Palm Beach Group Review

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The Palm Beach Group is a financial markets information publishing company found in Delray Beach, Florida. It was established in 2011 and publishes ideas for not only stocks and bonds but also about real estate, private equity, and assets such as gold and cryptocurrencies.

According to the information found on this company website, the company aims to provide their clients with information that will guarantee them to succeed financially. They have access to some of the richest people in the world that they have conducted substantial research on how these wealthy individuals developed their wealth, and by publishing such reports, the information can help you to adopt the strategies that such wealthy people use, and therefore implement them with an aim of building your own wealth.

The Palm Beach Group provides different unique services that come with a variety of benefits to their users. Some of these services include the Palm Beach Letter, Palm Beach Infinity, Palm Beach Insider, Palm Beach Confidential, Palm Beach Crypto Income, and Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge among many other services.

Palm Beach Group Services

1. Palm Beach Infinity

Palm Beach Group Review

This is the highest and the company’s most valued level of membership. When you become an infinity member, you are guaranteed a lifetime access to premier trading services and also receive special research strategies derived from well-known investors. Palm Beach Infinity is headed by Teeka Tiwari, a well-known crypto analyst across the world.

Together with other analysts, they have been able to provide investment advice that has proved to be greatly effective. As a subscriber of Palm Beach Group, you will stand a chance to benefit from their publications which include monthly issues, trade notifications, and special research which will enable you to turn small amount of money into great investments.

2. The Palm Beach Letter

The Palm Beach Letter

This newsletter provides detailed analysis on better and safer income-generating assets such as stocks which pay dividends to the investors. When you subscribe to this newsletter, you will receive information about how such assets can help you build your wealth. This newsletter will also guide you on the importance of setting aside a given fraction of your investment so as to invest it in other sectors such as the cryptocurrencies. Since this newsletter was launched, the subscribers have ripped the benefits of expert analysis which have enabled them to experience great gains.

3. Palm Beach Confidential

Palm Beach Confidential

This is the company’s newsletter that offers cryptocurrency information. Most of the cryptocurrencies recommended in this service have a market cap of less than one billion dollars. Teeka Tiwari, who is the Palm Beach Group editor, is considered to be among the best cryptocurrency analysts in the world. He is regarded as the best option for anybody who wants to make investments in crypto. He uses a strategy known as asymmetric investing. This opportunity enables an investor to transform small amount of money into massive gains. This strategy has also helped Tiwari to develop one of the best cryptocurrency investments in the world.

4. Palm Beach Crypto Income

Palm Beach Crypto Income

In the stock market, as an investor, you make your income through dividends and capital gains. The same case applies to a person investing in cryptocurrency, only that when you invest in crypto, the income will also be paid in in form of crypto. The Palm Beach Crypto is unique in the sense that they not only focus on cryptocurrencies that appreciate in value, but they also pay incredible dividends that will enable you to generate more income regardless of the market situation.

5. Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge

Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge

Investing like an expert might sound very easy to you, but in reality it is not a walk in the park. Teeka Tiwari, The former Wall Street Executive sheds more light about the strategies that he applied to rich clients while working as a hedge fund manager at Wall Street. Tiwari encourages use of safer alternative strategies which enables them remain consistent and generate more wealth.

6. Palm Beach Insider

This also serves as the company’s newsletter that is written by Jason Bodner, who is a Wall Street insider. Bodner explains the strategies that renowned and successful investors use to generate their wealth. He asserts that if you follow the guidelines that he provides in his newsletter, you are assured of building your own sustainable wealth.

7. Palm Beach Venture

Palm Beach Venture

In this letter, Teeka Tiwari shares his strategies that he has been using to generate wealth. These are the strategies that initially worked very well for rich people, but Tiwari and other chief analyst, William Mikula, have found a way to simplify these strategies so that even small investors can find it easy for them to build their wealth.

8. Palm Beach Special Opportunities

Palm Beach Special Opportunities

This newsletter is done by Teeka Tiwari who seeks to provide more insight about the company’s two major goals of being early and right. Tiwari has developed a formula which will help to achieve these goals.

These formulas entail finding large trends with a potential of massive income in their early stages and then link with experts who can help in making these opportunities become a reality. The first opportunity that Tiwari has decided to research on is the medicinal psychedelics.

Just like how he spotted the potential of Bitcoin in its early stages in 2016, Tiwari has also seen a great potential in medicinal psychedelics that many people and institutions have failed to see its potential. According to Tiwari, this is a great breakthrough in medicine as this drug has been found effective in treating some mental health disorders.

