What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Are you looking for a secure and profitable way to invest your money? If so, you may want to consider investing in a precious metals IRA. This form of investment is IRS-approved and can be an excellent strategy to protect your money against inflation and market volatility.

But what precious metals are eligible for a precious metals IRA, and how do you invest in them?

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What is an IRA?

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

An individual retirement account (IRA) is a tax-advantaged financial vehicle that allows individuals to save for their retirement. It offers tax deductions on contributions and puts off taxes until withdrawals are made during retirement. IRAs come in two varieties: traditional or Roth IRAs.

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, diversification is key; this is especially true when it comes to saving for retirement. A well-rounded IRA portfolio should include investments from multiple asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Why Precious Metals?

Precious metals are a great option when investing as they have been successfully traded for centuries and can provide diversification and stability to your retirement portfolio.

They are physical assets that store value, making them useful during times of economic uncertainty or market volatility. They also offer long-term growth potential, especially if you are looking to hedge against inflation.

When investing in an IRA, you must consider the type of precious metal you want to include in your retirement portfolio, as not all types of metals are IRA-approved.

What Precious Metals are IRA Approved?

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

IRAs were initially restricted to holding American Eagle gold and silver coins. However, the IRS has since expanded its list of permissible investment assets to include more precious metals. With an IRA, you can now invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins or bars.

The Tax Reform Act of 1997 specified certain precious metal coins and bars as allowable assets for IRAs, including one, half, quarter, and tenth-ounce US gold coins, one-ounce silver coins issued by the Treasury Department, and certain foreign coins.

The following minimal fineness requirements must be met for precious metals to qualify as IRA acceptable:

  • Gold must be .995 pure, silver must be .999 pure, and platinum and palladium must both be .9995 pure.
  • Any coins or bars, whether gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, must be marked by a recognized assayer. The recognized assayers are those accredited by NYMEX, COMEX, NYSE/Liffe, LME, LBMA, LPPM, TOCOM, ISO 9000, or national government mint and meeting minimum fineness requirements.
  • To qualify, proof coins must be entirely encapsulated in their original mint capsule and in excellent condition with an assay certificate of authenticity.
  • Small bullion bars must be manufactured to exact weight standards.
  • Non-proof (bullion) coins must be in excellent shape and clear of damage.

IRA Eligible Gold Bullion

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Gold provides a higher level of security because it holds its value in times of crisis, is internationally accepted as a currency, and can be easily stored and transported.

It is a great way to diversify investments as it can provide stability in your retirement portfolio.

Approved Gold Coins

Gold coins have the added advantage of being a real currency, meaning they can be used to purchase goods and services in any country. Some popular gold coins for IRA investments are:

  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • American Buffalo Bullion Gold Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins
  • Australian Lunar Series Gold Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
  • Chinese Panda Gold Coins
  • British Britannia Gold Coins (.9999 Gold Britannia Coins Only)
  • Mexican Libertad Gold Bullion Coins

Approved Gold Proof Coins

Gold proof coins are rare forms with limited mintage and an even higher degree of purity than standard gold bullion. Their rarity makes them attractive to investors, and they can often be sold at a much higher premium. Some popular gold proof coins for IRA investments are:

  • American Eagle Gold Proof Coins

Approved Gold Bars & Rounds

These come in various sizes and shapes so that you can choose based on your investment needs. However, unlike coins, they do not come with a face value, so they cannot be used as currency, but they can still be used to diversify your IRA portfolio.

Some popular gold bars and rounds for IRA investments are:

  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Gold Bars
  • Valcambi Gold Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • Asahi Gold Bars
  • Johnson Matthey Gold Bars
  • Other various gold rounds & gold bars of 99.95% fine gold

IRA Eligible Silver Bullion

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Silver is a popular precious metal for investments, as it offers a unique blend of liquidity and affordability that appeals to many investors. Silver coins and bars are approved for inclusion in most traditional IRA accounts, and the IRS allows up to $10,000 in silver or other precious metals per tax year.

Approved Silver Coins

Silver coins are stamped with a face value and are considered legal tender, meaning they are backed and accepted by the government that issued them.

They typically have higher premiums than bars, offer greater liquidity, are sometimes easier to sell, and can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and hedge against inflation.

