Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit? Full Review

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Based in Woodland Hills, California, the company was established in the year 2000. Monetary gold is a precious metals dealer specializing in all types of IRA-approved, both silver and gold bullion. The company's primary focus is allowing its customers to diversify their investment portfolio by providing IRA-approved precious metals. Unlike other precious metal dealers we know, the company does not deal in different precious metals like platinum and palladium but only gold and silver.

There have been so many questions regarding the transparency of this company and its trustworthiness, but all this will be handled in this article. I have researched the company and compiled the following comprehensive guide to help you learn about this company. Read on to learn more about Monetary Gold.

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What Monetary Gold Does

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

Like other precious metals dealers, Monetary Gold focuses on providing gold and silver bullions in terms of coins and bars eligible for IRA. The company also sells physical gold to investors and customers, delivering to your home or depository. It also allows customers to open self-directed IRA accounts where they can store their bullions. The company also serves other investors and collectors to deal with semi-numismatic and certified graded coins for purchase.

There are several gold and silver bullion options for customers in the company's catalog that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. The company also helps its customers select custodians for their precious metals and safe depositories for the physical product. Over the years, Monetary gold has worked with trusted custodians such as Goldstar Trust and Delaware depository. Partnering with Monetary Gold reduces your storage stress as the depository is safe and secure.

The company is also good at providing up-to-date information, guidance, and education to its customers regarding investment in gold and silver since it does not deal in platinum and palladium. Investors and customers can acquire such information on the company's website or by simply contacting them

The company's resources include 'Gold IRA investment guide and 'coin guide to get more information and guidance regarding buying silver and gold. The company's resource section on the website also provides up-to-date market information especially relating to precious metals, demand, and supply that is crucial before making a buying decision.

Monetary Gold Products

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

As seen earlier, the company only deals in gold and silver. I know most people will read this and possibly think that the company offers limited investment options. Even though it only deals in the two precious metals, the company has several investment options of coins and bars, most of which are eligible for IRA.

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

The company also has certified grade and semi-numismatic coins for collectors and investors who want to buy such coins. The company offers some of the most popular and renowned gold and silver coins that can be very helpful when it comes to protecting your financial health from economic issues such as inflation and the dollar rise.

Read on to learn more about these investments options.

Gold Investment

The company deals in the following gold coins:

  • Gold American Eagle proof: The coin is available in a different dimension and manufactured by US mint with .9999 metal purity.
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic: The coin was first minted in 1989. It has a metal purity of .9999 with a 1oz weight.
  • The Royal Canadian mint manufactures gold Canadian Maple leaf: The coin with 99.89% gold and a weight of 1oz.
  • South African krugerrand: Minted by South African Mint, the coin was first minted in 1967 with 99.99% metal purity and 1oz metal weight.
  • Gold American Eagle: The coin was first minted in 1986 by the US mint. It has a metal content of 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper, and 3% silver. The coin weighs 1oz with a diameter of 32.70 mm.
  • American gold buffalo: The coin was first minted in 2006 by the US mint. It has a gold purity of 99.99% with a weight of 1oz.

All these coins are eligible for IRA investment.

The company also sells rare and foreign coins, especially for collectors and interested investors:

  • Italian 20 lire: It is a foreign coin with a 90% gold metal. The coin weighs 6.4516g with 0.1867oz gold content.
  • Belgium 20 Franc: This is a foreign gold coin with a 90% gold composition. The coin has a gross weight of 6.4516g and a gold content of 0.1867oz.
  • French 20 frank Rooster: The coin is a foreign coin with 90% gold content. It has a weight of 6.4516g and 0.1867oz.
  • $20 Saint Gaudens: This is a rare US coin with a weight of 33.436g and 90% gold and 10% gold content. It has .9675 troy ounces when minted.
  • $10 Indian: It is also a rare US gold coin weighing 16.718g with 90% gold and 10% copper content. It is minted with 0.48375 troy ounces.
  • $20 liberty: The rare US gold coin weighs 33.436g with 90% gold and 10% copper contents and 0.9675 troy ounce gold
  • German 20 marks: It is a foreign gold coin with a weight of 7.9659g and a 90% gold composition. It is minted with a gold content of 0.2304 troy ounces.

