SD Bullion Review

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Since its birth in 2012, the SD Bullion has proven itself worthy in the precious metals market. The company has grown to become customers’ choice. Recently the company was listed among the 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States at position 177 and even worldwide.

The company was founded by two doctors who were very dedicated to protecting people's financial health and have worked so hard to prove their efforts even today. Most customers have had positive reviews about the company that shows they do not regret having the company as a precious metals partner.

SD Bullion is a company that deals in selling precious metals. The company's list of precious metals includes gold and silver in both bars and coins and platinum. With over $157 million annual returns, the company, since the beginning of its operations in 2012, has executed over $1 billion in the sale of precious metals. SD Bullion, founded by two dedicated individuals, is generally dedicated to providing the best in terms of its services to the customers compared to its competitors. All the company employees aim to satisfy all their customers' needs in a way that will leave the customers satisfied and glorify the company.

The company has done so well in the market even though it started operations just recently. It has competed well with its rivals, and all these can be attributed to the staff and management dedication, passion, and strive for customers satisfaction. It has won itself several awards over the years of dealing in precious metals, as you will see later in this article.

However, there have been many questions from the people about the company, which the company's abled staff has answered. I have compiled a comprehensive article reviewing the company and responses to some of the frequently asked questions about the company. Read on to learn more.

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SD Bullion Review

What the Company Does

SD Bullion is a precious metals company dealing in gold, silver, and platinum to customers to secure their hard-earned wealth. We sell our precious metals at low retail prices to our investors of guaranteed quality. The company gives you varied buying gold and silver options, ranging from buying precious metals to creating an IRA with the company. There are also several buying options of coins and bars in gold and silver with proven quality and guaranteed security of your wealth.

The company deals in American gold bullions, British Gold coins, Chinese gold pandas, Mexican gold Libertad and many more. Silver coins include silver maple leaves, British silver coins, African silver coins, Australian Perth mint, and many more silver coins. The same applies to platinum, and you can therefore be sure of varied options to choose from. The company's staff is always available to provide guidance and all the information you need about each gold or silver option to make the most informed buying decision.

SD Bullion also deals in services relating to investments in IRAs. It is only essential that you talk to the company's staff for help and directions. What we do is everything around selling precious metals. Read on to learn about the company's coins and bars.

SD Bullion Review

Gold Coins

Here is a detailed guide about the company's gold coins. You can read to know more about the gold options you can have with the company.

  • American gold eagle coins: The coin is available in dimensions of 1/10oz, 1/4oz,1/2oz, and 1oz with 22 hardened karats. It is a pure product with purity levels of .9999. The coin is manufactured in the US with the US mint.
  • Royal Canadian mint gold coins: It includes the gold maple leaf and call of the wild. The Canadian gold maple leafs are one of the most recognized gold coins minted with the Royal Canadian mint with 99.99% metal purity.
  • American gold buffalo coins: Apart from the 1oz coin, all other American gold buffalo coins are made with 24 karat gold with .9999 metal purity. The coin is minted by US mint.
  • British Royal mint gold coins: Includes coins such as gold Britannia and Gold's Queen beast minted in Britain by British Royal mint. The coins have a purity level of .9999 and are IRA eligible.
  • Chinese mint gold panda coins: Minted in China by the Chinese mint since 1982, these gold coins are available in different dimensions with .999 metal purity.
  • Other gold coins that you can also consider include south African mint gold krugerrand, Australian Perth mint gold, Mexican gold Libertad, Austrian gold philharmonic, and many other gold coins all available in different dimensions with significant purity levels. You can visit the company's website to learn more about the available gold coins.
SD Bullion Review

Gold Bars

When investing in physical gold, gold bars are a good option. We deal in gold bullion bars of varied sizes, all with high gold content and metal purity. You can choose any gold bars of any mint, and you can be sure we have it. Among the available gold bars in stock are 1oz royal Canadian mint gold bar, Valcambi gold bar, Pamp Suisse lady Fortuna gold bar, credit Suisse gold bar, British gold Britannia bar, Perth mint gold bar, and many other gold bars you can find on the company's website.