For example, the Department of Veterans has approved the use of psychedelic medicine in treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved the use of this drug for treatment-resistant depression. By partnering with renowned experts in psychedelics such as Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, Tiwari assures of massive gains in the few years to come.

The Palm Beach Group’s Website

Palm Beach Group Review

When going through this company’s website, I found it to be very appealing. The landing page is of high quality, and its layout provides a friendly user experience. Palm Beach Group has invested heavily on their website with features that give users a better experience and understanding of the website.

They have an About Us section that provides adequate information to the users about what the company is dealing with. They also have a section for Customer Reviews where customers, who have engaged with the company previously, write about their experiences regarding to the services that they received from the company.

This website has done its best to provide its users with as much information regarding their products and services as possible. For example, on further scrutiny of the website, you will find that there is a link that will provide readers with the most recent information regarding investments.

Jason Bodner, one of the editors of the company but who initially worked for Wall Street, writes about the secrets that the rich have been using when investing in stocks to make sure that the profits are flowing their way.

Being an expert in stocks, Bodner advises that it is not all about investing in stocks but finding out what stocks you are supposed to buy. Having more than 10 years experience in the stock market, he uses his experience to conclude that it is important to invest in companies that have shown good growth in terms of sales and their earnings.

Latest information about cryptocurrency is also provided in this website. Tiwari, who is an expert in this sector, begins by first analyzing the trends that have been witnessed in crypto from as early as 1995 when only a few people in the world had access to computers and the internet.

He relates that period with the current situation where only about 125 million people out of approximately 4 billion people with access to the internet have invested in the cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the number is growing tremendously. He notes that companies that had decided to shelve offering crypto in early 2018 are allowing crypto investments opportunities currently.

Major investment banks are also offering crypto investments to their customers. Tiwari provides more analysis about expected rise in the crypto, which you can find very helpful in making an investment decision.

Apart from the products and services offered, this website also has a section for its experts who offer unmatched services to their subscribers, and you can gain very helpful tips from these experts. Some of these experts include Teeka Tiwari, Grant Wasylik, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, Nilus Mattive, Anthony Planas, William Mikula, and Greg Wilson.

Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is responsible for the Palm Beach Letter, Palm Beach Confidential, and Cryptocurrency news. He is experienced owing to his early role as a hedge fund manager at Wall Street. He is determined to help people make great investments without much risk.

Grant Wasylik

Grant Wasylik

Grant Wasylik serves as a senior investment analyst at Palm Beach Group. He has a wide connection with top-notch financial professionals and participates frequently in the top investments conferences in the world. He initially worked for a specialized-risk trading department which is considered for elites only at Charles Schwab.

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin is regarded as an expert in psychedelic medicine and plant-based medicinal therapies. Despite his expertise in medicine, he is also a researcher, filmmaker, investor, and an advisor. He is determined to make psychedelic drug and other plant medicines easily available through education, research, and commercial activities. Zapolin has the ability of identifying great opportunities at an early stage.

He has made documentaries about the healing power of psychedelics and also made early-stage investment in psychedelic company with promising gains that amount to 1000 percent. His works have been featured in institutions with great reputation such as Fox News, People Magazine, and Business Insider.

World renowned personnel from the world of sports, movie stars, and doctors rely on Zapolin as a trustworthy individual for information with regard to the upcoming trillion-dollar trend of plant-based medicine.

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson is the chief analyst for the Palm Beach Crypto Income. He has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University at Buffalo, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Pace University. Working alongside Teeka Tiwari in crypto analysis, Wilson has managed to offer great investment tips for upcoming investors. He initially worked as an account in a real estate company. Wilson has also served in the customer service role in one of the largest banks in America.

Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive’s passion in investment started at a very young age while still in Grade six when he bought his first stock. His investment career developed while he was at Jono Steinberg’s Individual Investor Group. He has worked in many other institutions and edited many newsletters such as the Standard and Poor’s Guide for the New Investor which was later translated into Chinese.

Mattive is recognized for his expertise in income investments and retirement strategies. He has conducted interviews on popular investment shows with regard to dividends, personal finance, and income investing. His reliable investment analysis has featured on mainstream investment websites such as Business Week and Dow Jones’ Market Watch.

Anthony Planas

Anthony Planas

Anthony Planas is responsible for identifying early trends and biggest opportunities in legal cannabis, tech, and pre IPO deals for Palm Beach Group. Before joining this company in 2020, Planas focused in biogeography and at the same time worked as an instructor in Florida Atlantic University where he was also responsible for identifying trends in natural resources.

