Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

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Established in 2017, Orion Metal Exchange is a reputable precious metal investment firm located in Los Angeles, California, United States. The company has more than half a century of experience in the precious metal marketplace. Orion Metal Exchange makes customer investment security their number one priority.

The firm assists clients in investing in several valuable metals, counting gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They also aid in the opening of precious metals IRAs. Clients are permitted by these accounts to get tax benefits provided by the Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

The personnel at Orion are knowledgeable in their respective fields. Thus, when you get in touch with the support team, they will promptly solve your problem. Above all, precious metals are dependable and never fail, even during a financial meltdown. However, it would be best if you did a proper investigation before putting your money into them. The detailed review below will permit you to learn more about Orion Metal Exchange and why you should consider investing in precious metals with the company.

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Precious Metal IRAs

Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

Usually known as Silver or Gold IRAs, a precious metal IRA is a self-directed IRA. Rather than investing in bonds and stocks, you can invest in silver, gold, plus other rare metals with your precious metal IRA. Investing in precious metals like gold and silver safeguards you from unpredictable fluctuations in the stock market, which can render you penniless in a couple of days/weeks. By being self-directed IRAs, you get more control over the manner you want to invest your cash. IRAs assist people in ensuring they are ready for retirement and as well aid in portfolio diversification.

Orion Metal Exchange Products & Services

Found in 2017 by Jacob Blalock, Orion Metal Exchange is a cross-functional precious metals company. They are involved in exchanges, sales, plus the safe storage of bullion bars, numismatic coins, and bullion coins. The company website provides real-time info about the pricing of precious metals in addition to up-to-date rates of various coins. We have a couple of storage alternatives for precious metals provided to speculators by Orion: Individual Retirement Account (IRA), secure vault (depository) storage, and home storage.

  • IRA- For investors who prefer investing their rare metals in an IRA. You can get help from Orion in setting up an IRA account for precious metals, or those clients with an existing IRA can get aid in roll-over completion.
  • Home Safe Storage- Orion Metal Exchange shall assist investors in picking the best type of in-home safes to safeguard their assets. Home storage is best suited for investors who wish to keep their silver, gold, and other valuable metals at their residences.
  • Secure Vault Deposit- For clients who do not wish to keep their precious metals at their residence, a depository vault is a dependable alternative. This one is a prevalent and very secure storage choice. Orion Metal Exchange endorses vault storage services like Brink's for both International and domestic options to offer safe and dependable stowage.

Palladium, Platinum, Silver, and Gold Products

You can still benefit from Orion in purchasing coins if you wish not to have an IRA. You can build an assorted collection of rare metals as the firm allows you to acquire palladium, platinum, gold, and silver. The mainstream of the coins comes from America; other countries which mint the coins include the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Setting Up Your IRA Account for Precious Metals

Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

You shall feel well supported and cared for by Orion Metal Exchange whenever you are set to get your IRA for precious metals. As you are opening the new IRA, whatever queries that might come up, the team at Orion will be on hand to assist.

The manner you opt to fund the Gold IRA is the initial phase. Rolling over of your current retirement plan or using cash is some of the methods of funding your Gold IRA. Ensure to speak with the agent you work with, as the selected funding source will influence the subsequent steps to be taken. From your federal income taxes, the contributions made to your account are qualified for deductions, as similar tax laws that apply to typical IRAs likewise affect the Gold IRAs. The moment you start making withdrawals from the account is when taxes begin to be paid.

You can't touch the money in the Gold IRA account till you attain 59.5 years as per IRS rules. The same case applies to all other IRAs. You shall be charged a 10% fine and pay taxes on what is withdrawn in case you wish to withdraw from the account.

You shall be obligated to make withdrawals from the IRA at the age of 70.5. Such withdrawals will get taxed too. Binding minimums as per your account and age have been put in place by IRS. The same law applies to other IRAs as well.

Set up and whichever transfer payments will not get charged if you created your Gold IRA with Orion. In addition, you will get three years of free storage of your precious metals, which are unheard of in other rare metals firms.

What is the Price of Orion Metal Exchange?

All financial services counting investing need to be paid for. This is also true with precious metals. The metals are unique amid investment alternatives since one has to pay for storage and shipping charges. Different from bonds and stocks, precious metals are basically physical things implying they require safe custody.

