Texas Bullion Exchange Review

Texas Bullion Exchange Review

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The Texas Bullion Exchange is one of the most popular companies in the precious metal market. They have a wide selection of gold and silver bars, coins and wire transfer services. Throughout the years, Texas Bullion Exchange has provided a variety of ways to access precious metals.

In addition to the traditional way of buying gold and silver, Texas Bullion Exchange offers precious metals IRA accounts. Many investors are now turning to precious metals as an alternative to stocks and bonds. Texas Bullion Exchange provides a wide range of other services as well, such as foreign exchange trades, banking services and even a Trade-a-Mine Shop for purchasing land in gold mines.

On top of that, Texas Bullion Exchange is very affordable. With the ability to buy precious metals at low prices online or by phone, you can feel confident investing your money into something with intrinsic value.

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Texas Bullion Exchange Review

What They Offer?

Texas Bullion Exchange Review

Texas Bullion Exchange specializes in gold and silver but also sells platinum, palladium, copper and other precious metals as well. The company offers some of the best prices on the market and has a great selection of gold, silver and platinum bars, coins and rounds.

The majority of their inventory is stored in 40-foot high vaults in the United States with a 1% daily reserve clause to ensure that customers have funds secured against theft or unauthorized access. They also offer secure online trading services as well.

Current Market Value

Texas Bullion Exchange's market value is based on the gold spot price which fluctuates all the time. However, on average, you can expect to pay about 2% more for a gold nugget than it would be bought at the spot market.

This is because of the premium that Texas Bullion Exchange charges to cover their storage costs as well as the marketing and sales forces they use.

Why Buy From Texas Bullion Exchange?

Texas Bullion Exchange Review

If you are looking for a wealth of knowledge and the best prices on precious metals, you should consider purchasing gold, silver or platinum from Texas Bullion Exchange. They have been in business since 2003 and have built a great reputation to get your business. The company makes it very easy to buy precious metals online with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Texas Bullion Exchange is about more than just money; it's about real value in direct ownership of gold and silver. You can be confident in knowing that you will find the lowest prices on coins, bars and rounds on the market with the wealth of information available from this reputable dealer.

They offer a variety of services that are unmatched by most dealers. One of their most popular services is their online shop where you can buy precious metal bullion in many different forms including coins, rounds, bars and platinum. Texas Bullion Exchange also offers secure storage options for your precious metals to ensure that it is safe from theft or damage.

How to Buy Texas Bullion?

Texas Bullion Exchange Review

You can purchase gold, silver and platinum from Texas Bullion Exchange in many different ways. Customers can trade by phone or through the company's website to purchase precious metals. Texas Bullion Exchange also has a Trade-a-Mine Program where you can buy land in gold mines and will receive a percentage of the profits from the gold that is mined.

Is Texas Bullion Safe?

Texas Bullion Exchange is one of the most trusted dealers in the precious metal industry. It is important for customers to feel confident in knowing that their assets are safe and secure, which is why Texas Bullion Exchange invests heavily in protecting assets against theft or damage. They have built a strong relationship with a select group of regional security companies to provide high-end security to their precious metals.

With a commitment to providing the best prices and service possible, Texas Bullion Exchange has become one of the leading precious metal dealers in the United States. The company offers a wide range of services including secure storage facilities, IRA products and prices that are unmatched by most other dealers.

As one of the largest Web-based dealers in precious metals, Texas Bullion Exchange is sure to satisfy any customer looking for a wide selection of gold and silver at great values. They are committed to providing the best service possible and will fulfill orders quickly with excellent customer service.

Pros & Cons of Texas Bullion Exchange


⬆️ Fast Order Process

Texas Bullion Exchange provides an easy way to purchase precious metals. You can make a purchase on their website or by phone, and they will follow through with your request quickly.

⬆️ Low Price Guarantee

Texas Bullion Exchange offers some of the lowest prices in the market and makes it easy for customers to find gold, silver and more at reasonable prices. The company always makes sure you get the best possible price on coins, rounds and bars and will not sell you anything that is not up to their quality standards.

⬆️ Secure Storage

Once you make a purchase from Texas Bullion Exchange, the company will hold your gold, silver or platinum in storage facilities that are highly secure. This allows you to feel confident knowing that your precious metals are safe and in trusted hands.

⬆️ Wide Selection

Texas Bullion Exchange offers a wide selection of gold, silver and platinum at great values. You can get any type of precious metal including coins, rounds and bars as well as platinum. The company also offers you a variety of different custody services such as secure storage and trade-a-mine programs that allow you to buy land in mining operations.

⬆️ Expert Services

Texas Bullion Exchange has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best gold or silver prices available on the market. They have been in business for over 16 years making them an expert in certain markets or under certain circumstances.

⬆️ Gold, Silver and Platinum

Texas Bullion Exchange offers a wide selection of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and more. You can find any type of gold or silver that you are looking for including 24k gold coins and bars that trade at the spot market price. They also offer platinum rounds, bars and coins as well as silver bars and rounds that the company has sourced.

⬆️ Exceptional Customer Service

Texas Bullion Exchange makes it easy for customers to buy precious metals with a variety of different payment options. You can make a purchase on their website or by phone and will be treated like a valued customer every time.


⬇️ High Shipping Costs

Texas Bullion Exchange offers free shipping on orders over $2,000. They do not offer free shipping on smaller orders and require customers to pay for delivery as well as insurance unless they are willing to accept the risk of loss or damage to their precious metals during shipment.

⬇️ No Platinum

Texas Bullion Exchange does not offer platinum coins, rounds or bars. You can find some cheap jewelry items but you will need to look elsewhere for bullion options. It is important to know that Texas Bullion Exchange only carries gold and silver items.

⬇️ Poor Website Interface

The website interface at Texas Bullion Exchange is difficult to navigate. It can be hard to find the exact bullion you are looking for and the company does not offer a lot of information about their products on the website either.

⬇️ No Secure Storage for Silver

Texas Bullion Exchange does not offer secure storage for silver. The company only offers secure storage for gold, silver and platinum. This can make it difficult to find an affordable option for storing your silver bullion.

⬇️ Site Is Slow and Hard To Navigate

The website at Texas Bullion Exchange is difficult to navigate and the order process is slow. The company does not make it easy for customers to order products online or through their mobile app either.

Final Verdict

Texas Bullion Exchange is a great option for buying precious metals in the United States. The company offers low prices on gold and silver bars, coins and rounds as well as platinum bars, rounds and coins.

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