SD Bullion Review

Silver Coins

Like gold, silver is also a good investment option that you can consider. Among the silver coins we offer are the following.

  • Perth mint Australian silver coins: include Kangaroo, kookaburra, koala, and Emu silver coins, and many others. The coins are available in different dimensions and .9999 metal purity.
  • Royal Canadian mint silver coins: The coins include Canadian silver maple leafs and RCM predator series silver coins. The Royal Canadian mint mints them in different dimensions with .9999 silver purity.
  • American silver Eagle coins: Such as American silver eagle proofs, US mint commemorative silver coins, among many others. They are all 99.9% pure silver and eligible for IRA.
  • We also have other silver coins that you can choose from, such as Armenia’s Noah Ark, silver rounds, 90% junk, British royal mint, and many others all. You can find more information about them on the company's official website.
SD Bullion Review

Silver Bars

We offer silver bars in different weights ranging from 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, kilo, 100oz, and 1000oz. The silver bars are minted by different mints ranging from both private and public industries. We deal with recognized mints, and you can be sure that our bars are of good quality. The silver purity of the bars is very high, with .999 metal purity. To learn more about the silver bars, you can contact the company or visit the official website.

SD Bullion Review

Platinum Bullions

Platinum bullions also include coins and bars with significant purity levels. Among the worthy platinum coins to note are:

  • American platinum eagles: It was first launched in 1997 by the US mint. It has a metal purity of .9995.
  • Australian platinum kangaroo: Was the first minted in 2018 by Perth mint with metal purity levels of .9995 pure platinum.
  • Canadian platinum maple: Was first minted by the Royal Canadian mint in 1998. The coin is fine with .9995 platinum purity.

The company also sells platinum bars minted by different renowned mints and available in different sizes. They include Valcambi, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse, and generic platinum bars. You can visit or contact them for more information regarding platinum bullions.

SD Bullion Review

Other Precious Metals

Apart from gold, silver, and platinum, the company also sells palladium. Palladium bullions include bars, rounds, and coins. Like other precious metals, palladium products are also a good investment option. SD Bullion deals with renowned mints of palladium to guarantee you quality fine and pure metal. Visit their official websites to learn more about the palladium offering.

Copper is also another precious metal that is becoming more popular by the day. SD Bullion allows you to invest in copper rounds and bars. When they talk about investing in buying precious metals, most people think of gold silver without any idea that copper is also an excellent precious metals option. At SD Bullion, you have an incredible opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio with copper. Contact the company today for more information about buying copper and the advantages thereof.

SD Bullion Review

Precious Metals Prices

Besides customer satisfaction, the company is passionate about selling these precious metals to its investors at the lowest price possible. You can prove this by looking at some gold-selling companies and comparing the prices. This is one of the many reasons why the company has grown to gain popularity in the precious metals company. You can agree that it is not always possible to find quality products at low costs, but alas, this is the case with SD Bullion.

The company provides updated information about the precious metal prices every 10-15 seconds to ensure the investors are fully aware of the price changes. These continuous updates ensure customers have all the information to make informed buying decisions. Asides from the updated price information, the company also provides other additional price-related information for easy decision-making by its customers. Below is a detailed guide about the company’s pricing strategy.

Even though the precious metals prices change from time to time depending on the supply, SD Bullion guarantees you a lower price for its physical metals than its rivals. The company’s best price for the products is among the many reasons for its popularity and good customers reviews over the years of its operations. The company also offers free shipping for orders above $199. To learn more about the company’s prices you can visit their offices or call their staff for more updated price information. You can also contact them to learn about the lowest price period and how you can take advantage of the company’s low prices.

SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion Gold IRA

The company allows you to secure your future in a gold IRA. It could be silver platinum, palladium, or copper, but mostly a gold IRA or simply a precious metals IRA. There are three simple steps involved in creating a precious metals IRA.

