CT Gold & Silver Review

CT Gold & Silver Review

Disclaimer: Many or all of the companies listed here may provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear below.

CT Gold & Silver Review is an online review site designed to provide information to consumers, emphasizing precious metals. They work closely with various companies in the precious metals industry, and through their reviews, comparisons, and advice, we hope to show you the full range of options for your investing needs.

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About CT Gold & Silver

Product Type

CT Gold & Silver Review

The site's focus is the precious metals industry, including silver, gold, and platinum. The sales of these precious metals are usually exempt from most forms of taxation in the United States. For more information on the specific products they review, please visit their About page.


CT Gold & Silver Review is owned and run by Tony Pecoraro. Tony has been an active precious metals investor for over 30 years. He started his career in the 1980s as a stored value systems analyst and technical trading executive before closing out his career as the Chief Technology Officer of a global financial services IT security firm. Tony works with a wide cast of companies in the industry to provide you with the most trustworthy information possible to make educated investment decisions.


The review rating is 5 out of 5 stars. This is established by the number of ratings a particular item receives from our readers. We typically use a 5-star rating. However, some items have very few ratings, flagged for not receiving the rating or for other reasons.

Payment Methods

Most items can be purchased online using a check, credit card, or PayPal. Some products can also be ordered via phone, and payment is made by check or wire transfer.


CT Gold & Silver Review guarantees that all user comments posted on their site are 100% truthful. Any products reviewed by CT Gold & Silver Review that have received a low rating due to product performance issues will be returned for a full refund. For more details, please see the site's guarantee page.


CT Gold & Silver Review

CT Gold & Silver Review offers shipping through the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS. FedEx, UPS, and USPS all take care of the product during shipping, so there is no packing or handling needed. They also offer free shipping for auto-ship members of any products in an auto-ship program. These shipments are processed by either the customer service department or their fulfillment center, depending on whether it is a one-time shipment or part of an ongoing auto-ship program.

Contact Information

Contact information is available on the Contact Us page. Emails are typically returned within 24 hours, and phone calls are returned the following business day. CT Gold & Silver Review also has a Q & A section where questions can be posted.

Social Media

The site utilizes Facebook and Twitter to keep its followers up to date on current events and can connect with real people worldwide. Please visit their Facebook fan page and follow them on Twitter to join their social media network.


There are a variety of services offered by CT Gold & Silver Review that can be used to assist you in your precious metals investment needs. These include precious metals educational resources and video courses. They also have a page that provides information on antique gold coins, bullion coins, re-sale gold coins, collectible gold bars, and collectible silver bars.

Pros & Cons of CT Gold & Silver


  • Wide range of information sources: They work directly with companies in the precious metals industry to provide the most up-to-date information possible to help you make informed investment decisions.
  • The website is easy to navigate: The site is easy to navigate, making it very user-friendly. The attention to detail they put into their site will help make learning about precious metals more accessible and fun.
  • Provides an education package: The CT Gold & Silver Review website provides educational resources to help you learn more about precious metals and their investment benefits. They offer articles, video courses, forums, and a glossary of terms.
  • Customer service: The site has a dedicated customer service department available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will walk you through the ordering process and ensure that everything is set up to work for you with their user-friendly online system.
  • Reviews products promptly: CT Gold & Silver Review aims to keep all of the reviews updated within 72 hours of delivery. They review thousands of items monthly and strive to update their reviews as quickly as possible.


  • No physical address: They provide a phone number and an email contact but no physical address. Because of this, it is hard to find the CT Gold & Silver Review office on Google Maps, as no physical location is listed.
  • The site is not mobile-friendly: Although you can access the site from your phone, it takes about a minute to load on a 4G network. The text on the page is also minimal and hard to read. The lack of responsive design for mobile devices can be frustrating for users.
  • The site is not optimized for search engines: For a site that prides itself on being an educational resource, the CT Gold & Silver Review website needs to be optimized for search engines such as Google or Bing. It appears as though their SEO efforts are entirely nonexistent.

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