2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

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If you're looking for the perfect coin to add to your portfolio, or even an IRA, you may be wondering whether the 2-ounce Silver Orca Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint is the right choice. Sure, this coin looks impressive, but is it the right fit for you?

Well, good news! You're in the right place. Today, we're going to take an in-depth look at this coin, its purity level, value, IRA-eligibility, and more to help you decide if you are ready to add it to your collection or IRA. Keep reading to learn more about the 2-ounce Canadian Silver Orca Coin.

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Silver Orca Coin at a Glance

  • Composition: 2-ounce .9999 fine silver (99.99% pure silver)
  • Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Minting Location: Canada
  • Obverse Design: Queen Elizabeth II looking to the right
  • Reverse Design: An orca diving down beneath the surface of the water
  • Face Value: $10 (CAD)
  • IRA-Eligibility: Eligible to be held in an IRA

About the Silver Orca Coin

2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

This Silver Orca Coin is made from 99.99% pure silver, which means it has a fineness rating of .9999. The coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, one of the most trusted and respect mints in the world. In addition to this 2-ounce Silver Orca coin, the Royal Canadian Mint also produced a 10-ounce Silver Orca Coin and a ΒΌ-ounce Gold Orca coin.

Silver Orca Coin Design

If you like animals, specifically sea creatures, you're certain to find this coin appealing. Continue reading to learn more about its obverse and reverse designs.


2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susana Blunt is featured on the obverse of this coin. This portrait is quite famous, and you've likely seen it on other Canadian currency. In fact, it has been used on Canadian coins since 2003 after Susana Blunt won the Royal Canadian Mint's contest to pick a new portrait of the Queen for their coins.

In the effigy, the Queen is pictured looking to the right. She is wearing a pearl necklace, but no crown. A radial pattern surrounds her head to reduce counterfeits, with the words "Elizabeth II D.G. Regina" along the two sides of her face. "Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, the Queen" is what these words means.


2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

The impressive orca is featured on the reverse of the coin. In the image, the orca is shown diving underwater, with his back fin still above the surface. However, with the angle of the image, viewers are still able to see the orca's entire body, even the part beneath the surface. In the distance behind the orca, you can see large rolling hills and mountains.

A circular border with a radial pattern frames the image of the orca. Along the top of this border, "Canada" is written along with the coin's date. "9999 Fine Silver 2 Oz Argent Pur" is written along the bottom of the coin to show its weight and purity level.

Silver Orca Coin Value

The value of a Silver Orca coin can fluctuate based on different factors. First, you'll want to pay attention to the spot price of silver. Remember, that this is a 2-ounce silver coin and the spot price of silver is based off of 1 ounce of silver.

However, the price of this coin is based on more than just its weight in silver. Premium silver coins like this are often worth more than the spot price of silver. This is because of their unique and attractive designs, limited production quantities, and demand from investors. All of these factors can work together to increase the value of this coin at any given time.

We can't write a specific value for the Silver Orca coin in this article because its value will continue to rise and fall based on the spot price of silver. However, it is a pretty safe bet that the value will be much higher than the $10 (CAD) face value printed on the obverse of the coin.

To obtain the current value of this coin, contact your precious metals provider. They will be able to share the most recent information to let you know exactly what the coin will cost to purchase.

Adding Silver Orca Coins to a Precious Metals IRA

2oz Canadian Silver Orca Coin Review

Did you know that you can add precious metals to a retirement account? Well, you can with a Precious Metals IRA. In this special type of Self-Directed IRA, individuals can diversify their retirement portfolios with gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Adding precious metals to a retirement account may provide you with some peace of mind to combat the volatile stock market. When your investments are more spread out, you will be less severely impacted by drops in the market.

The Silver Orca coin is eligible to be held in a Precious Metals IRA. With its 99.99% pure silver content, it more than satisfies the IRS requirement for silver coins and bars to be at least 99.9% pure.

If you think this is the right financial move for you, find a reputable precious metals provider to help you open up your new Precious Metals IRA and add the Silver Orca coin to it.

Are Silver Orca Coins a Good Investment?

Everyone's investment goals are different. This means that the right investment for you may look different than the right investment for someone else. To determine whether the Silver Orca coin is a good investment for you, you'll want to consider everything we've shared in this article so far.

Additionally, think about your current financial position and future financial goals. Do you see investing in the Silver Orca coin as a way to help you achieve these goals? If so, then why not add it to a Silver IRA or purchase it as a personal investment?

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