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Broad Financial is a New York-born financial and investment firm that opened its doors in 2004. The company initially dealt with industrial, residential, and retail real estate development before it diversified its niches in 2009. Today, Broad Financial is a trusted U.S investor-centered financial company specialized in real estate IRAs, self-directed gold, Bitcoin IRAs, Roth IRAs, and simplified employee pension. Broad Financial is the brainchild of Daniel Gleich, E. Brian Finkelstein, and Mervyn Klein.

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Who Exactly is Broad Financial?

Broad Financial

Broad Financial is the go-to financial company for New Yorkers, which offers dozens of profitable investment opportunities for would-be retirees and other investors. It's currently one of the leaders in the Self Directed retirement savings industry. The company offers the most powerful and flexible solo 401k plans. Broad Financial targets investors looking to diversify their investment to assets such as private company stock, real estate, and private loans.

Broad Financial does offer a personalized way to invest by eliminating the high Wall Street fees common with other financial investment companies. With Broad Financial, you have the option of controlling your personal checking account alongside your retirement funds. The company has made it easier and fun to invest in IRA by eliminating the complex and lengthy paperwork. With its value-added partnerships, substitute asset expertise, and high-end client support, the company aims to simplify asset and IRA investment.

Can I Trust Broad Financial to Secure my Investment?

Broad Financial

Retirement investors have always wanted to expand their investment portfolios past Wall Street options. The move has pushed many financial companies to expound their product offerings, most of which aren't good enough. Broad Financial began as a real estate company and shifted to the financial and investment sector when they saw the challenges retirement investors faced with Wall Street investment options. To help investors and streamline the retirement investment process, Daniel Gleich and Mervyn Klein invented a self-directed investment process that caters to all in terms of efficiency, robustness, and affordability.

Later, Mervyn Klein and Daniel Gleich brought Brian Finkelstein on the team to fine-tune key financial areas that needed streamlining. Brian Finkelstein is a retired UBS Managing Director and Helix Financial Systems CEO with broad experience in creating and implementing high-end financial systems. The three moved the company to its current high-ranked and top-rated status in the financial industry.

The company's goal has been to funnel retirement investment towards modern investment options, including private lending, precious metals, and real estate investing opportunities. Broad Financial beats renowned and established brands like Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments in their own game. That's considering Broad financial offers more forward-thinking and friendly opportunities, unlike the two, which offer conventional investment solutions, including bonds, deposit certificates, and stocks. So, whatever your retirement investment goal, Broad Financial has got your back.

Product Offerings by Broad Financial?

Broad Financial

Broad Financial is, without doubt, a great company focused on solving most, if not all, retirement investment needs of the modern generation. They have proven to be a gem amid hundreds of fake metals, and their commitment to seeing you invest your hard-earned retirement money profitability is unrivaled. The company offers amazing Solo 401k and IRA products at the most affordable market rates. With an A+ BBB rating and thousands of happy and satisfied clients backing the services the company offers, it's sure they are a great company. The following are key product offerings you get by investing with Broad Financial:

Checkbook Control

The checkbook control solution lets you invest in Bitcoin IRA, goal, real estate, and other investment options in our catalog without having to pay asset or transaction fees. You just write a check which is then directed to your selected investment portfolio.

Rollover of Funds

You are allowed to quickly and easily transfer or roll over money from your IRA plan or retirement account whenever you feel like it. Whether you have a Roth IRA, SEP IRA, 403b, or 401K account, rollover and transfer options are available.

Diversification options

This product offering lets you diversify your investment portfolio to your liking. Investment options include real estate, personal loans, tax liens, and foreclosures. The multiple investment options allow for versatility while making investment decisions.

IRA Account Types Offered By Broad Financial

Broad Financial

Broad Financial allows users to create three IRA accounts. The first account option you can create is the traditional self-directed IRA account. This account charges you fees for every transaction you make, which is dependent on the type of asset or security. The checkbook IRA account is a more advanced account to set up. With this type of account, you'll have to create an LLC. You won't need to seek the help of a custodian when you decide to diversify your investment portfolio. The last account type is the Solo 401k plan that allows investors to choose from multiple investment options, not just Wall Street. When you have a Solo 401k account, you can do the following:

  • Channel some investments to your Roth subaccount
  • Register a checking account to give you superior investing flexibility
  • Apply a loan using your account as the security

The maintenance fees for any of these accounts are charged quarterly, which is quite different from what most competing companies charge. Let's break down the fees for each account. If you go for the self-directed IRA plan, you'll pay $100 as a setup fee and a quarterly custodian fee of $75. When you register a self-directed IRA with a checkbook control account, you'll pay a setup fee of $1295 and a quarterly account management fee of $75. With a self-directed IRA with a checkbook control account, you can apply for LLC.

