Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

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Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is a company founded in 2009 in Houston, Texas, and it deals with precious metals such as gold and silver and also avails bullion coins to interested customers in Texas. The company has a wide variety of bullion coins and other precious metals, and clients can find their preferred products via the company's website. Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve specializes in both the United States' government issued coins as well as foreign issued coins.

Although established in 2009, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve claims that its experts have a cumulative of over 100 years’ experience in the precious metals industry and therefore perfectly suited for helping customers in ensuring profitability when dealing with gold, silver, and platinum. The company asserts that its highest priority is to ensure a high return on investment for the clients' investment portfolios by providing expert advice and knowledge regarding the precious metals market.

Apart from the foreign issued coins and the United States' government issued coins, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve offers other products including Pre 1933 American rare coins and bullion, modern American rare coins and bullion products, numismatic, and IRA rollover packages. The company has a team of experts who specialize in numismatic consultancy, rare and precious metals consultancy, and economic trends analysis.

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The Company's Website

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

I find the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve's website well designed and user friendly with lots of helpful links and information. On the top bar of the website, you can view the price of the precious metals in US dollars and tax rate for each item displayed on a moving belt. Users can easily navigate through the website by clicking on one of the several tabs that redirect to such areas as frequently asked questions, about the company page, a reviews page, resource center, the company's promise, and a blog page.

The frequently asked questions section provides customers with information about the shipping policy, where to get reliable reviews about the company, the types of products available, and the composition of the coins. The website is also friendly to users with special needs such as the visually impaired, the blind, those who have cognitive issues, and other users who require additional help in operating the website.

In addition, the website accommodates users of different languages, and there is an option to choose the preferred language of the content. These features make the website easy to use for users with different preferences and interests. The website design can be seen as implying that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is ethical because it does not discriminate against users based on their physical attributes and characteristics.

Nature of Advice to Customers

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

In my opinion, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve does a great job when it comes to helping customers gather necessary information that will enable them to make an investment decision. For instance, the company’s website contains information meant to educate clients about rules and regulations regarding the precious metals market, and it also offers information about the volatile nature of the precious metals markets and degree of risks present. I find this information quite truthful and honest because an investor would have the necessary information to assist them in making a decision on whether to invest in the precious metals, and they would also be aware that there is a risk of losing their money if they decided to proceed.

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve appears to have a policy of full disclosure regarding the nature of the precious metals market, and this is something quite impressive. Instead of lying to the customers about how profitable this market is, the company chooses to provide only the basic truth so that customers can decide for themselves.

Customers are made aware that the investment could not work out as expected, and the clients are advised to report about any employee with an intention to mislead them. I find it a good virtue to inform anyone involved in any kind of investment about the potential risks because this prevents them from investing blindly and regretting later. The company's blog posts cover a wide range of issues that concern the precious metals market including new regulations, investment opportunities, trends in the market, and other news to keep the customers updated on current issues.

Price and Delivery of Products

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

In the frequently asked questions section, customers are advised that the price of the precious metals is subject to changing market conditions which may cause the price to rise or fall. The company also provides the pricing strategy it deploys in setting the price of these precious metals. In terms of how much the clients pay for the precious metals, many clients seem to be satisfied with the company because they claim that the company charges a fair price.

Based on the reviews from previous customers, you can tell that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is honest with the price of its products because many customers say that they got exactly what was advertised by the company.
Under the company's promise to its customers, it is clearly stated that the company does not engage in any false advertising and as such, customers can be assured of getting the products at the price indicated on the adverts.

Under the frequently asked questions section, the company informs the customers that a typical delivery takes between 7 to 10 business days after the order is confirmed and processed by the company. However, customers are also advised that delivery may be affected by the location of the receiver as well as holidays. We are aware that some companies may be enticing customers by providing exaggerated information about their delivery policy, and this is why we need to take a look at some reviews from previous customers.

Looking at the comments by past customers, I am convinced that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is honest in terms of delivering the products to its customers because most of them say that they were impressed by the company's ability to deliver the same within the aforementioned 10 business days. Another factor that I consider about Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is the claim that it offers deliveries for free.

Surprisingly, the company's promise to offer free deliveries appears to be true basing on the testimonials from their past customers who claims that they were not charged any tax or shipping costs for having their products delivered to them. However, some customers complain that the company uses a faulty ordering process, and they tend to use the customer's contact information to offer additional products.