The following are the three basic steps:

1. Opening a Self-directed IRA account

This first step may involve some paperwork, answering some questions, and filling forms regarding opening an account. It also involves the selection of a custodian. If you do not have one, the company IRA experts will be there to help you select a trustworthy custodian.

2. Funding the IRA account

After you have created your self directed IRA account, the next step is always funding the account. There is an option to fund your account directly with your account or rollover from an existing retirement account such as a 401k account. Your selected custodian in the first step will help with this process.

3. Buying the IRA Approved Precious Metals

The last step is buying the precious metals for your self-directed IRA account because you are now eligible for purchase after funding your account. The company has several IRA eligible bullion that you can choose from.

To lock a trade of precious metals, you can contact the company to ship the metals to your IRA account after settling the payment for the trade with the help of your custodian. Care should be taken at this stage. Like a custodian, you will need to choose a trustworthy dealer, where SD Bullion comes in.

The company is a trusted dealer in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullions. They have several IRA eligible coins and bars that you can choose from. Some of SD Bullion custodians include the following:

  • Goldstar Trust
  • New direction IRA
  • Kingdom Trust

You can choose a custodian from the ones above, of course, after conducting due diligence about each in terms of their fees and many things. It is recommended to select the most suitable custodian according to your needs and preferences.

Do not worry about creating an account with the company. The company's experts are always ready to provide all the assistance you need and respond to your questions.

SD Bullion Review

Precious Metals Storage

Buying physical gold or any other precious metals means you need to have proper and secure storage facilities like, say, safes. If you do not have such secure storage facilities, SD Bullion has got you covered. SD depository guarantees investors security of their physical metals at low storage costs as low as $9.99 per month. If you do not want your gold to be stored at home, you can consider storing them in the company's depository.

The physical bullion depository fees are as follows: Metal Rate per annum

  • Gold: .29%
  • Silver: .39%
  • Platinum: .29%

The following as some of the reasons you need to switch your storage option to SD segregated depository.

  • Guaranteed security and 100% full insurance of the physical metals.
  • The metals will be always be allocated in your name and details and segregated from other investors holdings.
  • Opening the SD Bullion storage depository is very easy.
  • It is very affordable, with storage costs as low as 9.99$ monthly.
  • You can quickly sell your physical metals from your SD depository account.
  • The accounts are VAT free.
  • You can add the physical metals stored elsewhere to your account once you have opened it.

Pros and Cons of SD Bullion

The following are some of the benefits and limitations of having SD Bullion as your precious metals investment partner.


  • Lower prices for precious metals.
  • Dedicated and passionate staff.
  • IRA eligible gold and silver.
  • Easy to open and an affordable SD Bullion depository.
  • Several precious metals investment options.
  • Rolling over option.
  • Buyback commitment where you can sell your precious metals to the company.


  • Fluctuating prices-Just like any other precious metals dealer, SD Bullion metals prices change from time to time because of the changes in the supply.
  • The company is not located every where-Customers from other countries where the company is not located may be limited, especially if they are interested in investing in the company.

Is SD Bullion a Scam

SD Bullion Review

There have been questions from people regarding the trustworthiness of the company. People have a question is the company is to be trusted or just a scam.

Well, according to my research, I can boldly tell you the company is not a scam. SD Bullion is a trusted precious metals dealer with IRA eligibility. The company works with trusted and renowned mints both in the country and other countries worldwide. The company also partners with trusted custodians like Goldstar Trust and others, as seen earlier. The company has 4.5 stars customer rating with over 1,940 customer reviews on TrustLink indicating their satisfaction with the company's services and over 50,000 total positive reviews.

Some the customer reviews include:

  • They have the best prices and excellent customer service.
  • I plan on being their customers for many years to come and many more reviews which you can find on their different online platforms.

The bottom line is the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

Although we do think that SD Bullion is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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