Chelsea Rare Coins

Chelsea Rare Coins

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Chelsea Rare Coins, located in the heart of Michigan, provides collectors, investors, and dealers with an excellent platform for dealing with rare coins, currencies, and bullion.

This five-star company is the Midwest's largest scrap gold and silver buyer. We will match or beat most competitors' prices. The majority of our purchases are made by other merchants. CRC is the largest Franklin Mint buyer in the United States. CRC purchases all collections and estates. Examples of valuables include:

  • Currency
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum palladium
  • Estates
  • Stamps

CRC is among the few Rare Coin Dealerships with Coinnet and the Certified Rare Coin Exchange trading privileges. CRC is in the unusual position of offering a competitive trading market on all US coins, including rare Large Size currencies, as well as most bullion goods.

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  • 5x Inc 500 winner

Why You Should Invest in Rare Coins 

Chelsea Rare Coins

In the investment world, it's a chaotic moment. Only the Federal Reserve can salvage half of the investment-grade corporate bonds, rated at the lowest possible level of BBB. Treasuries are selling on secondary markets at negative after-inflation rates, meaning holding them loses money in real terms. There is no such thing as certainty. As economists and reality suggest, this is a time when liquidity is critical.

When you mention precious metals, you risk looking like a pushy direct marketing company that wants you to buy gold—from them. There's nothing wrong with gold, and it can help you build a strong portfolio. Gold should be considered similar to other asset classes in a portfolio, with investors questioning its sizing more frequently than its inclusion.

The price of gold has risen dramatically in recent years. The COMEX commodities market has seen a 12.6 percent increase in price since the beginning of the year, with prices hanging slightly higher than a standard ounce. A possible upside of 3.7 percent is priced into the futures market.

When gold becomes undervalued, investors begin to pay notice. As more money is invested in the commodity, its value rises until it becomes overvalued, at which point it languishes.

The volatility of the stock market has aided the latest rebound. People became agitated, and as the Fed injected liquidity into the bond market and drove up prices, finding a solid hedge against further stock market declines became more difficult. Gold's benefits include its universal recognition as a store of value, its ability to operate as a liquidity hedge, and its ability to accrue worth in the appropriate market conditions.

Why Choose Chelsea Rare Coins

Chelsea Rare Coins

Chelsea Rare Coins is a power seller on eBay, with our store. Check it out for hundreds of fantastic discounts on rare coins, cash, and other items—thousands of happy numismatic mail-order clients. We will pay the best price for all quality numismatic material - Colonials to $50 Gold — as the leading advertiser in Coinage.

CRC is at the vanguard of rare coin buyers in the United States, whether it is a little bullion transaction or the liquidation of a vast estate. CRC has a seven-figure capitalization and can buy all transactions outright. Twelve minutes from Ann Arbor. There is usually plenty of parking, and most clients are parked just 4 feet from our front door, making it easy to move large things.

Since 1964, CRC has been purchasing and selling. They deal in wholesale, retail, rare coins, currency, and bullion. Scrap gold jewelry fetches the highest price from CRC. We are Life Members of the American Numismatic Association, the Central States Numismatic Society, and several other prestigious numismatic societies.

Most big companies around the country have long-standing partnerships with CRC. We are one of the significant purchasers of sterling silver in the United States. TCF, our bank, is direct across the street. Many consumers like to get their checks cashed right away. CRC will collaborate with you to ensure that every transaction is fun and profitable.

Chelsea Rare Coins Connections

Put the experience and knowledge of to work for you. Since 1964, we've been dealing in precious metals, silver, and rare coins.

We are uniquely positioned to give our collectors, investors, and dealers the most outstanding prices since we have some of the best relationships in the rare coin industry. We've been to thousands of Numismatic Conventions in the United States and Canada since the mid-1960s.

We regularly trade with over 800 rare coin and bullion dealers across the United States through The Certified Coin Exchange. We have direct dealings with one of America's major mint wholesalers. We also have links in Europe and Asia. We take pride in offering our valued trade partners the best pricing on high-quality rare coins and bullion items as Life Members of the American Numismatic Association and the Central States Numismatic Society.

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