Landman & Company Review

Landman & Company Review

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Have you ever heard of investing in precious metals and coins? Are you aware of legit companies which offer to buy and sell coins? Well, by the end of this review, you will have useful information to help you start. The improvement of mechanization has forced the world into digital financing.

Now, gold and silver are among the top valuable metals to invest in. Global tycoons and investors take pride in owning metal coins for financial security. Landman & Company is a precious metal dealer which offers buy and sales of these coins.

The key purpose of this review is to explain the products the company offers for investment. The precious metal business is one of the most expensive ventures in the world. Landman & Co. has a variety of gold and silver metal to buy and sell depending on your budget. Investing in coins/bars is important because it helps an investor survive inflation. Precious metals do not only include gold and silver, but also palladium and platinum.

You might ask yourself, is investing in precious metal and coins a good idea? The truth is how can you know if you don’t try? Thanks to this review, you will have every detail of your burning questions. Let’s begin!

  • Product: Precious Metals/Coins
  • Owner: Moshe Landman
  • Overall Rating: 3.3/5

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About Landman & Company

Landman & Company Review

Landman & Co. has been in the coin industry for decades now and has proven to meet the needs of clients. The company’s headquarters is in Maryland, United States. The experts in the company understand that customer satisfaction is a must have.

One of the reasons Landman & Co. stands out is because it offers a wide range of products and services. According to the firm, they offer investors the freedom to choose where they want their money.

Every successful business needs partners and networks to grow. Landman and Company produce their coins from American Gold Eagles. Also, the South African Kruggerrands has proven to be a key supplier in the business. Working with different manufacturers has led the company to meet many investors. Financial institutions and refiners are top customers of Landman & Company.

Landman and Company has experts who focus in the buying and selling of rare and new coins. Besides, the organization has other tangible assets and services apart from precious metals. Landman & Co. sources NGS and PCGS high value coins that are authentic to attract more clients.

The company goes the extra mile to educate customers on how to invest in precious metals. Sharing knowledge with clients is an ideal strategy to lead them to real wealth. The current world floods with paper currency and cryptocurrency. So, precious metals and coins are the new assets to have your investment. 

In Landman & Company, you get a 50% profit in every investment you make. Also, the organization provides for you an ownership deal of assets in their firm. Investors are free to choose bullion or ancient coins which renew in the company.

Types of Precious Metal and Coins in Landman & Company


Landman & Company Review

Gold coins are the popular precious metals that most investors prefer in the market. The reason gold makes the top of the list is that when other assets decline, gold increases in value. As a result, it provides stability and assurance in your portfolio during inflation.

Also, gold coin is a private deal because nobody can know you have it unless you tell. This feature is relevant because it provides good security for your metals. In cases of business failure or financial crisis, you can sell gold coins to get passive income. The following are examples of gold coins you can buy at Landman & Company:

  • Gold American Eagle BU
  • 2016 Canada Gold Maple Leaf BU
  • 2016 1 ozt Gold American Buffalo BU
  • 2016 Austria Gold Philharmonic BU
  • South Africa 1 ozt Gold Krugerrand (Random Year)


Landman & Company also provides a wide variety of silver bars and coins to clients. Like gold, silver is another famous metal that investors take pride in. Even though gold might be more expensive, silver is affordable to many clients. Research proves that silver has been in the financial market for centuries.

Investors buy silver metals as bars or bullion coins. If you compare the market gap between the two, coins have more value than bars. It is because coins need professional labor input for production than bars. Also, the value of a coin depends on the age and design structure. Here are some coins you can buy from the company:

  • Silver American Eagle 1 ozt BU
  • 2016 Silver Maple Leaf 1 ozt BU
  • 2016 Austria 1 ozt Silver Philharmonic BU
  • Royal Arms Silver 1 Ounce Coin from the Royal Mint

Community Services Offered by Landman and Company

Landman & Company Review

For many years now, the state of Maryland has been suffering from deforestation. Settlers in this region cut down large acres of trees to plough farms for agriculture. As a result, burning trees and the use of pesticides have led to air pollution.

Areas such as the Chesapeake Bay face dead zone effects and excess harvest of sea foods. The company has developed a foundation that focuses on improving the lives of people. Some of the services they provide include upgrading soil quality and reforestation. Through good leadership in the firm, the foundation has improved the Maryland community.

Besides, the company Foundation has taken part in home renovation services. For example, the inner cities have poor home conditions which need transformation. The company helps residents to get new homes or renovations through donations

With years of business deals and experience, the company is lucky to have loyal investors. So, the foundation partners with developers who perform construction and project development. This strategy has helped the state upgrade its presentation of real estate properties.

Poverty and homelessness are one of the main problems in the world. Even though Maryland rates as a wealthy country, over 500,000 people are living in poverty. The Land and Company Foundation has worked to cut homelessness in Maryland.

The availability of motivated volunteers has helped in reaching more people. Some of the implemented solutions include offering employment and financial charity programs. Furthermore, the company has homeless rehabilitation centres for all who are in need.

The final community service Landman & Co. provides is financial education. Studies show that the residents of Maryland lack the financial knowledge to succeed. So, the foundation offers financial literacy to teach people the elements of investing.

Apart from finance courses, the company provides career counseling and job application services. Sharing of knowledge and ideas is ideal to help the people in building their brands. If residents have correct finance knowledge, success is inevitable. This concept will help the generate incomes to take care of their families.

Pros & Cons of Landman & Company


  • The company has invested in storage facilities for security purposes.
  • The firm offers global clients different types of precious metal bars and coins.
  • In Landman and Company, investors have a 50% profit on all investments.


  • The company lacks customer reviews on online platforms which can be alarming.
  • The company website is secured with an IP address track. This feature means that verification is a necessity for you to invest.
  • Like most coin competitors, there are no IRA services.

Final Verdict

Precious coins and metal investment is a complex business line to take part in. You should find a valid coin dealer before investing your money.

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