Some of the most popular approved coins for IRAs include:

  • American Eagle Silver Coins
  • America The Beautiful Silver Coins
  • Australian Koala Silver Coins
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coins
  • Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coins
  • Chinese Panda Silver Coins
  • British Britannia Silver Coins(.999 Silver Britannia Coins Only)
  • British Lunar Series Silver Bullion Coins
  • South African Krugerrand Silver Coins

Approved Silver Proof Coins

Silver proof coins are specially minted with enhanced details and a mirrored finish and come in various sizes, from 1 oz up to 5 oz. They are more expensive than regular bullion coins and therefore carry a higher premium, but they offer an excellent way to add aesthetic value to your portfolio.

The American Eagle Silver Proof Coins are some of the most popular approved proof coins for IRAs.

Approved Silver Bars & Rounds

Silver bars and rounds offer a great way to invest in large amounts of silver bullion at a lower cost per ounce. Silver bars typically have the lowest premiums and are an excellent choice for investors looking to buy large quantities of silver.

Some of the most popular approved bars and rounds for IRAs include:

  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver Bars
  • Sunshine Mint Silver Bars
  • Engelhard Silver Bars
  • Nadir Silver Bars
  • Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
  • Valcambi Silver Bars
  • Credit Suisse Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Silver Bars
  • Perth Mint Silver Bars
  • Asahi Silver Bars
  • Other various silver rounds & silver bars of 99.9% fine silver

IRA Eligible Platinum Bullion

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Platinum is a rarer precious metal than gold and silver and is a popular choice for those looking to diversify their investments and protect their assets against market volatility.

IRA-eligible platinum bullion can be held in an IRA account and includes coins, bars, and rounds that meet the minimum purity requirements set by the IRS.

Approved Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are easy to buy and sell, making them an excellent choice for those who want to ensure their investments are liquid and have the potential to increase in value over time, making them an attractive option for those looking to build wealth.

Additionally, platinum coins feature a beautiful design that can increase their collectible value and are easier to store and transport than platinum bars and rounds.

Some of the popular IRA-approved platinum coins include:

  • American Eagle Platinum Coins
  • Australian Koala Platinum Coins
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coins
  • Isle of Man Noble Platinum Coins

Approved Platinum Proof Coins

Platinum proof coins are a special type of coin typically made from higher-purity platinum and are specially treated and polished to give them a unique look and shine. They are often very limited in supply and have a higher potential to increase in value over time than regular platinum coins.

IRA-approved proof platinum coins include:

  • American Eagle Platinum Proof Coins

Approved Platinum Bars & Rounds

Platinum bars and rounds are available in various sizes ranging from one gram to one kilogram. They are typically perceived as the most cost-effective alternative for purchasing platinum because they are usually less expensive than coins.

IRA-approved platinum bars and rounds include:

  • Credit Suisse Platinum Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Platinum Bars
  • Valcambi Platinum Bars
  • Argor Heraeus Platinum Bars
  • Johnson Matthey Platinum Bars
  • Engelhard Platinum Bars
  • Other various platinum bullion bars & platinum rounds of 99.95% fine platinum

IRA Eligible Palladium Bullion

What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Palladium is a sensible choice for those who wish to purchase rare metals with strong long-term potential for appreciation.

It is often a less expensive option than gold and silver, has excellent scarcity value, and typically carries a lower risk when compared to other types of investments, making it a great addition to any retirement portfolio.

Palladium bars, coins, and rounds allow investors to accumulate physical assets and diversify their holdings within their retirement accounts.

Approved Palladium Coins

Palladium coins are often the most attractive and desirable options for investors compared to other palladium forms. They come with a certain level of trust and reliability, as the coins are minted by governments worldwide and carry legal tender status.

The Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coins are the only approved palladium coins for IRA investments in the United States.

Approved Palladium Bars & Rounds

These come in various sizes, shapes, and weights, ranging from 1 gram to 50 ounces. They are often much more affordable than coins of the same weight, making them great for investors looking to buy more significant amounts of palladium.

They are also simple for storage, as they are typically stackable compared to coins. The most common palladium bars and rounds that are accepted under the IRS guidelines include:

  • Credit Suisse Palladium Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Palladium Bars
  • Johnson Matthey Palladium Bars
  • Valcambi Palladium Bars
  • Other various palladium bullion bars & palladium rounds of 99.95% fine palladium.


There are numerous precious metals that you can utilize to diversify your portfolio and save for retirement. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all IRA-approved metals that make excellent retirement investments.

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