Other foreign coins include British gold sovereign, swiss 20 francs, Napoleon III 20 franc, Belgium 20 frank, and French 20 frank Angel.

Silver Investments

The following are among the company's IRA-approved coins:

  • Silver proof American Eagle: The coin has a silver content of 1 oz with a .999 silver composition.
  • Silver American Eagle: The coin was first minted in 1986 with a weight of 31.101g. It has a meal composition of 99.93 silver and 0.07 copper. It has a silver content of 1oz and a diameter of 40.6mm.
  • Silver Canadian maple leaf: It is a foreign silver coin first minted in 1986 by the Royal Canadian mint. The coin has a metal content.9999 silver and 1.000 troy oz.

Other silver coins in the company’s catalog include morgan silver dollars, silver walking liberty half dollar, half franklin dollars, and Peace silver dollars.

Palladium and platinum investments may come soon though the company has not provided any specific information.

Monetary Gold Storage

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

Most people, before buying precious physical metals, will consider storage options available. Well, Monetary Gold has its customers covered in the sense that it has since its birth partnered well a renowned and trustworthy depository Delaware depository. The depository guarantees you safe storage for your gold, both segregated and non-segregated offerings.

It is also ensured by the oldest insurance company, Lloyd's of London. This is also a good storage option with international storage options in different countries using Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, Canada, ON, and Switzerland and Zurich via MAT international as sub-custody facilities.

Monetary Gold Custodian

Another challenge associated with gold investment is selecting your gold and silver custodian. Most gold dealers have partnered with custodians they trust to make it easy for their customers to choose the best custodian. Monetary gold is not an exemption as the company works with Goldstar Trust, which provides custodial services to investors.

Monetary Gold IRAs

You can open a self-directed IRA account in Moteray gold, of course, with the help of IRA experts who are dedicated and committed to serving you. Creating an IRA Account in the company involves three basic steps. The company assists the customers through the account creation process. With this kind of help, creating a self-directed IRA in Monetary Gold was made easy. The following is the procedure of account creation.

Contact a Monetary Gold Specialist

The initial step is contacting the company's specialists and present your intentions to open a gold IRA. The specialist will be ther to walk you through the entire process of account process. This steps involve a lot of paperwork which includes answering questions and filling some forms. It may be tiresome if you are doing it alone. For this reason, the company will assist you with all the necessary paperwork through its experts.

Receive and Complete the IRA Forms

Here the customers are to receive specific forms related to account creation and correctly fill them with the help of the company’s specialists. After filling the required paperwork, you will be required to fund your account by directly transferring cash to your account or rolling it over from an existing account. The company assists in the funding of your account and connects you with its custodian.

Acquire Precious Metals

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

After your account has been fully funded, you can then purchase your precious metals. The company’s custodian and depository will come in at this stage. After completing the transaction, of course, with the help of the company's specialist and custodian, you can then purchase your precious metals, which will then be taken to the depository.

The company offers shipping and delivery services of physical gold to its customers. As an account owner, you can choose a delivery service you are comfortable with, whether UPS, USPS, or FedEx. All these shipment services are insured to guarantee the safety of your products.

The company assures its customers safe gold storage as the depository is equipped with redundant alarms, high-security vaults, and monitored security devices. Customers can therefore sleep peacefully knowing their physical metals are secured.

IRA Fees

Monetary gold is considerate about its customers' welfare in terms of prices and fees. Creating an IRA account with the company is free of charge. For up to $100,000 worth of gold or silver held in the company, customers will be required to pay an annual fee of $100

After the first $100,000 worth of precious metals, the company charges $1 for each $1000 worth of metals. This is very affordable for all the customers and probably one of the many reasons why the company has gained popularity.

For qualified clients, the company also offers free custodial services of up to five years.

Pros and Cons of the Company

This section review some of the benefits and limitations of investing in gold and silver with Monetary Gold.


  • Large selection: Even though the company only deals with gold and silver, it offers its customers an incredible variety of options for investment. Its offer of semi-numismatic coins and rare and foreign coins also makes the company helpful and recommended for collectors. It has a wide range of IRA-eligible coins for investments.
  • Free shipping: Investing in Monetary Gold allows you to take advantage of the free shipping offer.
  • Like many other gold dealers, individual retirement accounts allow their customers to buy and invest their physical metals in self-directed IRA accounts.
  • Trustworthy custodian and storage options: The company works with Goldstar Trust company and Delaware depository for custodial services and storage facilities. Bot companies are renowned and reliable.
  • Affordable IRA fees: The company does not charge any fees for opening an IRA account. It sets reasonable prices for the storage of precious metals annually.
  • Accessible account creation: The company has three easy steps involved in creating a self-directed IRA account. Even better, the company's experts are always available through the formation process to make it manageable and straightforward.


