Morris Coin Shop

Morris Coin Shop

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Are you looking for a coin dealer or a precious metals dealer in the greater Chicago area? Perhaps you are searching for a paper money dealer in Illinois that offers collectable U.S. currency? Morris Coin Shop offers one of Illinois’s largest selections of collectable coins, collectable U.S. currency, and precious metals.

Are you interested in purchasing coins, paper money, or precious metals from them? Here’s an honest review of Morris Coin Shop that can help you decide if they deserve your business.

  • Product: Collectable Coins, Collectable U.S. Currency, and Precious Metal Products.
  • Owner: Phil Anderson
  • Overall Rating: 4.0/5

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About Morris Coin Shop

Morris Coin Shop

Owner Phil Anderson has operated the Morris Coin Shop in downtown Morris, Il. for over 25 years. It has grown into one of the greater Chicago area’s most popular coin shops by offering fair prices, a good product selection, and outstanding customer service.

Its most popular items include:

  • Collectable US coins including silver dollars, modern U.S. commemorative coins, and Lincoln cents.
  • Collectable US currency including large-sized notes and fractional currency.
  • Precious metal bullion coins including American Eagle bullion coins, Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins, and South African Krugerrand gold coins.

It also sells other popular precious metal products including:

  • Gold and silver jewelry.
  • Collectable vintage U.S gold coins including U.S. quarter eagles ($2.50), half eagles ($5), eagles ($10), and double eagles ($20).
  • Gold and silver bullion bars.
  • Platinum bullion products including coins and bars.

Morris Coin Shop Actively Purchases Coins, Paper Money and Precious Metals

Morris Coin Shop

Do you have coins or precious metals for sale? Morris Coin Shop is an active buyer of collectable coins and precious metals. It is also an active buyer of collectable U.S. currency.

Some of the most popular items that they buy include:

  • Morgan and Peace silver dollars.
  • Scrap-grade gold jewelry.
  • Junk-grade 90% U.S. silver coins.

They also buy other popular items including:

  • Collectable U.S. coins graded by leading certification services including PCGS and NGC.
  • Collectable U.S. large-sized paper money issued before 1928.
  • Popular collector coins including Franklin half dollars, buffalo nickels, and Seated Liberty coinage.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Doing Business With Morris Coin Shop?

As with any other business, doing business with Morris Coin Shop has its pros and cons. Here are some of the most important ones to consider that we’ve compiled after interviewing the owner and reading Google reviews left by actual customers.


  • The people who work there are usually very pleasant to speak with (“The gentleman I met there was very pleasant to talk to.)
  • They usually pay fair prices for items they purchase or sell (“Phil is the best. Honest and fair pricing no matter if you’re selling or buying.”)
  • Another benefit they offer is the ability to purchase larger quantities of popular bullion coins such as lower grade silver dollars and American Eagle bullion coins. Many customers use this benefit to score lower prices on precious metals.


  • The shop is disorganized (“From what I could tell, there is plenty of inventory...but sitting in piles and stacks and bins behind the counter.”)
  • They aren’t willing to negotiate on prices (“No willingness to negotiate prices.”)
  • One other problem you might have while trying to do business with Morris Coin Shop is that they don’t sell anything online. This can be problematic if you don’t live in the greater Chicago area because they don’t offer mail order service.

Final Verdict

If you happen to be in the greater Chicago area, we think that visiting Morris Coin Shop is worthwhile if you don’t mind a little clutter. Its product selection and customer service are usually good enough to overcome this minor inconvenience.

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