Miles Franklin Precious Metals Review

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Review

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Miles Franklin Precious Metals (MFP) is a company that was founded in 2009. The company has been producing silver bullion since its creation to provide the best quality product to its customers at the right price. Miles Franklin claims to be banking without borders because it provides products for people worldwide and does not pay taxes in any country of its jurisdiction. It has a unique company ethos based on core values of integrity, excellence, and transparency.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Andy Schectman
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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Services Offered by Miles Franklin Precious Metals Company 

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Review

Precious Metals

MFP is a pure silver bullion dealer that offers competitive prices for silver bars, coins, rounds, and silver ingots. It also provides storage services for its clients.

Bulk Silver Bullion Pricing

MFP provides a unique bulk precious metal delivery service to retail customers worldwide. This service allows individuals worldwide to buy silver bars and reduce the risks of purchasing precious metals directly from the manufacturer or through an international dealer.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals

MFP provides a secure payment platform for its customers. It allows them to purchase precious metals with credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers. The company has created a unique, proprietary payment gateway that enables customers to make payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

Investment Services

MFP offers a variety of precious metals investment services. It allows its customers to buy silver and gold as investments and helps them choose the best financial resources. The investment services offered by the company include:

  • Precious Metals Trading
  • Precious Metals Fund Management
  • Precious Metals Portfolio Management
  • Other Investment Services

Charitable Donation

MFP offers its customers the opportunity to donate their premiums to purchase silver bullion to charitable organizations. The company believes that donating precious metals benefits society, which is why it allows its customers to donate premiums for their silver and gold products.

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Price Index (MFPI)

MFP has created a unique price index for its customers. An average of the silver bullion prices quoted by eight leading dealers on the London Bullion Market Association and COMEX markets. This index lets customers track precious metal pricing fluctuations and know how their products are doing. The MFPI rate is updated every five minutes and provides current pricing information for all silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products.

MFP Awards

The company has created a page to showcase the contributions of its clients. It has also created an award program that recognizes agents, affiliates, and customers demonstrating extraordinary industry performance.

Characteristics of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Company

Miles Franklin Precious Metals Review

Quality Products

MFP offers some of the best quality silver bars, coins, nuggets, and bullions. At Miles Franklin, only the highest quality silver bullion products are produced and sold to customers. The company uses a unique production system called "state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition" to make its products that are sold online directly or through its network of dealers.

Great Customer Service

MFP places great emphasis on providing excellent customer service to its clients. It is why the company has created a unique customer service team consisting of highly professional, customer-friendly, and customer-centric employees.

Integrity and Confidence

MFP relies on its integrity, confidence, and honesty to provide the best products to its customers at the right price. The company provides security and confidence in the silver bar industry that other companies lack. It always tries to provide products made by international standards, with no fraudulent practices used in the production process.


MFP strives to be transparent in its operations and provide its customers with quality products at competitive prices. The company makes all of its operations and financial data available to the public for review on its website; this way, it pays taxes where it is legally required to do so and provides the most significant amount of transparency to consumers.

Reliable and Secure Payment Platform

MFP has created a unique payment processing system that ensures a quick, secure, and reliable service delivery to its customers. It uses a highly secure payment system that is tested, audited, and certified for reliability by all the internationally recognized security and certification organizations.

Security and Sustainability

MFP has created an environment where people can trust each other. It is why it provides its customers with free products from any dishonest, fraudulent, or deceptive practices. The company believes that trust between people can be developed only when they work together as a team to ensure sustainability and development.

Pros & Cons of Miles Franklin Precious Metals


  • Great Products and Services: The company's products, services, and delivery are all very competitive in terms of quality. The company's highly professional and customer-friendly team ensures its customers receive the best silver bars, coins, ingots, and bullion products at competitive prices.
  • Low Prices: MFP sells its silver bar products to customers at lower prices than any other company. It always seeks to provide more value for less money to offer customers better services at more affordable prices.
  • Low Transaction Fees: MFP charges low transaction fees to its clients. The company believes that the last thing that a customer needs is another additional, unnecessary expense. Hence, it allows its clients to enjoy lower transaction fees, regardless of the size of their transactions.
  • Free Shipping: MFP always tries to provide free shipping for all its clients worldwide. The company understands that one of the essential things in any business is to provide good services at a competitive price.
  • Focus on Quality and Sustainability: MFP has created a quality, sustainability, integrity, and security culture. The company believes it can only achieve these goals by putting its clients' interests first in every aspect of its business and operations.
  • Information Transparency: MFP starts each day by looking at all the severe news items related to the silver industry and then works hard to provide its customers with up-to-date information on any silver market events, prices, or developments.
  • Client Focus: MFP has a team of highly professional and customer-friendly employees whose priority is to put the needs and interests of its customers first at all times. The company continually seeks to serve its customers better than its competitors worldwide.
  • Reliability, Security, and Transparency: MFP emphasizes reliability, security, and transparency in all of its operations. The company has an excellent reputation in the eyes of its customers. It receives high marks from various international organizations that monitor the performance of companies in the precious metals industry.
  • Unique Production System: MFP provides its customers with top-quality products from the best silver bullion producers in the world. The company relies on state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition technology to produce its products at competitive prices, thus allowing it to provide better services and more value for less money.
  • Lowest Prices in the Industry: MFP offers the lowest prices in the industry when compared with other companies on a global scale. The company continually seeks to provide more value for less money to maximize its profits while reducing its prices and minimizing its customers' costs.


  • Customer Service Delays: MFP has been known to delay customer service occasionally and deactivate accounts without notifying clients. The company has also treated its customers with high disrespect and condescension.
  • Organizational Problems: MFP has been known to experience severe operating and organizational problems that delay shipments, compromise the quality of their products and cause unprofessional behavior and unethical behavior on the part of employees.
  • Fraudulent Practices: MFP is known to sell low-quality products to customers at higher prices than those charged by other companies in the industry. Some of its products are even known to be fraudulent and fail to meet international standard requirements.
  • Poor Reputation: MFP has a poor reputation in the eyes of its domestic and international clients. It is known to have a team of employees that treat customers with high levels of disrespect, condescension, and zero levels of professionalism.
  • Low-Quality Products: MFP is known to sell low-quality products to unsuspecting customers worldwide at higher than average prices. These low-quality products often fail to meet international standard requirements.
  • Unethical Business Practices: MFP is known to practice unethical business practices that include but are not limited to selling fraudulent products, maximizing profits while minimizing prices, purposely damaging the reputation of its competitors, unlawfully shutting down its customers' accounts, and refusing to issue refunds when requested by clients.
  • Poor Customer Service: Many reports show MFP deliberately providing poor customer service to its customers. There have been many complaints from clients about the unprofessional behavior of some of the company's representatives.

Final Verdict

MFP is a respectable company that strives to provide its customers with products and services of unparalleled quality, prices, service, and value. The company holds itself to the highest standards of quality and integrity to earn its customers' trust and loyalty. It is known for providing one of the best silver bars and coins, but it is also known for its unethical business practices. In some cases, MFP has been known to deliberately provide poor customer service to its customers and act fraudulently.

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