Gold Alliance Capital Review

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Today, in this article, we conduct a review about Gold Alliance Capital. Due to public demand and the need to know more about the company, I started extensive research. You probably don't know much about this company and have been asking yourself many questions about it, and whether it is a good investment option or should look elsewhere, then you are at the right place.

Someone else may want to know if the business is legit or some red flags to its legitimacy. Well, I have compiled this comprehensive guide for someone like you. The focus will be to answer some of your questions about the company and finally help you know if it is an alternative investment option. Read on to get more information.

Basically, during my research about the company, I was guided by the following frequently asked questions about the company. 

  • What is Gold Alliance Capital? (Background information)
  • What does Gold Alliance Capital do?
  • What precious does Gold Alliance Capital offer?
  • How do I open an IRA account in Gold Alliance Capital?
  • What are the traditional IRAs that the company supports for rollover options?
  •  Does the company have any custodial services?
  • Where do I store my gold after buying it?
  • How are the company's fees?
  • What are the pros and cons of the company?
  • Why should I invest in Gold Alliance Capital?
  •  Is the company genuine and trustworthy?
  •  Do you recommend the company?

These questions and many more will be answered in this review. Continue reading to get your questions answered.

Important to mention before we go more in depth with this review!

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Company Background Information

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Gold Alliance Capital proud itself as the trusted gold IRA expert. The company offers clients an opportunity to secure their future and their financial wealth by investing in precious metals and opening self-directed precious metals IRA. The company is dedicated and passionate about helping customers secure their hard-earned wealth in investment vehicles that are not subject to market and economic volatilities like the dollar rise, inflation, and even political instability. According to the company, the only investment option that fits the requirement is precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

The company was born in 2017 by precious metals industry veterans who came together with the primary objective of helping Americans invest in options with high returns. The founders believed that investing in physical gold and silver bullions (bars and coins) will allow customers to achieve high returns on investment.

Like any other precious metals dealer, the company enables its customers to create precious metals IRA accounts and purchase physical gold, silver, and platinum. Gold Alliance Capital, as at current only deals in gold, platinum, and silver. The company has not yet introduced other precious metals like palladium. Neither does it provide specific information on its website about when they intend to introduce it. Even so, it has managed to offer its clients a wide variety of investments options for their investment portfolio.

Summary of the Company

  • Company Name: Gold Alliance Capital
  • Phone Number: (888) 567-6689
  • Email:
  • Address: 5550 Topanga Cyn Blvd. Suite 100; Woodland Hills, CA 91367
  • Website:

With this information, I am sure you can quickly contact or reach them whenever you want.

What the Company Does

Gold Alliance Capital Review

The company offers almost all the services provided by precious metals companies ranging from selling gold and silver to the creation of precious metals individual retirement accounts. With recurrent political instability, economic and market volatility that makes commodities prices fluctuate, the company offers clients an incredible opportunity to protect their financial health by investing in gold and silver and platinum, whose prices are not affected by market conditions.

Gold Alliance Capital helps its clients make informed decisions about investment options that suit their investment portfolio. After conducting an in-house analysis of various investment options, the investment experts in the company come up with recommendations and investment insights that guide the investors in selecting an investment decision that suits their goals and financial ability. The experts will review your investment goals and investment portfolio and then develop a customized portfolio that best suits your needs.

The company also allows clients to open precious metals IRA account in simple steps, of course, with the help of a gold IRA expert in the company. The experts also provide clients with specific and essential investment information and guidance that help clients make better investment decisions. There are other investment options outside the IRA where you can buy the physical gold and store them. The company also offers lifetime client support regarding advice, up-to-date information, guidance, and security.

Investments in the Company

Gold Alliance Capital Review

The company only provides gold, platinum, and silver investments for its clients. We found that some people have questioned the company's investment selection because it only deals in platinum, gold, silver, and not other precious metals like palladium. I can firmly tell you that even though they only deal in gold, platinum, and silver, the company has an incredible selection of coins and bars for its investors. Most of the company's silver and gold bullions are IRS-approved for IRA investment.

Gold Investment

The following are some IRA-approved gold coins that you can invest in with the company.

  • Gold American Eagle in different weights of 1/4oz 1/2oz and 1oz
  •  Gold South African krugerrand
  • Gold Vienna philharmonic
  • Gold Canadian maple leaf
  • Gold American buffalo

They also sell gold bars in 1oz and 10oz. Renowned and trustworthy mints mint all their gold.

Silver Investments Include IRA Approved Coins Such as:

  • Silver round sunshine
  • Silver Canadian maple leaf
  • Silver American eagle

The company also offers silver bars in 10oz and 100oz weight. Renowned mints mint the coins and bars with a guaranteed metal purity of .9999 silver content.

Platinum Coins

  •  Platinum british Britannia
  • Platinum Canadian maple leaf
  • Platinum Australian striped marlin

There are also platinum bars available in 1oz platinum content. The company also has many premium gold, silver, and platinum apart from the common ones mentioned above. You can visit their product catalog to find out more about them.

Opening a Precious Metals IRA with Gold Alliance Capital

Gold Alliance Capital Review

During my research, I realized that creating a self-directed IRA account with the company involves three simple steps. The process is made even simpler with the help or assistance provided by the company's IRA experts. With this account in the company, you can protect your hard-earned wealth from economic volatility. The IRAs allow clients to purchase precious metals and store them without the fear of investment losses, especially in times of financial crises, unlike investors in other investment instruments like bonds and mutual funds. To create an account with the company, you can follow the following easy steps.

Contact the Company Experts

The initial step is contacting the company’s IRA experts. The company representative will help you with the process of opening the account. You will be issued forms to fill in the information and answer questions as required by the company. This step usually involves a lot of paperwork which may be tedious if you are working alone. Thanks to the company's experts who are always dedicated and passionate about assisting clients.

