Best Gold Coins To Buy

Best Gold Coins To Buy

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A gold coin is made exclusively of gold and may be created by a private initiative or issued by the government. Gold coins minted by the governments are referred to as bullion coins. The gold coin is a minimal-risk investment alternative. When other investments drop, gold tends to increase, offering a stabilizing effect for your portfolio.

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Why You Should Invest in Gold coins

Best Gold Coins To Buy

Selecting gold coins as an investment has numerous benefits since it is known to offer protection to your investment in the future and for stable rates worldwide with almost the same price. Most importantly, this article will help you avoid any common scams sites might try and trick you into buying from them by giving you fake reviews. This article is helpful to those looking for new unique investment ideas. Below are some significant benefits you stand to gain by investing in gold coins.

It Can Protect You Against Inflation Risks

You need to understand inflation with regards to investments since it can kill your acquisition in the distant future. Factoring in inflation, you should never invest in cash because it will depreciate. Instead, you can opt for investing in gold to protect you from inflation. Gold has beaten the inflation rate over the years, and you will be capable of minimizing your risk by a colossal margin.

Requires No Maintenance

Another practical reason you should invest in gold coins is that gold needs no maintenance from your side, and you can keep them safe in a place for many years. After buying gold coins, you can keep them safe in your locker for hundreds of years without the requirement for any maintenance.

Easy to Buy and Sell in the Market

You can easily buy gold coins, and it makes sense to purchase them from trusted sellers such as banks who can issue guarantee certificates on the product. The benefit of buying gold from apparent sources is that you will receive authentic quality without any risk, and you will also keep proper receipts for future reference.

Gold is always in demand, so you should worry less about liquidating your gold assets. You can trade the gold for immediate cash when you sell them in the market, and if you do not, you can pledge the gold coins as security or surety for loans from various financial institutions.

A Worthy Way to Save Money for Future

Best Gold Coins To Buy

Investing in gold coins will safeguard your money for the future and will be able to get better returns in the future compared to when you choose to invest in real estate. Remember saving money for the long run is necessary when you have a regular income, and among the best ways to implement this is by investing in gold coins.

Does Not Deteriorate with Time

Gold will never deteriorate in the long run compared to other investments since it will never lose its price because of old age. Hence, when you opt to buy gold coins, your investment will attain returns and security.

Easily Transferable

Once you have purchased your gold coins, you can transfer them to the next generations effortlessly compared to other investment assets. Many people gift gold ornaments and jewelry to their descendants during marriage and other important occasions in life. You can choose to give the gold coins to your children when distributing assets, which will be beneficial for their future.

Acts as a Supplement to the Stock Market and Real Estate Investment

You must balance your investment by buying gold coins from the market as you invest in real estate and the stock market. Most of these investments come with many risks compared to investing in gold coins. Since gold rates will not drastically deteriorate like investing in real estate and the stock market, your investment in gold coins will be safeguarded in the future while providing a simple way to diversify your risk.

Has Price Stability as an Additional Benefit

Gold price is relatively stable and does not fall by a colossal margin even in crisis compared to other choices in the market. This factor proves why over the years, investors have always preferred gold.

Best Gold Coins to Buy

This section will discuss the top 16 gold coins that are most attractive to investors who intend to invest in precious metals. The gold coins have different ranking systems based on popularity, gold content, and scarcity and may differ from more common ratings.

1. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, 1-Ounce

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, 1-Ounce

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin has the highest value per gram of gold out of the remaining listed coins in this article. This gold bullion coin has been made by the Royal Canadian Mint and produced since 1987. The gold maple leaf coin is minted in various sizes, with each currency containing the exact weight of fine gold, representing the Canadian legal tender for all amounts. The Canadian gold coin comprises .9999 pure 24-karat gold and has been consistently ranked as one of the most popular gold coins.

2. British Sovereigns

British Sovereigns

British Sovereign is among the few popular gold coins. Its face value is one pound sterling, and production is only allowed by the British Royal Mint. It was first minted in 1717 and has been continuously made since. This Gold Sovereign coin is about the size of a U.S. nickel.

Its obverse side features a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with her name and 'ELIZABETH II' above her head and denomination below her neck ('FOUR SHILLINGS'). The reverse side features an image of Britannia sitting on a globe, with 'BRITANNIA 1875 - 2017 – BRITAIN' appearing below the lady's feet and an inscription that says "IN GOD WE TRUST." British Sovereigns was first issued as circulating coin; then, in the later years, their utilization mainly has been for bullion and trade purposes.

