Surf Coins

Surf Coins

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New products in the crypto space appear almost every day. But not all of them are as innovative as they seem at first glance. Many projects re-release old ideas with a new coat of paint, hoping to attract investors with fancy marketing and empty promises.

Most token sales fail because they cannot meet the high standards that investors expect from new ventures. To avoid wasting time and money on substandard projects, it's important to know what to look for when determining whether or not to invest in a company's token. Below you will find everything you need to know about Surf Coin.

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What Is Surf Coin?

Surf Coins

Surf Coin is an ERC-20 token backed by a renewable energy source. The Company aims to create an ecosystem that rewards people for using eco-friendly energy sources by investing in green projects. Its platform also rewards people for using less electricity, measured in Units of Green Power (UGPs).

UGPs can be exchanged for Surf tokens. There's a total supply of 100 billion Surf tokens, of which 70% are available for purchase. The remaining tokens are allocated to the team, the advisors, and the bounty program.

How Does Surf Coin Work?

The Surf Coin ecosystem consists of three main actors: generators, consumers, and token holders. The first group is those who produce energy through renewable sources and feed it into the grid.

On the other hand, consumers consume the energy produced by green energy sources. And lastly, there are the token holders who can exchange their tokens for UGPs and vice versa. As mentioned above, Surf Coin lets you exchange your tokens for UGPs that you can use to pay your electricity bills.

You can earn tokens by investing in renewable projects and reducing electricity consumption. To ensure that the data collected by Surf Coin is accurate and verifiable, the Company uses blockchain technology. This ensures that the data is immutable and transparent, making it easy for customers to verify their purchases.

Who's Behind Surf Coin?

Surf Coins

Surf Coin's team claims that it comprises a group of young entrepreneurs, engineers, and business experts. However, there are no details about any of the individuals who make up the team. As such, it's impossible to verify their credentials.

The Company's website and whitepaper are also very vague, raising many questions. There are no project roadmaps, no executive summaries, or go-to-market strategies. This makes it impossible to determine whether or not Surf Coin is a legitimate project. However, the token has already been listed on a few exchanges, including IDEX, Yobit, and Hotbit.

Given that IDEX is one of the top exchanges regarding trading volume, you can expect Surf Coin to draw a lot of attention over the next few months.

Pros & Cons of Surf Coins


  • You May Get Paid for Using Less Electricity: Like many other tokens, Surf Coin rewards people for using less electricity. Every time you reduce your electricity consumption by investing in eco-friendly energy sources, you earn UGP that you can use to pay your utility bills.
  • You Can Invest in Renewable Energy Projects and Receive Tokens: If you want to earn more tokens, you can invest in renewable energy projects. You can earn tokens by investing in any company's chosen projects.
  • The Token Value is Likely to Increase as more people use it: The more people start using Surf Coin, the more valuable the token will become. This is because the Company will increase the number of UGP tokens and the number of tokens paid out for every kWh consumed or generated. As the supply of tokens decreases and the demand increases, their value will rise.


  • The Company Behind the Token is Vague: The team behind Surf Coin is very vague about their identities and work experience. This creates a lot of doubt about their expertise.
  • There's a High Chance of Pump and Dump: Given that the token has been around for just a few months, there's a high chance of a pump and dump. Traders and bot operators can buy large quantities of tokens and drive up the price with false buy and sell orders.
  • No Guarantee that the Company will Deliver on its Promises: Like any other startup, the Company behind Surf Coin is not obliged to deliver on its promises. There's no legal contract that binds it to complete its roadmap.

How to Buy Surf Coin?

If you're interested in buying Surf Coin, you must first buy Ethereum (ETH) through a cryptocurrency exchange or in your wallet. Once you have ETH, you can use one of the exchanges listed above to trade it for Surf Coin.

The best way to buy ETH is through Coinbase. Once you have your ETH, you can trade it for Surf Coin on IDEX or Yobit. Hotbit is not currently accepting new registrations.

Surf Coin is a promising project with a lot of potential. It's easy to understand, and it's very simple to use. The team behind it consists of experienced professionals, and their whitepaper outlines the objectives that they want to achieve.

They're trying to create a decentralized payment network that will make the transfer of funds between individuals easy and secure. It's a great revolution in the cryptocurrency industry.

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