Monroe Coin Exchange

Monroe Coin Exchange

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In 2022, it is a wise move to diversify your investment portfolio towards precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and many other metals. If you want to buy or have some precious metals that you wish to trade, many websites will help you do so. Monroe Coin Exchange is one of the popular exchanges that you can use.

On this platform, you can buy or sell a wide range of things, including;

  • United States Coins & Currency
  • Canada Silver Coins
  • Antiques and Collectibles
  • Jewelry (any condition, used or broken)
  • Vintage Pocket Watches
  • Class Rings
  • Sportscards and Sports Memorabilia
  • Gold and Silver Bullion
  • Mint & Proof Sets

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What are Precious Metals

Monroe Coin Exchange

Metals that are rare, organically occurring, and have an inherent value are called precious metals. Common precious metals include silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. They are mostly used in jewelry and can also have a wide range of applications because they do not corrode, oxidize or tarnish. Such metals have been used as jewelry and currency throughout human history. Recently, such metals have been used in devices such as computer software and iPhones. As such, they are considered a concrete store of wealth in this uncertain market.

How to Choose A Legitimate Precious Metal Dealership

Recently, there has been an impressive trend in precious metal prices. This has seen a lot of upstarts, some trusted and others untrustworthy. Investing in the right precious metal dealership is vital for your investment.

Always choose one with extensive knowledge about precious metals. Unfortunately, you cannot trust all of them, but with a few tips, you can lower your risks of doing business with an illegitimate dealer.

Before choosing one, you must do due diligence to ensure you get into a legit business that you can confidently trust. Here are a few things to gauge whether Monroe Coin Exchange is worth your time and money.

Who is Monroe Coin Exchange?

Monroe Coin Exchange

Monroe Coin Exchange is a precious metal exchange that buys and sells a wide range of metals. The business is located in Hampton Plaza across the street from La-Z-Boys offices. The exchange headquarters are based at 1337 N. Telegraph, Monroe, Michigan, 48162, United States.

Monroe Coin Exchange Website

The official website of There is a lot to check on an exchange website to determine whether or not it is genuine. The website is easy to use and navigate. While it looks like it is under development, there is all the information we need.

Domain age

Fake exchanges usually have a short lifespan because legitimate business website owners eliminate them. When unsure whether an exchange is genuine, verifying the website's domain age is imperative. This gives you confidence that the business has been around for an established period.

A tracker such as Whois Lookup will get you information like who the domain name is registered to, where it is located and how long it has been active. This information gives the platform a plus. In Monroe's case, it was created on 2013-06-07 by TUCOWS, INC. Tucows Domains Inc. will expire on 2023-06-07.

Social Media Presence

A serious dealer understands the benefits of having a social media presence. It is common for fake websites to have social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. However, the graphics do not link to a real social media account. If the links seem genuine, head on to find company reviews or whether they are active there. Unfortunately, Monroe Coin Exchange does not have any link to social media.

Contact Page

A legitimate company should have a contact page with its physical address. Monroe Coin Exchange has a well-laid contact page with the company phone number and a working email address. While even fake websites and companies may have a functional email ID, most tend to have a generic one, such as However, Monroe's email ID comes with the company brand,, which shows some legitimacy.


Customer reviews are a valuable resource to determine whether a precious metal exchange is legit. After long hours of searching this company online for customer reviews, we could only find a few customer reviews. It could be that this company is still young on the internet and thus has yet to do a lot of business online hence few customer reviews.

Pros and Cons of Monroe Coin Exchange


  • Legitimately registered site.
  • Has been in operation long enough to be trusted.
  • Easy to use.
  • Informative contact us page.


  • Does not have a social media presence.
  • Lacks customer reviews.

Final Verdict

The above are a few pointers to ensure you make the right choice and trade confidently. If you ever doubt a website is legit, trust your instincts and search for a legit one with the above tips. From the above pointers, Monroe Coin Exchange deserves a 3 Star rating out of 5 stars.

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