3. American Buffalo Gold Coin

American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Coin comes in a collector case, including a certificate with the history of the coin's production, serial number (M.S. numbered), weight, purity, denomination, and special features about the coin's authenticity with each coin individually. The American Buffalo Gold Coin is a timeless investment. These are the coins you can pass down from generation to generation.

You will not find a better coin to add to your collection than the American Buffalo Gold Coin. Whether you're looking for security or something to cherish and keep with you forever, the American Buffalo is that coin.

4. South African Gold Krugerrand, 1-Ounce Gold Coin

South African Gold Krugerrand. 1-Ounce Gold Coin

South African Gold Krugerrand is the first officially-minted gold coin in history and was minted in 1820. The Krugerrand is a favorite among many investors and collectors because the design is timeless.

Additionally, it's seen as the world’s most reliable gold coin today, as it has maintained nearly 100% of its original value since its inception. The Krugerrand is one of the ways that South Africa has been making waves in global politics and commodities markets.

5. 1-Ounce Chinese Gold Panda

1-Ounce Chinese Gold Panda

1-ounce Chinese Gold Panda coins have been minted by the Chinese government since 1982 and are one of the purest gold coins in circulation. Add this coin to your collection for a beautiful and hard-to-find addition. As one of China's most iconic animals, it's unsurprising that the panda is found on several of China's minted pieces; however, few can beat the beauty and purity of owning this 1-ounce gold coin.

6. French Rooster Gold Coin

French Rooster Gold Coin

The French 20 Franc Roosters, a series of gold bullion coins. Available in fractional sizes of 1/20, ¼, ½, and 1 Franc with French Roosters in brilliant uncirculated condition at various price points. The French Rooster Gold Coins are a series of gold bullion coins issued by the Monnaie de Paris. The first edition was created in 1988, and the last was published in 1992.

7. The United States Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The United States Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle, a twenty-dollar gold coin, was manufactured by the United States Mint from 1907 to 1933. The name of the coin was sourced from its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, a well-known sculptor who died in 1907. Many consider the high relief of the eagle on its obverse as among the most magnificent designs ever produced by the Mint. This contrasts with the low relief design on other U.S. coins.

8. Mexican Libertad Gold Coin

Mexican Libertad Gold Coin

The Mexican Libertad Gold Coin is worth USD 4 per one-ounce pure gold coin. It weighs 29.1 grams and contains .995 troy ounces of 24K solid gold from Mexico. It is an excellent choice because the coin has a low premium, and the purity of gold is unquestioned.

9. 2002 American Eagle Gold Coin

2002 American Eagle Gold Coin

The 2002 American Eagle Gold Coin is one of the few coins in this article that has no value. It is worth USD 14.17 per one-ounce pure gold coin, but it has been moved down to the bottom of the list because it has no value. In 2002, the U.S. Mint also released this Gold Coin in a Proof finish. If a coin has no value, why would you buy it?

It is like purchasing an item used with a price tag still attached to it. Purchasing products that have been utilized is a great way to save money, and in the future, you can sell them for more money than if you buy a new one. However, the value is not tied to the metal itself for gold coins. The value of gold coins is tied to how much interest people are willing to pay for them.

10. British Britannia 1-Ounce Gold Coin

British Britannia 1-Ounce Gold Coin

The British Britannia holds excellent value and is available at various price points. The 1-ounce gold coin is worth £100, just the beginning. For example, one-half of an ounce is worth 50 pounds, and a quarter ounce would be worth 25 pounds. The designs are very detailed and make it a beautiful coin to hold in your hand.

All coins come in protective cases that prevent damage to the metal, but they also have low premiums over spot value when purchased from NTR Metals.

11. Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin measures 31mm in diameter and is also made of fine pure 24K gold. It features a kangaroo that is eating a eucalyptus tree branch. This minted coin comes with a FREE Certificate of Authenticity and carries a value of $6 per one-ounce pure gold coin.

It is the official legal tender of Australia. The Perth Mint, located in Western Australia, has been minting official gold and silver coins to commemorate Australia since 1899. Today, it continues its legacy by minting a wide variety of fine quality gold and silver bullion coins. The Perth Mint also produces collectible coins and medallions for numismatists worldwide to celebrate special events held in Australia like the Commonwealth Games.

12. Japanese Yatagan Steel Karambit Knife

Japanese Yatagan Steel Karambit Knife

The Japanese Yatagan Steel Karambit Knife contains .924 troy ounces of pure gold worth USD 4,500 per one-ounce pure gold coin. However, due to its size and not being a common gold bullion coin, the Japanese Yatagan Steel Karambit Knife has been moved down to the 12th position.