How is the Company's Support Service?

Broad Financial is known for offering premium, lifetime customer support to every registered account owner. You're assured of quality and prompt support services whether you have a self-directed IRA LLC account or self-directed IRA account. Interactions and support services offered by Broad Financial online and through phone calls are not charged.

Clients have the option to initiate a phone call any time of their choice through a toll-free number. The streamlined and affordable support service benefits not only the clients but also the company. It enables clients to get prompt answers to their queries while ensuring the support team at Broad Financial can attend to multiple clients conveniently.

The efficiency and quality of the support services offered by Broad Financial are well reflected in the client testimonials. Broad Financial allows customers to post their testimonials, whether positive or negative, on their site. That's a sure way to prove that Broad Financial is trusted, and its commitment to customer satisfaction is unquestionable.

Pros and Cons of Investing With Broad Financial

Broad Financial has proven to the world that it can deliver to client expectations. Ever since they opened their doors in 2004, they have sealed thousands of deals and served dozens of happy and satisfied clients. The following are the pros and cons of investing with this credible financial and investment company headquartered in New Jersey, United States.


  • You can invest any amount as the company doesn't offer investment minimums.
  • You can select from multiple high-value and profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • The setup fees are affordable, and there are no hidden charges.
  • The Broad Financial platform is user-friendly and fun to navigate.
  • The ongoing flat fees for account management are affordable.
  • They facilitates investment into multiple assets, including private business, Bitcoin, gold, tax liens, and real estate.
  • There are many types of self-directed IRAs at your disposal.
  • You can select between Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs.
  • You won't have to pay tax or any fees on your coin values.


  • It doesn't give details about other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
  • The website doesn't provide transparent information about bitcoin IRA fees.
  • Not suitable for investors that need middleman assistance to make the right investment decisions.

What Sets Broad Financial Apart?

Broad Financial

Broad Financial has a robust reputation, and its client base is massive. Broad Financial wasn't originally an industry leader. The standing and high customer trust came due to its unique approach to the whole process of retirement investment. Clients get a self-directed plan tailored exclusively for them with the features and qualities that meet your investment portfolio.

Broad Financial works closely with Madison Trust to provide high-end investment services to each of its customers. Madison Trust has passed all federal government's rigorous and complex assessment process to qualify as a trusted company. The company's credibility and financial stability have been its key support system. So many reasons have made Broad Financial stand out from the crowd.

One reason customers have always recommended Broad financial is because of the quality and efficient customer care services. Each of their customers is entitled to lifelong and toll-free customer care support.

The Company Offers to Compile Your Year-end Tax Forms for You

The company sends you user guides to enlighten you on how to invest wisely. They keep you updated on the mistakes to avoid, transactions you shouldn't make, and any other information you need to keep your account safe.

They help you with the LLC setup process while providing you a clear booklet of the things you should know about your account.

Is Broad Financial a Scam?

Broad Financial

Broad Financial is definitely not a scam. Before we go into details, mere observation of the company's rank on search engines will give you a clear picture of its reputation. As proof that Broad Financial is genuine, check through the Better Business Bureau ratings and customer reviews.

You can trust a company with five stars and an A+ BBB rating for over 17 years of operation. If you're doubtful, you can check its rating on the Business Consumer Alliance, and an incredibly impressive rating of AAA'll meet you. If you would rather confirm with Google search engines, go through the reviews, and you'll be amazed by the 4.5 rating and many positive reviews.

For more details on the company's authenticity, check the, which gives it a rating of 9 over ten stars for reasonable pricing and quality service.


If you've hunted for a trustworthy retirement and investment company to no avail, consider checking the plans and rates with Broad Financial. The company has operated since 2004 and has managed to serve thousands of happy customers, so you're to love investing with them.

Although we do think that Broad Financial is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with if you are looking into precious metals.

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