The following are some of the limitations of working with Monetary Gold, according to my research.

  • The company doe not work on weekends and all major holidays. This would limit customers, especially if they wanted to reach them on such days.
  • Prices are not listed on their online platforms. This may be a significant disadvantage to the prospective investor who may need information regarding gold and silver information before making the buying and investment decision. Directly contacting the staff in some circumstances may not be an option, especially when the lines are busy.
  • The company has not yet introduced platinum and palladium in its catalog and does not give a specific time when it intends to introduce them. Even though they offer varied investments in gold and silver, there is still a limitation to those customers who may be interested in palladium and platinum.
  • There is no management information on the company’s website. This means that you will have to contact the company directly for such information.

Why Choose Monetary Gold

The company proud itself as the only direct dealer in precious metals, getting the precious metals direct from the source. The following are why the company is a good option for gold and silver investment for the following reasons.


With many years of experience in the market, the company prides itself on the excellent knowledge of its staff and the expertise in matters to do with precious metals. The company specializes in many things revolving around precious metals and especially gold and silver.


The company is devoted to helping clients protect their hard-earned wealth from political instabilities, dollar rise, inflation, and many other market abnormalities.

Wide Selection

Even though the company only deals in gold and silver, it prides itself on providing varied investment options for its customers. Asides IRA approved coins. The company offers semi-numismatic coins, foreign and rare coins for investors and collectors.

Free Shipping

The company now offers free shipping apart from the many free services they offer to their customers. This has attracted many investors and collector all who want to take advantage of this offer.

A+ Rating

The company also boasts of its a plus rating hence a BBB accredited business.


Monetary gold also has regular workshops that are very beneficial to its customers. Through these workshops, the investors gain knowledge and understanding about investing in precious metals and, more specifically, the company. The workshops guide on matters to do with investment options, IRA accounts, and many other things.

Is Monetary Gold a Scam

Is Monetary Gold A Scam Or Legit?

People have questioned the trustworthiness of Monetary Gold. Some people have doubted the company's legitimacy may because of some of the limitations of investing in the company of some of the information that is not available on their online platforms.

Many questions I have come across regarding the coming relate to the company’s legitimacy. According to my research regarding the company, including the company's reviews, I have concluded that the company is not a scam but a legitimate, registered, and trustworthy precious metal dealer.

The information that is not contained on the online platforms, such as management information and price information, is not because the company is trying to hide something. The data is excluded for managerial purposes like, for example, shielding the data from access by competitors and other wrong hands. People have also questioned the customer reviews whether they are correct or just fabricated things. Well, you can trust the company's customer reviews because of the following reasons.

  • A lot of reviews on customer affairs are verifiable.
  • To ensure the reviewers are real and not 'ghost customers,' the company requires their contact, and so they can be contacted. No one will bring jokes if they know their contact will be taken; no pun intended.
  • The company maintains the integrity of the reviews with the help of intelligent software.
  • The monetary Gold company verifies the helpfulness and quality of the reviews by the company's moderators reading all the reviews.

The bottom line is Monetary Gold is a recommendable company that is legitimate and trustworthy. All the information not provided on the online platforms can be acquired directly if you contact them. Moreover, all the necessary information you require as a potential investor is readily available on their website.

Monetary Gold Contact Information

The following are some of the information about the company, including their location and contact information, to allow customers to reach them easily.

  • Phone number: (888) 411-4653
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 1800 Oxnard St. #1120, Woodland Hills, CA, 91367


Monetary gold is a trusted gold and silver dealer operating directly with the source to provide its customers with quality gold and silver bullions. The company is dedicated to customers satisfaction and quality services.

They work within their core values and goals to ensure they become the investors' choice. After reading this article, I am sure you will get all the information you require about the company. If you had questions about the legitimacy of the company, I am sure you have your answers.

Although we do think that Monetary Gold is a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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