William Mikula

William Mikula

William Mikula is the chief analyst of the Palm Beach Venture, Alpha Edge, and Palm Beach Special Opportunities. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. He has experience in establishing and managing different businesses. Mikula has the ability to understand factors that can make a business to flourish well and what it entails to maintain a good business performance.

The company’s website also provides a physical address where you can easily locate them. It also provides other contact information such as email address and telephone number that you can use to access them. Despite these efforts of trying to give users the best experience, this website has a major undoing. It does not have features that can assist people with disabilities such as the blind to understand what the company entails, and this can be considered as ignorance from the part of the company.

Palm Beach Group Pros and Cons


  • The company provides a free e-letter known as Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Daily that offers wealth-building ideas to its subscribers.
  • The company offers best advice on when a person should invest in stocks, and how an investor can make great investment in the cryptocurrency.
  • Palm Beach Group has a team of experienced staff who have served in well-known institutions with financial professions, and thus can offer reliable investment advice to individuals determined to make investments.
  • This company has over ten years of experience.


  • The company’s website fails to accommodate people with disability such as the blind.
  • The company’s newsletters such as the Palm Beach Confidential and Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge which goes for 5000 and 4000 US dollars respectively might prove to be very expensive for people who might want to subscribe to the company.

Is Palm Beach Group a Scam?

Palm Beach Group

There are many companies and businesses that appear to be genuine in their operations, but in the real sense, they are scams aiming to steal from unsuspecting customers. Companies offering financial services might seem lucrative to scammers who wish to gain from people through unfair and unethical means.

Nevertheless, there are legitimate companies offering genuine services, and before you come to a conclusion that a particular company is a scam, you have to put some considerations into place. There are some factors that you need to consider in order to determine whether a company is genuine or a scam. These include checking reviews from customers, accreditations, presence of a physical location address and credible contact information, and the nature of the information given on the website.

Physical Location and Contact Information

Most scammers do not have contact information or any physical address that when customers want to make visits to their premises can use to access them easily. Scammers do not also give any legit email address or phone numbers, and therefore this makes it very difficult to reach them when you try to raise certain issues.

Palm Beach Group has provided these crucial details in their website and their customers will not have to strive in order to access them. Their physical address location is 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483, and their email address is

Nature of the Information Given on the Website

In many occasions, scammers tend to have websites that have careless and fake information regarding a particular product. Information provided on these sites also contradicts in most situations with other reputable sources talking about similar products or services offered. If you visit Palm Beach Group’s website, you will experience high quality and consistent information with no editorial errors.

Reviews from Previous Customers

Palm Beach Group Review

The company has some few reviews from customers on their website all of which are positive. However, when we check on some other reliable sites, we realize that there are some customers who have complained about poor customer support services offered by this company. One customer complains that despite being notified by the company that her email address had been changed as per her request, Palm Beach Group was still sending mails to her old address.

Another customer also complains about high amount of subscription fee charged for the company’s newsletters which is not viable to such customers. Other customers have also complained about receiving spam emails from this company, and when they try to unsubscribe from such emails, it always fails thus this gives such users a bad experience. Nevertheless, most other customers have praised the company because of its experienced staff who share their great investment ideas through the company’s newsletters.


Palm Beach Group has not been accredited in some of the most reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) and Trustlink. This therefore means that there is insufficient information that can help us understand what other customers feel about this company’s services.

Final Verdict

Having discussed some of the criteria that are used to determine whether a particular company is legitimate or a scam, it is important to find out how many criteria that the Palm Beach Company meets out of the four discussed points. This will enable us to make a proper conclusion whether it is legitimate or not based on the number of conditions that this company meets.

On the first condition regarding physical location and contact information, this company has demonstrated to meet this condition since they have a physical location that their customers can visit should any need arise. The company also has a credible email address, and customers can contact them any time they wish. At this point therefore, it is fair to assign this company full credit for meeting this condition.

On the second part regarding information given on the website, this company has also performed well since the information on their website is of high quality and does not contradict anything. Therefore, it is good enough to give it a full credit also in this section.

When it comes to reviews, we have experienced mixed reactions from customers who have initially obtained the services of this company. Even though the company has decided to only post positive reviews, we have equally obtained some negative comments from some of the customers complaining about poor and expensive services. Therefore, due to the considerable number of negative reviews, it can only be fair to give this company half a point owing to negative comments.

With regard to accreditation, Palm Beach Group doesn’t receive any point or credit at all since it is not accredited by any of the reputable companies which could have given us clear picture of what others perceive of this company and the level of service that this company provide.

In consideration of all these factors, the Palm Beach Group manages to obtain two and a half points out of four points. Despite this company failing in some key areas, it is not a scam but rather a legitimate company.

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