Northstar Mint Review

Northstar Mint Review

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Pros & Cons of Northstar Mint


  • First, this website uses higher-end images, including professional business logos and pictures. This is a definite plus, as I could make out the company name on their image without fully reading the description text.
  • This webpage is professionally written and uses a table of contents for easy navigation. The website has 25 pages in total, including the four indexes, divided into business cards, gift cards, security documents, and coin rollers.
  • Another benefit of this website is the overview, allowing the user to view their products before purchasing. This is important as Northstar Mint may offer products you either have or haven't heard about.
  • In each overview, it is clearly stated what company makes the product and how much it costs. This is good for consumer protection as you already know what you are buying.
  • Northstar Mint has been in business since 2007 and provides a wide range of products; its website also lists some of its clients. This is a plus, as they seem to be well established in the industry and generally have positive reviews on Google and review websites such as


  • After shipping a half-million dollars’ worth of bullion coins to customers, Northstar Mint began experiencing unexpected delays in completing orders. Customers could not receive their products on time, and the mint's business suffered as a result.
  • On its website, Northstar promised to ship all orders received before May 15th. However, customers needing coins found that the mint had run out of gold coin blanks and would be unavailable until May 2020 or beyond.
  • Customer complaints on Northstar's Facebook page say that their calls and emails go unanswered. While the company's website shows a full catalog of products for sale, most customers report that the mint no longer has coins for sale.
  • Northstar Mint's website claims to offer precious metal bullion and Proof and Uncirculated precious metal coins such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium rounds. The company is based in Castle Rock, Colorado.


Northstar Mint Review

Mint Boro

Mint boro by Northstar is a semi-opaque bright green that works well as a backdrop shade. It's simple to work with and evocative and stable, which means it may be used in any flame without losing its color.

Gold and Silver Coins

Northstar Mint sells American Gold and Silver Eagles over the internet. They are by far the company's most popular items. In addition, the company sells the High Relief Gold Coins, American 24K Gold Buffalo, and another one-of-a-kind U.S.U.S. Mint issues.

Silver Dollars

The internationally famous Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are among the most collected and coveted coins on the planet. Every date from 1878 to 1935 is available from Northstar Mint in various conditions, both certified and uncertified. The company also sells U.S.U.S. silver dollars in bulk by grade.

Proof and Mint Sets

Every year, the U.S.U.S. Mint issues several collector coin sets. Proof and Mint Sets are among the most popular. From 1936 to the present, Northstar Mint has practically every U.S.U.S. Proof Set ever issued. Clad Proof Sets, Silver Proof Sets, Prestige Proof Sets, Quarter Proof Sets, and Presidential Dollar Proof Sets are included in this category.

The company also sells every U.S.U.S. Mint Set has been published since 1947. Double Mint Sets, Silver Mint Sets, Special Mint Sets, and regular Clad Mint Sets are all included.

Commemorative Coins

Northstar Mint is pleased to provide many Commemorative Coin issues from the United States. Columbian Exposition, Pilgrim, Monroe, Lexington-Concord, Stone Mountain, Sesquicentennial, Booker T. Washington, and Washington/Carver half dollars are among the famous and rare early silver commemorative half dollars. They also sell current Gold and Silver Commemoratives, Commemorative Half Dollars, Coin and Currency Sets, and Coin and Chronicles Sets.


Northstar Mint Review

Ira Holland, the President and founder of Northstar Mint, is a former private security contractor with a record of serious misconduct issues. Holland has failed to address those concerns and has failed to establish any transparent management procedures.

Holland's history of misconduct was recorded by his old employer Blackwater /Xe/ Academi, when he was fired in 2010.

In 2008, Holland was sued by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (including the Consumer Protection Division of the Division of Insurance) for making unfounded claims on tons of gold he sold to Stronar Mining.

Holland was also arrested in 2011 over a violent attack on an ex-employee of Northstar Mint, which he tried to claim was self-defense.

In 2012, after a broker complained about his company's sales tactics, Holland posted on his Facebook page, "I don't do Americana. I love free enterprise."


Northstar Mint Review

4.5 stars – Recommended

I believe there is no such thing as too many mints. There is something magical about mintage coins. They usually have the least marketability and the best chance to stay fresh and mint-worthy. You will never find a price increase on a mintage coin, which adds to your ability to buy them at all times.

This is also true of Northstar Mint coin releases. They raise the bar with all of their releases, and you should be able to tell most of the time that you are getting great designs, quality materials, and production in a very inexpensive way.

All of the Northstar Mint releases have been highly recommended by me in the past, and I have no plans to change my opinion on them. There does not seem to be any interest in buying quality collectible coins with a low mintage, so I urge you to get involved with finding Northstar Mint releases as soon as possible."

Nothing beats a mintage coin when it comes to appreciating the beauty and investment value of minted coins. These low mintage coins will always go up in price. They usually have the least marketability and the best chance to stay fresh and mint-worthy.

Final Verdict

You will never find a price increase on a mintage coin, which adds to your ability to buy them at all times. Many people release a coin with a low mintage, but it is usually only produced for one year, so you don't get the chance to buy them cheap and hope they rise in value. This is also true of Northstar Mint releases, so I gave Northstar Mint a 4-star rating.

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