Orion works with organizations that store and ship prized stuff such as gold and silver bars or coins. Subject to the value of your investment and storage option of the precious metals, the yearly charges with Orion Metal Exchange are between $150 and $225.

Orion Metal Exchange Site Resources

Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

To assist clients in getting more knowledge about precious metal investing, Orion's website has some extra resources included. One of the helpful pages is the "charts" section. The "charts" page displays their past and real-time prices to aid investors in keeping track of the performance of their precious metals. Apart from the convenient data about the prices, the website also features a news page. The page has content associated with the outlook plus the performance of various precious metals. The articles are displayed according to the publishing date, but you can use the search tool on the site if you want something specific. You can achieve that by typing the keywords linked to whatever you want to search.

Free Investor Kit with Orion Metal Exchange

Most individuals aren't familiar with the particulars involved when it comes to investing in precious metals. Many persons who decide to invest in valuable metals or set up a Silver or Gold IRA on their own with Orion have never had such an investment in the past. The company introduced the free Orion gold kit for this reason.

Info on how the Silver and Gold IRA functions, determining the pieces of silver or gold to include into your account, and the procedure of investing valuable metals are found in the kit. Go to the Orion Metal Exchange site to get your free kit. On demanding your kit, customers likewise get valuable information on exclusive bonuses presented by the company. Clients can also qualify for precious metals worth up to $2000.

Buyback Guarantee

Orion Metal Exchange Reviews

Life can change after making your silver or gold investment. Situations such as illness, job loss, or any other reason might make one feel like they didn't make the apt investment decision by purchasing silver or gold. Orion discerns that stuff happens, and for that reason, they provide a buyback guarantee. In the event that you want to sell back your pieces of precious metals, the company makes the process effortless and speedy for its clients.

The Convenience of the Orion Metal Exchange Website

The services provided by Orion on their site assist their clients in the roll-over of IRAs to rare metals investments. While investing in precious metals, the company's site offers a flexible podium for clients. You can resolve to save your rare metals in tax-deferred accounts provisional on the sort of account you want to set up.

Merits and Demerits of Orion Metal Exchange


  • IRS-ratified depositories are used to store Silver and Gold bought via an IRA securely.
  • Orion will assist you with the roll-over or setup of a Silver or Gold IRA. For those who want to buy Silver or Gold, they also provide additional investing alternatives.
  • Google reviews and trust pilot rate Orion Metal Exchange highly. Generally, their clients are delighted with the investment procedure and help they got from the agents they engaged.
  • During an IRA account creation, there are no for setting up or transfer charges.
  • Precious metals are transported flawlessly and swiftly.
  • Respectful and understanding customer service agents.
  • Guidance on the ideal vault to store your precious metals is provided by Orion.


  • Online orders are not obtainable for investors.
  • Orion Metal is not listed on Trustlink, Yelp, and other company ranking directories.

Orion Metal Exchange Customer Service

Support teams are amid the important business growth secrets. If clients get the best treatment, they are likely to return, and they might even begin promoting your venture. The Orion Metal Exchange customer service team is quite knowledgeable in providing services and assistance to investors. You can reach Orion Metal Exchange via phone at 1-800-559-0088 or through the" contact us" page on their site.

Is Orion Metal Exchange Legit or Scam?

Ascertaining if Orion is a legit company or a scam may be challenging for new investors. That is because the official site of this organization does not offer any info regarding its officials. Also, the company isn't shown on upright company directories and reviews like Yelp, and Trustlink.

Though, on ConsumerAffairs, Orion has a 4.8 –star rating from 90 users' appraisals and scores 4.7 on Trustpilot from 85 clients' reviews. ConsumerAffairs and Trustpilot are some reputable sites with authentic user reviews on various companies. 

Hence, because Orion Metal Exchange has more than 150 registered positive reviews on these websites, it is permissible to declare the organization legitimate. Orion is amid the leading American rare metals firms, and so it is not a scam. Optimistically, moving forward, the firm shall get listed on Yelp, plus others.

In Summation

Orion Metal Exchange is an LA-based rare metals trader that opened its doors in 2017. Orion has a superb collection of Platinum, Gold, Palladium, and Silver for people who want to invest in precious metals. Orion Metal Exchange has an incredible team that will guide you in every step as you expand your portfolio and have a secure future financially. They have reasonably priced minimum fees and real-time marketplace updates to keep you informed regarding investment performance. 

Although we do think that Orion Metal Exchange is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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