13. Russia 10 Rouble Gold Coin

Russia 10 Rouble Gold Coin

Russia 10 Rouble Gold Coin is the Russian Empire reverse-state emblem depicted as a two-headed eagle, holding the scepter and orb in its paws. It took the form in 1722, following the coronation of Catherine I of Russia, and continued until the 18th century. It is also a symbol of Soviet power. The 10 Rouble Gold Coin is minted from 1828 to 1917.

Russia's 10 Rouble Gold Coin began to be minted because under Catherine the Great (1762-1796), coins of low metallic content were circulating, which led to an exchange crisis, so gold money was introduced as an alternative currency. Modern Russian Federation, 10 Roubles Coins, were first issued on July 17th, 1998, with a face value equal to 1/10 of one 1989 USSR rouble and weighed 14g and diameter of 38mm.

14. The Queen's Beasts 2021 Gold 1oz Bullion Coin

The Queen's Beasts 2021 Gold 1oz Bullion Coin

The Queen's Beasts 2021 Gold 1oz Bullion Coin is the eleventh and final coin in the highly popular Queen's Beasts series. These gold coins are some of the most beautiful and sought-after gold coins on the market today! The Queen's Beasts prides itself on creative, sculptural design focusing on the original beasts commissioned in 1953 to stand guard at Her Majesty's coronation.

This coin features an intricately detailed rendering of the Lion of England, looking forward along with its regal pose crowned with a crown and its mane trailing down from head to shoulder. You can explore this stunning gold 1oz crown bullion coin and place your order through Provident Metals' convenient online ordering system!

15. 2005 American Eagle Gold Coin

2005 American Eagle Gold Coin

The 2005 American Eagle Gold Coin is one of the few coins in this article that has no value. It is worth USD 14.17 per one-ounce pure gold coin, but it has been moved down to the bottom of the list because it does no value. However, this does have some benefits because its "market value" is slowly rising. This coin is about twenty percent off its actual value and could be worth quite a bit in as little as five years if the market value grows.

16. Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin was first minted in 2008 and valued at USD 1 per one-ounce pure gold coin. This Austrian 1 oz. Philharmoniker coin comes in a beautiful display case containing an Austrian Gold Philharmoniker, 1 oz. 24 karat gold coin and a Certificate of Authenticity. The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin has a value of 100.00 Euro and is issued by the Austrian Mint.

At its introduction, it was the world's first pure gold coin with a face value and thus the first to be eligible for international shipment. According to The Austrian Mint, nine other countries also have gold bullion coins, but only one has an actual monetary amount, not just a symbolic one — namely, Canada's Maple Leaf. Of course, it must be counted as one of Germany's greatest successes in that it supplied 2% of the world's gold coins in 2009.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gold Coins

Many people prefer purchasing gold coins over jewelry since gold coins are purchasable in as low as 0.5 grams. When buying gold coins, these are what you should consider:

A. Purity of Gold Coins

There are two ways to assess the quality of gold coins: carat and fineness, with carat being the measure of gold purity that is more commonly used. The 24 carats is regarded as the purest form of gold, containing 24/24 parts. Fineness which refers to the weight of the precious metal in proportion to the total weight, is another parameter utilized in finding the purity of 24ct gold, and it is expressed in units per 1,000. It is significant to note that pure gold can also contain minute mixed impurities aggregates.

B. Packaging

Gold coins come in tamper-proof packaging, and you must purchase gold coins in tamper-proof packaging. This packaging protects the gold against counterfeiting, damage, and fraud.

C. Credibility

All gold coins are usually BIS-hallmarked, and it is crucial to request a purity certificate from your trader before buying the gold coins.

D. Making Charges

Compared to jewelry, purchasing gold coins is relatively more effortless. It also offers you the choice to buy the purest form of gold with 0.5 grams as the minimum weight and lower making charges matched to ornaments. Gold coins making charges generally range between 8 and 16%.

E. Taxes

Just like gold jewelry and bars, gold coins are taxed. While buying gold coins, you must pay 3 percent GST at current rates, and this amount is not recoverable when you are selling your gold coins.


To conclude, about thirty-seven gold coins are believed to be worth considering for your purchase; however, this article discusses the top 16 best gold coins in the market today to buy. Investing in gold coins is more beneficial than investing in other assets, and there are factors to consider when buying gold coins. Before investing, you must do your research to know precisely the investment you are about to make and the advantages. Hopefully, you've had fun learning about these rare gold bullion coins.

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