Fund the Account

Here you will now fund your account after creating it. This process typically takes five working days to complete. The step is not that challenging. Even better the representative will help you. You may choose to roll over from your traditional accounts like 401k or fund directly with your cash. Your representative will assist you throughout the process, primarily the rolling over, because it may be technical.

Purchase Your Precious Metal

At this point, your account is fully funded and ready to receive your precious metals. You can then make a buying decision after proper considerations. The company expert can help you choose the right combination to suit your investment portfolio. The expert will review your investment goal and advice on the best choice.

Rollover Options

People have asked if the company supports rollover options. As stated earlier, you can be sure that the company allows you to roll over your funds from other IRAs to your gold IRA. Some have asked to know about the traditional IRAs that the company accepts for a rollover. Well, I found out Gold Alliance Capital takes rolling over funds from other IRAs as follows.

  • 403 (b)
  •  401 (k)
  • 457 (b)
  • SERP
  • Simple IRA
  • Traditional IRA

If you have any of the above IRAs, you need to contact the IRA expert for the rollover process.

Gold Alliance Storage Options

After purchasing precious metals, most investors always want to ensure the safe storage of their precious physical metals. Sometimes finding a trusted storage partner may be a daunting task. To reduce the burden of its clients, the company works with a trustworthy and renowned IRS-approved storage facility. Once you have purchased your gold or silver, the company will store the physical metals in a Delaware depository, a highly guarded and secured storage facility. The facility is equipped with highly secured vaults, monitors, and sensors to ensure the precious metals are safe. The depository always sends weekly reports to investors on matters about their investment. Clients can also purchase their gold and silver and store them in their homes or any storage facilities.

Buyback Commitment

Gold Alliance also has a buyback commitment to give their clients the option to sell the precious metals back to them. The company will first appraise the physical metals determine the value worth, and give you the offer of selling back to them. Based on this appraisal, investors can accept or reject the buyback bid.


The company is very considerate and reasonable when it comes to charging customers. Investors are not charged to create a precious metals IRA account with the company. When creating an account with the company, you will have to be ready for the following costs.

  • The cost of your account in terms of account maintenance.
  • The prices of gold and silver in your investment portfolio.

For the account, you will be required to pay $180 annually. This fee will remain the same and will not change even if the value of your portfolio changes. This amount is to cater for insurance, storage, online access to the account, and quarterly reports about your precious metals.

The cost of buying precious metals will vary. Most dealers typically set their prices in a manner that they can be able to profit. The price for such assets will be slightly higher than the current market value, around 17% to 33% higher. The company does not have any minimum threshold, which means that investors can purchase the precious metals according to their financial ability. The company offers free shipping services too. Asides from the two kinds of costs, the company does not charge any other hidden fees for its services.

Pros and Cons of Investing With the Company

The following are some of the benefits of an investor partnering with Gold Alliance and the limitations thereof.


  • Buyback commitment: The company offers its clients an option of selling their precious physical metals back to the company, of course, after some valuations.
  • Free storage: Investors are not charged storage fees for their precious metals even though the company guarantees safe storage.
  • Insurance: The company ensures clients physical metals:
  • Reasonable fees for maintenance of accounts.
  • Free shipping.
  • The company takes clients privacy with extreme seriousness.


  • The company does not include its prices on the online platforms.
  • No palladium information has been provided.
  • The company was recently formed and is therefore still new in the industry.

Is Gold Alliance Capital Legitimate?

Gold Alliance Capital Review

Yes, the company is legitimate, genuine, and trustworthy. I know most people have questioned the company's legitimacy probably because it is still new in the market or because it does not publicly publish some of its information. Well, I have done extensive research about the company, including the company's rating and customer reviews, and I can boldly tell you that the company is genuine. Others have questioned the few customers' reviews, but this is just because the company was just recently formed. The company has an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of the possible five stars and an A+ (5/5) on Google reviews and BBB. Such an excellent rating only means one major thing: the business is out to help the American people safeguard their wealth.

The company has also been mentioned on different platforms like Fox News, USA Today, Forbes, Business Week, and Bloomberg. All these prove that the company has people’s interests at heart and that it is genuine.

Why Invest in Gold Alliance Capital

Gold Alliance Capital Review

There are many reasons why you should consider this company as a precious metals partner. First, the A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau means that the company is a thriving business adding to the fact that it has only been in the industry for around five years. The positive customers' reviews also tell that the company is dedicated to serving its customers in the best ways possible. The company's buyback guarantee is another reason you should consider this company because not all precious metals dealers have this offer. If you are concerned with your privacy, this company should be your choice because it takes customer's privacy seriously. These are some of the many reasons you should consider this company your precious metals investment partner.


Gold Alliance Capital gives you many investment options. The representatives are always available to help you make your investment decision, especially where it seems a challenge. Even though the company is new in the industry, it is doing a lot in helping US citizens diversify their investment portfolio and protect their hard-earned wealth. The company has a team of dedicated and passionate individuals whose main objective of forming the company was to help individuals in America secure their financial health by investing in assets not subject to market forces like inflation. Since its birth, all the company's activities have been aimed at meeting its goal.

Important to Note

Even with this information, it is essential to consider the risks involved in investing in gold before deciding. This article does not provide specific pricing information because the company does not publish such information in the public domain. To know the risks and returns of investing in precious metals with Gold Alliance is vital that you contact the company.


The final verdict is that the company is genuine and trustworthy. You can visit their website in the resources section to read some positive customer reviews if you are still in doubt. Contact them today and start your journey of investment.

Although we do think that Gold Alliance Capital is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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