Witter Coins

Witter Coins

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WitterCoins is a brand new platform in which users can create hidden messages, add them to pictures and videos, send them out to the world, and as a result, earn money. This sounds fascinating and exciting, but there's a catch: You have to pay $39.95 to be able to use the system.

  • Product: Witter Coins
  • Price: $39.95
  • Owners: Wittercoins.com

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About Witter Coins

Witter Coins

Witter Coins is a revolutionary new platform that artists, entrepreneurs, and those looking to find their next great business idea will be used for the first time. It is a Zero Cost marketing tool that can be used to make money while you sleep! WitterCOIN allows people who want to share information with others to use hidden messages in pictures, videos, and text. WitterCOIN is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get their voice heard in a crowded Internet world.

The WitterCOIN Artist Rewards System allows you to earn FREE WitterCOIN by sharing your art, photography, video, and music! Your audience then enriches your life with tips in WitterCOINS. You can also make money today by selling products and services on the Witter platform.

Marketplace & Product Eco-System

The platform contains an online marketplace where users can buy and sell products and services. It also has a voting system where users can vote on their favorite products, services, and user accounts.

WitterCOIN is the only currency that is used on the platform. This aim is to avoid confusion between users and keep the platform simple and consistent. This means that the eco-system can grow quickly without waiting for merchants and vendors to accept a new currency while simultaneously being able to add new features quickly.

Exclusive Products

Witter Coins

The WitterCOIN platform is currently in beta, so there are not yet any exclusive products. However, this is soon to change as the business will be launching the following exclusive products once the platform is live:

WitterCoins – these are the tokens that users earn on the Witter platform. They can then use these tokens to buy exclusive goods, services, and content on their favorite artists' new albums, songs, and more.

Storage and Delivery

The platform allows users to upload and store their content for free for an entire year. Users can do this to ensure that as many people see their content as possible.

❑ WitterCoin Exchange – the user can use WitterCOINs to buy and sell just about anything they want on the platform. The combined revenues earned through WitterCoin sales will then pay you a percentage of those revenues via your Wittercoin salary account.

Two additional features that are being tested as prototypes on the Witter platform at the moment, but can be implemented quickly, if resources and funding permit:

▣ WitterCOIN Bank – a transaction system to store and trade WitterCOINs, allowing users to use their images and videos without worrying about handling money.

▣ WitterCoin Exchange – a system that allows users to trade products and services on the platform. The profits made will then be paid via your Wittercoin accounts.

Resources for Investors

Witter Coins

The team behind WitterCOIN is incredibly enthusiastic and very active. They have only been running the company for a few months, but they have already raised $100,000 through two successful crowdfunding campaigns. The well-funded company aims to provide the following:

  • WitterCoin Capital Corp – will be used for the seed funding rounds of various companies. It is also intended to serve as a centralized marketplace for WitterCoin holders to sell their products and services.
  • WitterCoin Cloud – an exchange for WitterCoin, allowing users to sell their products and services without worrying about dealing with sales.
  • WitterCoin Cloud II – a next-generation exchange system designed to allow users to trade digital products and services more efficiently while reducing costs.

Are There Any Red Flags for Witter Coins?

The company is currently in beta, but they have already raised $100,000 in two crowdfunding campaigns and are extremely enthusiastic. However, they do seem to be a little overzealous when it comes to marketing their product. They have been spamming all of their social media accounts with many promotional posts, which has irritated a lot of investors and prompted a few to file complaints.

The team is also still running their company from Australia, where WitterCOIN is not yet fully operational. This can be seen on their website, which is currently littered with placeholder content and no information about actual service launch dates.


We will have to wait to see if the Witter platform matches its expectations. Its revolutionary features are a more than welcome change from the current platforms on the market. However, there is still a lot of work to be done if it wants to satisfy investors, who increasingly demand more than just bright ideas.

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