Pros and Cons of Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve


  • The company has a rich inventory of precious metals and bullion coins.
  • The company deals with both the United States government issued coins and foreign issued coins.
  • Clients are provided with free shipping services.
  • The company has a user friendly website designed to suit different kinds of users such as the blind, cognitively impaired, those with visual problems, and other special needs.
  • Website supports different types of languages and thus caters for clients from different parts of the globe.
  • The precious metals and rare coins are available at considerably lower prices.
  • Customers are availed with lots of helpful links and information about the precious metals and rare coins.
  • The company informs customers about the risks associated with investing in precious metals and rare coins.
  • The prices indicated in the advertisements were the actual prices for the products.
  • Customers are given a tracking number to follow up on the progress of their shipment.


  • Although most reviews about the company are positive, there are some negative comments.
  • Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve appears not to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Reviews about Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve found on the BBB website are not impressive since it is rated at D+.
  • The company is accused of utilizing a hard selling strategy by contacting customers to try and make additional sales.
  • Some customers complain that the sales representatives tried to sell the precious metals at a higher price than the actual price.

Is Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve a Scam?

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

Before we claim that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is a scam or not, we will have to consider a number of factors that indicate whether a company is legitimate or not. This is important because it is not right to accuse any entity of being a scam whereas the entity is actually legitimate.

We are well aware that there are many illegitimate businesses out there trying to steal from customers by pretending to be legit and instead of providing quality products, the end up deceiving the customers through substandard products or charging excessively high prices. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can use to determine the credibility and trustworthiness of companies, and these can be found over the Internet and other reliable sources.

Some of the factors that indicate whether a company is legitimate or not include checking whether the company is registered by relevant authorities, examining the reviews from previous customers, checking whether the company provides its physical location address and contact information, availability of terms and conditions of use and privacy policy, checking whether the company accepts reliable payment methods, and checking for consistency and accuracy of content in the company's website. In determining the credibility of Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve, we will look at the company through the above points.


Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the ratings from this organization are quite low, a D+. However, the company is a member of the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), a non-profit organization in the United States of America.

Reviews from Previous Customers

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is quite reputable when we consider the feedback from customers who have dealt with the company in the past. Most of the customers are satisfied with the nature of products and the prices charged for the same by the company. Only a few customers have given negative comments on the company's website, an understandable situation for any business. While the BBB gives a D+ rating for the company, TrustPilot gives a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars for the company which is an excellent rating. The ratings from TrustPilot are given by 671 previous customers, and this indicates that many clients find the company a good choice.

Location and Contact Details

The company has provided customers with the physical location of its offices as well as a landline number through which customers can reach out to the business.

  • Physical location address: Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve, Attn: Donald Fogo – Compliance Director, 2000 S. Dairy Ashford, Suite 170 Houston TX, 77077.
  • Landline/ Telephone number: 18552037076.

Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve has a clearly written privacy policy that can be accessed by the users by clicking on a link labelled ‘Privacy Policy.’ It also has terms and conditions of use clause where the customers are informed about how to use the website and other services provided by the company. The company makes it clear that it collects some personal information about the customers and it describes how this information may be used. Clients also have an option to withdraw from receiving promotional materials from the company, and the steps of doing this are laid out.

Payment Methods Accepted

Customers can pay for the products using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, and check. Most of the payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard have been cited as some of the most reliable methods by people across the globe.

Consistency and Accuracy of Content

When going through the website, you can say that the company is legitimate because the content found in one section corresponds to content found in other sections. Additionally, the website content does not contain any errors that may raise any red flag. It is widely thought that most illegitimate websites tend to have grammatical errors and other inconsistencies in their content, but this company's website seems to be free of such errors.

So, Is the Company a Scam?

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

Having reviewed the company from different perspectives, it is now time to determine whether it is legitimate or a scam. For every condition that the company meets, we will assign one point and then see how many points the company gets after considering all the conditions.

In the first condition of registration, we find that the company is registered under the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) but not accredited by the BBB. Here, we will not give any point because there is some contradiction between the BBB and the BCA. Under the second condition of reviews from previous customers, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve gets a point because most reviews are positive, and only a few are negative. The third condition is Location and Contact Details, and the company gunners another point because it has availed a physical location address and a telephone number.

Under the fourth condition of terms and conditions of use and privacy policy, the company also gets a point since it has clearly laid out these documents. Under the fifth condition of payment methods accepted, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve will get a point because it accepts payment from reputable and reliable payment platforms such as Visa and MasterCard. Under the sixth and final condition of consistency and accuracy of content, the company appears to have fulfilled this requirement, therefore, it will get another point.

In total, Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve obtains 5 points out of 6, and based on these findings, it then correct to say that Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is a legitimate company.

Although we do think that Nationwide Coin & Bullion is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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