BullionWorks Review

BullionWorks Review

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BullionWorks is a reputable online store that has been in business for over a decade. They offer low-cost prices on gold, silver, and platinum bullion products, and they ship to every country in the world.

It is not just any old jewelry shop making these claims. BullionWorks buys precious metals from the same refineries that supply American Eagle coins. You can buy pure gold or silver bars, one-ounce coins, or even 1/10-ounce rounds. They have something to meet your needs no matter what investor you are.

They are the top seller of 1-ounce silver bars on the market today, and their products are of the highest quality.

Their prices beat many of the other online shops in virtually every case. We found them to be not only competitive but much lower than most major retail stores as well. That’s why so many people choose to buy precious metals from BullionWorks. You can shop safely and securely with this company. Many warehouses are tracked for delivery by mail, so you can be sure your order will arrive on time, if not sooner.

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About BullionWorks

Customer Service

BullionWorks Review

BullionWorks provides excellent customer service to all of its customers, and this is a reputation they have been building over the past ten years. They pride themselves on their high-quality service, as well as their competitive prices.

You will never feel like you are being pressured into buying anything from this company. They don’t trick their customers or force them into unneeded purchases, which often happens at other online precious metal companies catering to newbies in the industry.

It would be best if you trust the online store you use. You don’t want to be disappointed with your order, and you don’t want the company to cheat you out of your money. It is a fine line that many companies walk. Still, BullionWorks has demonstrated that they care about their customers and what they want, not just getting as much money as possible at any cost.


BullionWorks offers free shipping on every order because they know all of their customers are interested in affordable prices. They have a wide selection of products, including bullion bars and coins, so it isn’t unreasonable to have some shipping costs. It is why they offer free shipping.

All their products are housed in a secure facility, and all orders will arrive to customers within two business days. Most can even arrive on the same day.

You can be guaranteed that your orders will be shipped and received on time, as they are very reliable. The company is well known in the industry, and they have been around for over a decade, making them a trusted and reliable source of precious metals. So go ahead and buy from BullionWorks today with confidence.

Payment Types

BullionWorks accepts all major credit cards and PayPal, which is convenient for customers interested in this company. It eliminates the need to get a cashier’s check from the bank every time an order is placed. You may also pay with debit cards, which means you don’t even need to have a checking account - another excellent way to go if you are trying to avoid unnecessary fees.

Types of Products

BullionWorks Review

BullionWorks has a wide variety of products to choose from, so there’s sure to be something that interests you. Their selection includes pure gold and silver bullion bars, one-ounce coins, and even 1/10 ounce rounds. It means you can invest in all kinds of precious metals without having to buy many products at once. This company offers high-quality products from trusted refineries and vendors - no shady “caboose” manufacturers are involved, which can mean you buy subpar bullion.


Their one-ounce gold bars come in many different varieties. They have minted bars from the countries that produce them: Australia, China, Canada, and Germany. They even have Perth Mint products from Australia. These are all reliable mints that produce high-quality precious metals at a low cost for BullionWorks.

Different sizes of silver bars are also available from BullionWorks. They offer a 1/2 ounce bar and a 5-ounce bar.


BullionWorks features some of the most popular coins on the market today. The American Eagle is an official United States product. It is made by one of the oldest and best refineries in the world.

Pros & Cons of BullionWorks


  • Their bullion bars are made of the best quality materials, which you can’t say for many other online retailers.
  • You get to shop with a company that has been in business for over a decade. It means they know what they are doing, and there is no reason to worry about sending your precious metals to a faceless store.
  • Their policies are simple and easy to understand. There aren’t unnecessary terms or fees, so you don’t have to work hard to read boring legal documents to figure out what you need to do. They provide all the information you need on their website, which is very straightforward.
  • They have various products and precious metals to choose from. It means you have more options than most online retailers and can find the right product for your needs.


  • They don’t sell silver bars in much larger sizes than 1 ounce. If this is important to you, it might be a good idea to check out other companies like Provident Metals before placing an order with BullionWorks. Though they offer half-ounce bars, these are more expensive than the standard 1-ounce coins because they are made in smaller quantities.
  • Their website is a bit difficult to navigate. It’s not the most intuitive design, and it can be not very clear at first, especially to new customers. Once you figure it out, though, you should have no problem finding what you need there.

Final Verdict

If you want to learn more about BullionWorks and what they have to offer, check out their website. There is an online store that you can shop at for all things gold, silver, and platinum. You will find the best prices on these metals here because there are no extra charges or hidden fees. You can even buy gold bars in small quantities if that’s what you desire.

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