GSB Gold Standard Group Review

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GSB has a lot of cutting-edge services and products that a lot of people have embraced. They use one of the most advanced blockchain protocols. But before you register, you have to do your fair share of investigation and research. It will help you know if the company is worth giving a try or you should pass. Let’s dive in and find out all you need to know about GSB Gold Standard Group.

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What Is GSB Gold Standard Group?

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

GSB was started in Germany in 2011. The company specialized in trading precious metals and minerals globally. You can trade directly on their exchange network that covers more than a hundred countries. Since its launch, they have introduced many international services and products like the digital G999 card you can use to secure your digital assets. They have an international business blockchain platform (IBBP) that has helped a lot of businesses worldwide. The company also has a universal gold merchant and a gold standard digital bank.

Their services continue to grow because of advanced technology. They connect investors and traders in one platform to exchange and conduct businesses safely, reliable, and fast. They have a well-established software innovation center that helped with the company's upgrade in 2014 to enter the blockchain technology era. They have grown to be one of the leading companies that distribute gold and other precious metals digitally and physically.

GSB Products and Services

GS Lifestyle Card

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

On 1st February 2021, Josip Heit, the CEO of Gold Standard Group, presented the first-ever solid gold credit card. GS lifestyle card is made with pure gold, making it one of the most valuable cards in the world. It allows users to spend their cryptocurrency on the go. G999 blockchain uses can easily exchange cryptocurrency to fiat currencies like Euros, GBP, Dollars or Yen. The card can be used worldwide to make payments, and the company boasts of better exchange rates than many street banks.

Users also enjoy instant rewards and delivery to more than one hundred countries. You can add funds to the account through simple bank transfer transactions. Aside from the solid gold cards, there is aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and gold plated cards. You will enjoy 24/7 global support and concierge services. All your questions will be answered, and if you need clarification, the support is readily available.

G999 Coin

G999 is a peer-to-peer digital cash transfer with high transaction capacity. The money is sent from one wallet or person to another. The decentralized cryptocurrency doesn't need a central bank or any other trusted third parties. The transactions are effortless because they are electronic, and there are no middlemen. The transaction processes are very minimal compared to the traditional money transfer. Blockchain technology helps in eliminating the risk of cybercrime and makes the process secure. The utility coin is listed on several exchanges to be traded.

G999 email, voice and chat give you a chance to keep your massages away from any prying eyes. The GSB Company has prioritized the security and privacy of all the users by using asymmetric encryption. G999 blockchain communications are immune to attacks and hacking. With the rise of cyber-security concerns in the world today, you need a safe and secure platform to hold your transactions. G999 coin combines the spendable nature of cash and the gold-like scarcity. So many companies and individuals are using it for different transactions.

Universal Gold Merchant

GSP universal gold merchant allows users to receive cryptocurrencies which are then converted into fiat currency. It allows people to continue with traditional business activities from far and wide. You can transfer fiat currency to your bank account after exchanging your tokens. The services are available to all global retailers. The universal merchant is flexible and transparent.

Blockchain Academy

GSB educates users on everything they need to know about crypto for ease of use. The courses are online and video-based, and you will be required to pay. The videos are streamed daily with different topics. After you are done, you will get a blockchain certificate. The courses have a simple structure to make them easy for you to understand. The syllabus is practical, with a wide range of knowledge created by professionals.

If there are important questions you wanted answered about cryptocurrencies and assets, this course will be helpful. You can get a three, six or twelve months subscription depending on your needs. Aside from the certificates, you will also earn other rewards like discounts.

Is GSB Gold Standard Group A Scam?

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

Based on the information provided above and the in-depth research shows GSB is not a scam. They are out to deliver unique services. They are making moves into unchartered markets, so the company is receiving a lot of attention from the media. However, there are complaints about the G999 coin online from a few users. The coin reached a high of $0.02 when it landed in the market and quickly crashed to below $0.004. The loss of value can be devastating for those who wanted to invest in the G999 coin. Before you invest, you need to find out all you can about the product to ensure your money or assets are safe and yield fruitful results.

But GSB, through their blockchain developers and competent IT experts they provide reliable services. They have positioned themselves as a powerhouse with developments of precious metal trading programs and software. They work with reputable and registered partners who help with financial transactions. They also have many years of service under their belts, and it continues to thrive, which won't be the case if the company was a complete scam.

Why Is GSB Dedicated To Gold And Precious Metals?

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

Their main plan is to make it easy for everyone to access gold or any other precious metal for whatever reason they have. Gold trading is very delicate; that is why GSB facilitates financial transactions to make the process easy. They believe financial transaction success is determined by IT software solutions, reliability, functionality and user comfort. Precious metal companies can deliver their products and services to their customers without hitches.

They offer zero storage hassles and the highest liquidity. Their gold dedication and services have helped a lot of traders over the years. The human fascination with gold is as old as time, and it continues to grow. That means gold trading is far from over, and the traders will need a trustworthy platform for exchange, which GSB provides. You can use their digital credit card to pay merchants. The gold point of sale allows dealers to increase their sales. They can trade digital gold, which makes it very convenient for the trader. They have so many other services like the gold standard digital bank centered on the precious metals trade.

How Safe Is GSB?

GSB Gold Standard Group is registered as a trusted management company. The Gold Standard Bank was approved to operate as an A-Class private bank in July 2020. Also, as you already know, GSB underwent a transition in 2014 and started using blockchain technology which is practically impossible to hack or penetrate.

So your assets and information will be safe when you perform your transactions through their platforms. The technology also embraces transparency which is what most businesses and traders look for. They have different products, and all struggle to uphold client's safety and privacy.

Pros and Cons

Even when you are conversant with all the GSB services, you need to compare the good and bad sides to get the best overall view.


  • The company provides many reliable solutions.
  • They have existed in the market for a long time.
  • They offer hassle-free transactions and services.
  • Regulated.
  • Easy to use and access.
  • They have reliable real-time data.
  • They have prioritized customer’s security and safety.
  • Fast.
  • Cost-effective services.
  • Trading convenience.
  • They have the best and effective software support.
  • It grows with the user’s needs.
  • It’s safe because of the blockchain technology.


  • There aren’t a lot of customer reviews online. That makes it hard to form an option of their products and services based on real testimonies.
  • There are some complaints about customer service. Calls may take a while before you get a response.
  • Some of the information provided on blockchain academy can be found for free on YouTube.

Final Verdict

GSB Gold Standard Group is taking the financial and trading world by storm. Their digital and physical products have revolutionized gold trading. They deliver better services ever since they incorporated blockchain technology in their transition. GS partners have a lot of crypto services that many people have embraced since it was launched. It has contributed a lot to the GSB Ecosystem. G999 offers private and decentralized communications and transactions. It helps people looking for a secure and safe peer-to-peer trade or money transfer.

Instant transactions have to be one of the most attractive features. The GS lifestyle cards are also revolutionary products from GSB. They allow users to spend their crypto at any time and enjoy 24-hours concierge services. Many companies can benefit from GSB services, and it will be better if they get on board as soon as possible. But before you go all out, we hope this review will help you make a more informed decision to benefit you or your company. If you are an individual looking to enjoy all the benefits of a decentralized system, you should start looking at what GSB has to offer.

Although we do think that GSB Gold Standard Group is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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