 2013 and has since been reviewed by the technology blog Avantgarde.

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About Laguna Coins

Laguna Coins

Laguna Coins has been making phenomenal contributions to the world of numismatics, with their reviews providing information on many rare and valuable coins that may otherwise remain unknown to collectors. Laguna Coins has also been involved in creating several multimedia works that have helped spread knowledge about numismatics to the masses.

Coin collecting has been an important hobby for many years and has gained considerable recognition in recent years. Coin collecting is similar to stamp collecting; coin collectors try to find as many coins as they can, with rarer coins having more value. The most valuable coin in the world right now is made of gold and weighs more than 11kg.

Pros and Cons Laguna Coins


  • Laguna Coins provides quality content about rare coins: Laguna Coins publishes thorough reviews on coins and other collectibles. Laguna Coins is considered one of the best blogs in the industry about quality content. With their website, Laguna Coins has been able to reach a worldwide audience which has helped them gain a considerable amount of recognition and credibility with their audience. Laguna-Coins also publishes reviews on other items, not just coins, helping them reach their readership even further.
  • Laguna Coins has a vast range of rare coins: Laguna Coins have a large variety of rare coins featured on their website. Their coins include many gold patterns and history-themed coins. They also publish reviews on the most valuable coins worldwide, with many readers wishing to buy such super-rare coins.
  • Laguna Coins has a large social media following: Many people on Facebook and Twitter follow Laguna Coins. They have built a massive following with social media, helping them spread knowledge about coin collecting. They have also reached several other popular blogs, which has helped them to let their name be known throughout the Coin Collecting community.
  • Laguna Coins has a newsletter: Laguna Coins has a newsletter sent out to all their email subscribers. This newsletter is filled with exciting news, interesting articles, and reviews. The newsletter reaches over 10,000 readers worldwide, helping them reach more people than they could by posting articles on the website. The newsletter generates much interest among the readership on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, such as Reddit and LinkedIn's business pages.


  • Laguna Coins are very expensive: Laguna Coins has a price tag of about $6.95 for the entire site and $3.95 for individual articles. Laguna Coins provides exciting content on many rare coins, but the website still charges a very high price for its content.
  • Laguna Coins provides no information about donations to charity: Laguna Coins does not label how much money they receive from their readership and how much they donate to different charities. Laguna Coins is a website that makes a lot of money, and it may be harmful to the public as they do not provide detailed reports on how they spend their money.
  • Laguna Coins provides no information about its staff: Laguna Coins provides little information on its staff – we only know that there is more than one author for this site. We don't know anything else about them, such as their names or where they live. Laguna Coins has numerous staff, and with multiple authors, it is hard to ascertain which author is responsible for writing specific articles.
  • Laguna Coins provides no information about its readership: Laguna Coins has a few hundred thousand monthly readers worldwide, but not a single word is said to describe how many people read the website every month or how many people visit the site on average.

Final Verdict

Although Laguna Coins provides a great selection of rare coins, the website is expensive, providing little information on its readership and staff. The website also has a massive following on social media, but those followers do not know anything about the site. Laguna Coins' blog is also tiny and does not provide any data about how many articles have been written by authors or how many people read each article. Laguna Coins has very little information about its readership and only describes itself as a website for coin collectors.

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